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False idol
I recently read your article on the self-appointed master pastor Maury Davis ("A grieving son finds no justice on Rev. Maury Davis' path to redemption," June 18). I've been to Cornerstone on two occasions. As a conservative Christian, I found Cornerstone Church to be all about Maury Davis.

What I heard from the pulpit (actually, stage is a better word) was what many of us in the body of Christ refer to as the "name it and claim it" gospel—something that a close and thorough study of the Bible reveals to be an outlandish lie and that is taught in many of the megachurches across this nation. I don't know Maury Davis' heart—no one can but God. But the principle of "sowing and reaping" doesn't just exist in the Kingdom of God. Forgiveness? Absolutely: This is why Jesus came.

But the Bible also teaches accountability. I can't help but wonder if in all the years since Pastor Davis' conversion, if he ever offered anything to the family of his victim. (Not that any amount of his money could begin to compensate them for their loss.) But what about even an apology?

A person who is truly saved welcomes the opportunity to try and make amends for their past. While it's true that only the blood of Christ Jesus can do that for us where God is concerned, conviction of one's conscience should motivate us to at least try and make things right by those we have wronged. Frankly, the only thing the master pastor reminds me of in the scriptures was Simon the Sorcerer—you remember him? He was the man who wanted to buy the power of the Holy Spirit, or in Pastor Davis' case, attempt to sell it.

Teressa Melton

Small graces
Your article confirmed what I already felt about Maury Davis and other ministers like him. These monster churches seem focused on gimmicks—being a social club and a way for personal gain for many of these so-called men of God. Did we not learn anything from Jim Bakker and others like him?

Give me a small church that actually tends to the needs of its members instead of glorifying a minister's inflated ego any day. You remember the kind: Sister Susan is ill, so the ones who can show up to help with her yard work, feed her family and help clean her home.

They are the ministers who may not have earthly riches to show for it, but in the end, are the most rich and respected of them all.

B. Goss

Holy cow!
GOOD GRIEF! Why is Madison/Nashville so "lucky" as to have gotten that Maury Davis guy in our midst? Thank you for the article. Boy, Texas must be really turning over a new leaf if it is letting people like that out of prison! I hope everyone in this area writes to CBS about his TV program InFocus and that it will soon be canceled!

How in the world did he end up in Nashville, for God's sake? How in the world did he get out of prison so quickly? How would someone like that be let out of jail and how did he end up with only a 20-year sentence in the first place?

Are we supposed to surmise that he had an epiphany like Saul, who became St. Paul? It sounds like the work of a bunch of Christian-right people who just knew how to pull strings and play on people's sympathies. And tying that in to our recent spate of legislation insanity, I suppose he has been granted a permit to carry a concealed weapon as well!


Snake pulpit
I want to thank you for exposing Maury Davis. My son was seduced by his church, and they were relentless in preaching for donations of money and attendance. I watched a few of his shows to see what he was about. The hatred and judgment he teaches is despicable. He has a cult-like following, and I consider him very dangerous. His arrogant behavior astounds me. Thank you so much for revealing the truth.


Praise him
I used to go there. I've still got friends that do. It's hard to break the brainwashing. You, not unlike Galileo, are the handiwork of God. But don't get a big head about it.

Mike C.

Major props to Adam Gold, Steve Haruch, Sean Maloney and Jack Silverman for their Bonnaroo piece. I read "Roll With Your Own" (June 11) aloud to my traveling buddy after we were dumped in Nashville by friends en route to Wisconsin from Manchester. The article was as fitting a weekend synopsis as we could have found in the Panera where they left us.

The clean businesspeople on their lunch break seemed bemused by our grubby clothes and hysterical laughter, but it seems the Nashville Scene understands. From hippies to fucking hipsters, these guys' totes nailed it.

Best. Bonnaroo. Ever.



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