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My body, my ELF

My body, my ELF

Just as I was about to send an earnest letter to the Scene about the horrors of urban sprawl making their way to formerly rural Dickson County, Walter Jowers gives us his riff on the ecoterrorists and their firebug tendencies (“Spreading the Problem,” March 1). Now, I really admire Walter and his column. He once gave me some online advice about getting rid of brown recluse spiders. It didn’t work, but I appreciated his thoughtfulness. (I caught lots of things in those sticky traps, Walter—mice, a snake, even one of my cats, but only one brown recluse. I think I just strengthened the breed by removing an exceptionally dumb specimen.)

That said, I think he’s really missing the point here. Yes, the ELF are a wacky lot, and scant few may be true menaces to society, but the same could be said of the state Legislature. Want to see some real ecoterrorism? Just drive west out of town. See the woods and rolling meadows disfigured with Stepford subdivisions, crappy tract housing, and “Can’t we make it any uglier?” retail development. Keep going and you’ll get to see the unnatural disaster known as Route 840, as it lays waste to the earth at a scale and speed that would make Timothy McVeigh proud. (We can’t pay for your daughter’s education, Walter, because Gov. Don needs our tax dollars to feed starving roadbuilders.)

ELF et al. have a long way to go before they are as big a threat to me and mine as TDOT, TVA, real-estate developers, lumber companies, Gov. Don, President Shrub... well, I could go on, but you’ll have to excuse me. I think I hear a bulldozer headed this way.

Maria Browning (White Bluff)

The cola wars

Who are these idlers turning their wrath upon the delightful Pepsi kid ad (City Crier, Feb. 22)? Shame for picking on that Jewish cherub rigged out in Western duds. Are these triflers really skinheads or Kluxers or what? What sort of slug trashes the voice of Jack Palance, a national treasure? Elderphobes, no doubt. No, I get it, the best way to duck serious protests against serious wrongs is to go after something totally wacky, like mounting a campaign against the use of humor to get across a serious message. Keep laying down the law, Pepsi kid.

Joseph Sweat (Nashville)

Animal control

The article by Rob Simbeck concerning the Davidson County Animal Control facility and program was excellent (“Out of the Dog Days,” March 1). The new facility will be state-of-the-art. The citizens of this area should be proud of the accomplishments that have been made. We have gone from one of the worst animal control facilities to one capable of being the best.

No matter how beautiful the facility is, they still have to kill almost 10,000 dogs and cats every year because people simply will not have their pets spayed or neutered. Everyone who does not have their pet sterilized should have to go to the local animal control facility and witness the deaths of the hundreds and thousands of unwanted pets that are killed every year just because their owners had some excuse.

So what is your excuse for not having your pet sterilized? I suggest you take a trip to your local animal control facility and watch as pets are killed. It will make you a believer in pet sterilization.

Melissa Cothron Walrond (Hendersonville)

Calling names

I read with some amusement Randall Pearson’s letter (LoveHateMail, March 1). He railed on about your publication’s fear of in-depth reporting, particularly as it concerned Sen. Fred Thompson, and suggested you rename your paper the Republican Confederacy Weekly. As a regular reader of the Scene, this moderately conservative Southern boy has long been of the opinion that if you ever chose a new name, the New South Democrat-Carpetbagger would be just perfect. Go figure.

Allen Sullivant (Brentwood)

Partisan review

I realize that when you have a blank page staring at you and you are facing a deadline, anything passes for intelligent writing. Your commentary (“Life of the Party,” March 1) is the worst I have ever read. Was it copied from a promo of the Democratic Party? Bill Clinton has gotten a free ride from people like you. You love that swaggering macho redneck image he projects and mistake it for intelligence. You secretly picture yourself getting a blowjob in the Oval Office. Bill Clinton lacks substance just like most of you in the media.

I want to see your statistics as to how Bush’s tax plan favors the rich. What is a rich person? Is $100,000 a year rich in Byrdstown, Tenn.? What about New York? What is your educational background?

Again, congratulations on the worst commentary ever written. This was the first time I have ever read your ignorant rag, and it will be the last.

Bob Elmore (Cookeville

Partisan review

I realize that when you have a blank page staring at you and you are facing a deadline, anything passes for intelligent writing. Your commentary (


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