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We almost had him

We almost had him

I have never read your newspaper. Sorry, but I only read national newspapers. I hope that does not nullify my comments right out of the gate. Anyway, as I went into a restaurant today, I noticed your newspaper with a country-looking Al Gore and an intriguing headline—“Losing the Home Game”—by Phil Ashford. Most national media and even local media have only mentioned in passing the loss of Al Gore’s home state. I picked up a copy in the hopes that I would find some inside information from a journalist with a scoop. I was extremely disappointed to see that rather than an objective account of an underreported subject, I found a disgruntled writer whose piece should have been on the editorial page.

I laughed out loud when you implied that Republicans in the South are racists and that the media is biased to Bush. Give me a break! Your other comments about Republicans such as “socially staid” and “angry fellows in camouflage who drive pickup trucks” are cute, but childish. I am glad you are showing the “tolerance” that you liberals preach so loudly.

Mr. Ashford is a good writer and is certainly entitled to his opinion, but I do hope that the Scene does not consider this journalism. Anyway, all this is to say you had a chance to pick up a reader today, but you failed. If you are satisfied with this average, subjective, low-circulation paper, then I wouldn’t change a thing.

Terry Fitzsimmons (Nashville)

Ashford doesn't know me

For an editorial staff that carries such an air of intellectual superiority, you sure are dumb. Phil Ashford’s assumption (“Losing the Home Game,” Nov. 16) that those of us in the “outlying” counties who voted for Bush are all either rich or camo-wearing rednecks might be, might be, a product of his personal experience and contact with Bush supporters in these geographic locales. However, to argue from the specific to the general, as I’m sure he knows, is a logical fallacy. Besides, he doesn’t know me. I voted for Bush. I am the single mom of a preschooler. My income has never exceeded $25K (net) in a single year. But I’m educated and intelligent enough to know that our founders established a representative democracy, not a socialist bureaucracy. The U.S. government was never intended to be anyone’s big sugar daddy. And if I lack the ambition, brains, or marketability to make more money, it isn’t government’s right (or anybody’s, for that matter) to forcibly rob the wealthy of their hard-earned (or not so hard-earned) money to subsidize me.

The Democratic Party, and Al Gore, their wooden boy, have degenerated into nothing more than the feudal lord who would bait the “poor” and “disadvantaged” (give me a break!) with the promise of a sliver of land and a slice of bread. If you need help, by all means, seek it. This is what family and interfaith ministries do! But if you run a dollar through Uncle Sam, it becomes a dime. How stupid do you have to be to be a liberal?

Melba Ferrell-Sibrel (Murfreesboro)

A pickup driver responds

Let me get this straight. Mr. Gore lost the presidential vote in the state of Tennessee due to the delayed effects of the 1964 Voting Rights Act (“Losing the Home Game,” Nov. 16)? Allow me to come to a somewhat different conclusion: that Mr. Gore lost the election in Tennessee because of his close association with Bill Clinton, his liberal political stance, and personal arrogance. Mr. Gore was “brought to the party” by Mr. Clinton, a person whom many “staid” people in the South disapprove of. Mr. Gore served a distinguished eight years as Mr. Clinton’s chief apologist and waterboy. What is Mr. Gore’s record? Please enumerate the important regional legislation that Sen. Gore introduced, which was subsequently ratified and endures today. I imagine that it will be a rather short list.

Candidate Gore was a focus-group creation, a nasty concoction of meanness, a “more government is the solution to everything” philosophy, and a large measure of arrogance, which became more apparent as the campaign progressed. Gore gives little evidence that he cares about “the people,” or anything other than himself. “Virtue is its own reward,” indeed.

Your assertion that Mr. Gore faced a negative press is unbelievable. With few exceptions, “the press” has exhibited unabashedly fawning approval of the personal peccadilloes and misleading campaign statements of Mr. Clinton and Mr. Gore. The national media’s coverage of the Florida vote-manufacturing spectacle on behalf of Mr. Gore continues this proud tradition.

Given sufficient recounts—by Democrats in heavily Democratic counties only, please—Mr. Gore may yet win this election. And not one negative word from the slavering morons of the press. But what do I know? I’m just an ignorant pickup truck-driving suburban “casual voter” seduced by the conservative siren song of Gov. Bush.

Jones Abernethy (Winston-Salem, N.C.)

Moron to moron

In response to the Michael Adkins letter about voter “confusion” over the ballots in Florida, get your lips off Al Gore’s khakis and get an education. They had representatives from both parties available to answer any questions at the voting booth. Voters had the opportunity to get three new ballots if they screwed up the previous ones. Those ballots have been used for years and the Democrats designed them. Anyone who cannot follow simple instructions and is “confused” over the butterfly ballot not only should quit breathing the air intended for us with an IQ over 30, but also doesn’t deserve the right to vote! Michael, I take it you fall into that category. Let’s see some accountability for being a moron.

JD Dohnal


A nominee bio in the Nov. 9 Nashville Music Awards insert incorrectly identified the producers of Buddy Mondlock’s Poetic Justice album. The album was produced by Mondlock and Miles Wilkinson.

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