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Regime change Your article is appalling ("Chief Ronal Serpas' plan for a safer Nashville is to pull you over early and often," Nov. 27). The law-abiding work force should not have to worry about getting pulled over and searched for going a couple miles per hour over the speed limit.

The fact that Nashville's police force has a quota for tickets is disturbing. I've seen more officers pulled over on the side of the road with their radar guns out than anything else recently.

Serpas has failed us as a police chief. The decisions he has made are the exact opposite of what Nashville needs. "Violent crimes like murder and robbery have spiked since Serpas took power." If this is so, it would seem he's not doing his job. I'm much less worried nowadays about drunk drivers than some yo-yo with a gun. I didn't have to read your article to see that violent crimes are going up. A drunk driver has no intention of killing someone, whether they get in a wreck or not. A person with a gun? I'd say that's a different story.

If Serpas is so incompetent that he is more worried about generating tickets and revenue than actually protecting our citizens, he should step down or be fired immediately. Seems to me Sgt. Gary Kemper has at least twice the brains of Serpas; we should let him give it a crack.

On a different note, I don't know if I understood this correctly or not, but when you write that officers are "winding down their shift" eating in a restaurant, does that mean they're still on the clock? Hmmm.

David Camp

Cops for cash
Cops and civil liberties don't mix. Like Dirty Harry, Chief Serpas cynically believes that citizen's rights are pesky obstacles in the way of law enforcement. Cars are a rights-free zone. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Police exploit the fact that criminals are dumb enough to think that their cars are as private as homes, leaving contraband lying in plain view. That's the legitimate reason why cops love traffic stops.

The illegitimate motive is to tax the hell out of the middle-class drivers. Cops love their cars, computers, guns and gear. Somebody's got to pay for all that stuff. So Serpas sends his people out to hide behind bushes and radar rushed commuters.

People can fight back by fighting each ticket in court. They can also fight back by calling Mayor Karl Dean's office and threatening to vote him out of office if he doesn't put a stop to Serpas and his roadblocks and for-profit traffic tickets. Cops shouldn't need radar or roadblocks to tell that someone's driving dangerously. They should focus on obvious violations and serious crimes.


Act of information freedom
How wonderful it is to have fine, upstanding citizens like Matt Ivester to explain our First Amendment rights to us ("TSU's decision to block trash-talk website JuicyCampus raises questions of free speech, bad taste and Internet anonymity," Nov. 27). Yep, Ivester's idea of how free speech should be interpreted trumps every other principle. Those women whose identifying information ended up on the "Chicks with the loosest pussies" list should be glad they're getting some action. And Chelsea Gorman, well, she clearly did deserve it and is a whiner to get all upset over her identity being revealed on Ivester's website. Gosh, without his impassioned defense of free speech, we might all start thinking that our founding fathers never intended this kind of thing to be protected speech in the first place.

So in the spirit of all this great freedom of expression and exchange of information, I urge Matt Ivester to publish his home address and home phone number on the front page of That way the people whose privacy rights he destroyed could track him down and let him know just how much they appreciate it.

Cathy Danielson

Shame on English Only
The English Only amendment is a disgrace to this great city ("English Only ringleader Eric Crafton is driven more by ideals than politics," Dec. 3). I would hate to see a city that held absentee voting for Iraqi and Kurdish refugees turned into a provincial backwater by agents of intolerance. It is shameful that this amendment could even find its sorry way onto the ballot.
Christopher Smith

Councilman narcissism
So Eric Crafton learned Japanese. Big deal. Perhaps he wants to call attention to his academic abilities and how dapper he looks in a kimono. He may have a pathological narcissistic personality, but he's certainly no smarter than many Vandy students. Lots of Vandy professors could blow him out of the water intellectually. He also has a massive void where his empathy neurons are supposed to be. I wonder what his Japanese wife thinks, if she's even allowed to think.


Be more like Eric
It astonishes me that as a young man Eric Crafton realized that to make it, he was going to need to speak another language to accomplish what he wanted to in Japan. Why can't people living here and enjoying our way of living be willing to learn English? Would you think they are just too lazy to do so? I applaud him. He wants the best for us all.
Ronelda Palmore

Repeal council health care
Here's a suggestion for recouping some of the money taxpayers are shelling out to scratch Grafton's xenophobic itch: Let's attach a second item to the referendum, letting Nashville citizens rescind the life-time health insurance the part-time Metro Council members (including Mr. Grafton) gave themselves earlier this year.

Mary Smythe

Make them pay
I agree with making English our first language, and that it should be mandatory that every legal immigrant learn English. So much of our tax dollars are wasted trying to communicate with non-English speaking immigrants. That's not why I pay taxes.

We have to pay for school, college, etc. They should have to pay to learn a different language, just like we do. To not conform is a slap in our faces. And this current lawsuit by this woman is ridiculous. Who paid for it? I bet she's declared indigent and can't pay and is on government assistance. Stop this madness.



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