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Media strikes again
Has Tracy Moore never heard of female musicians? In her article ("The highs—and oh so many lows—of dating a musician," April 2), she implies that all musicians are male and all the people dumb enough to date them are female (except for two paragraphs where she comments on musicians dating each other). The vast majority of the article doesn't even consider the fact that many women are talented musicians. These are the kind of subtle media images that made me—as a young girl—believe that I shouldn't be in a band like my older brother. It wasn't until I was 25 that I started to realize that, yes, I could actually be in a band!

Melanie Bhagat
Member of Gallatin Rose

Print prophylactic
I wouldn't be surprised if STD rates dropped after reading Tracy Moore's article. I bet that not very many musicians got laid after Nashville's women read it.


Down (under) on Islam
I'm writing from Australia to thank P.J. Tobia for his useful and disturbing article "How I spent my fall Afghanistan" (March 26). I would, however, advise him that if he wants to understand Afghanistan, he must grasp that the problem with Afghanistan is the same as the problem with Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and a great many other places. The problem is not that it is full of Afghans. Iraq is a mess, too, in much the same way, and Iraq is full of Kurds and Arabs (different languages, different genetics). The problem, not to put too fine a point on it, is that Afghanistan is full of Muslims. It is full of Islam. Its people, originally warlike (ask Alexander the Great), have been rendered 10 times worse by a religion of war that seems, at times, to verge on becoming a full-blown human-sacrifice cult.

Among other details: The horrid sight of children taking pleasure in chucking rocks at crippled, stray dogs is entirely explained by the fact that in the Hadith (traditions) and Sira (life of Mohammed), Muslims are taught to regard dogs with revulsion, and not merely not to keep them as pets, but to hate them; they are taught, on top of that, that black dogs are Satan.

I would advise Mr. Tobia to obtain, and read, as soon as he can, two excellent books by the young Winston S. Churchill: The Malakand Field Force and The River Wars (the unexpurgated 1899 edition), which give firsthand accounts of the experiences of the British in war with Afghan Muslims and with Arab and Arabised Muslims in Sudan during the 19th century, and which include Mr. Churchill's ruthlessly accurate, tough, highly un-PC analyses of the ideology of Islam. In addition to that, only three other books are necessary: Mr. Robert Spencer's Onward Muslim Soldiers and Islam Unveiled and Ms. Nonie Darwish's Cruel and Usual Punishment, which is a layperson's critical examination of Sharia, the totalitarian system that is supposed to govern every detail of life in a Muslim society. Everything the Taliban did—and do—is in accord with the rules laid down in all the authoritative Sharia handbooks.

If Mr. Tobia studies these five texts he will find, I think, that everything he saw in Afghanistan will fall into place; and the utter folly and waste of the Allies' Sisyphean efforts to herd murderous Muslim cats and make said cats play nicely with each other and eat from the same bowl, will be horrifyingly clear.

Dr. McCosker

Put that in your pipe
It was absolutely heartbreaking to read so many upset letters about people being taxed for cigarettes (Love/Hate Mail, March 26). Now these people will have to spend even more of their own hard-earned money on an irresponsible frivolity that does nothing beneficial for anybody in any way. Some smokers' vain addiction seems to have disabled their ability to reason. Of course, it isn't right for alcohol not to be taxed at a high rate, but cigarette smokers can stuff it until their vice of choice becomes outlawed or provides humans with any sort of medicinal value. Get in line behind the rest of us who actually have an even minutely worthwhile claim to a double standard.


Price of smoking
Darlene is correct, the government has deceived us forever, and the ultimate straw-man deception is going on now: the federal budget, bailouts, rescues, TARP, etc. However, most everyone knows better than to smoke. Those that don't make a conscious choice not to. If you do smoke, harm your health and pollute our air and water with poison gas and cigarette butts, then you must pay for it. Don't subject me to your bad habits and then expect me to pay for it as well. And yes, a tax on known junk, fatty, harmful, and non-nutritional food would also be appropriate.


The painting "Thinking It Will Be Alright" was incorrectly attributed to Harry Underwood in the April 2 Critics' Picks. The work is that of artist Tim Yankosky and is currently part of Estel Gallery's Isolation exhibit. The Scene regrets the error.


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