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Only the mom cares
This is just a sad story all the way around ("A damaged little girl and a fight over a million-dollar lawsuit," July 22). That bright-eyed little girl in the picture doesn't exist anymore. And that's clearly the fault of Vanderbilt Medical Center.

As for the mother, she's agreed to relinquish all rights to pursue any claims on the behalf of her daughter. That shows that her true concern is for her daughter only—unlike the greedy lawyers who all want a piece, or Stinnet.

If you truly have the child's best interest at heart, then find a facility where the mother and child can stay together, where the mother can assist in the care of the child.


It's not about you
This article just disgusts me. It seems that everyone involved in this case is missing one important aspect—the well being of a little girl. A little girl who can't make decisions for herself has people making decisions for her that are not about her but about them. She is not a meal ticket but a human being. Let her have what little dignity she has left.

Anyone who would hire the Durham law firm has got to be crazy. They are purely money-driven and lack any sort of compassion for anything other than their bank accounts.

> Spring Hill

Illegal aliens screwing us again

Thank you, Nashville Scene, for this vivid portrait of illegal aliens screwing us once again. This is why we need immigration laws.

A coke-dealing father, a mother raising her child in filth and allowing her to eat tainted food, and a multimillion-dollar medical malpractice lawsuit, which will be ultimately paid by you and me.

Joe Carmen

You can't rape a man
The difference between the time that is given out to women for sex offenses and men is the fact that it is pretty hard to rape a guy who is flaccid ("The female discount for sexual predators," July 8). Someone needs to tell me how and when they have ever heard a guy say "no" to sex when he has an erection?

This is laughable that a woman should be charged with rape? That means she forced herself on this guy. Did he yell for help? Scream? If not, why not?

Please, Tennessee, give me a break!



Yes, it is rape

These women need to be in prison a long, long time. And why is it that they get less jail time than men? It is still statutory rape, and it is still messing up a child's brain. It is sickening that they will even be granted major publicity and celebrated by some perverted, demented idiots out there that think it is so wonderful for these boys.

These women are pedophiles. There is nothing special or beautiful about it. Oh, they think they are in love. It isn't love. It is a disease.

If it is a female that has been raped by a male teacher, then it is a horrible crime. If it is a female teacher who raped a male student, she is in love. That is the biggest crock of B.S. How could an adult female possibly fall in love with a little boy?


An anti-male bias
It's a myth that every time a male has an erection he wants sex. That's just total B.S. We get erections all the time without necessarily wanting sex. Sometimes it happens for no reason at all. It even happens when men are anally raped, like in prison, and that has nothing to do with them wanting sex.

This article is about statutory rapes of minors, not forced rape. Very often the minor girls consent to it too. They even brag about it to their peers and often are the ones who instigate it with a "hot" teacher. Then the man still gets 10 to 20 years while female teachers in the same situation get probation. That's an absolutely sexist, anti-male double standard.

A student survey publicized in The News & Observer found 43 percent of teacher sex abuse comes from female teachers, but only four percent of teachers investigated for sex abuse are female, and 92 percent of prosecutions are of male teachers.

The same article quotes a John Hopkins University expert stating that "boys face the same long-term effects as girls who are victims of sexual abuse: early and inappropriate sexual behavior; problems building relationships later in life; a tendency to either remain a victim or become an abuser themselves."

Los Angeles


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