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Re: “Scrooged, Diane Black-Style

Sorry to get totally off topic and change the subject but i'm really frustrated and upset and i want to get my story out there, because i will never be okay with being raped. The point is, if i did something wrong (civil or criminal charges), it should be handled through the court system, not by raping me, stealing my eggs, stealing my money, spinning things up to make people hate me! etc I've heard people say that i was raped for revenge! Revenge for what? Well i think they got revenge because RAPING A WOMAN IS ABOUT THE WORST PUNISHMENT EVER! (and now you wan't to frame me and take all my money too?) Anyway, thanks for listening! I know there is alot of confusing stuff in my email, all of this is confusing to me. Iv'e heard that iv'e been raped before cause i said something someone didn't like? IM DEVASTATED! (That because i'm rich they wan't to rape me to take my money because they are pissed!) Are you kidding me? There's rich and poor people that say things i don't like i JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I try to take the high road! I just ignore them and surround myself by people i enjoy I DON'T GO RAPING THEM! If someone doesn't like what i say they can stop listening and make their own money. Anyway, that's all i just wanted to expand on the email i sent you and let you know where i'm coming from!
Thank You,

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Posted by Angel13 on 12/10/2012 at 7:32 PM

Re: “Scrooged, Diane Black-Style

I have had some very disturbing things happen to me over the years and i would really like to share my story (Family laundering my money) I wish all i had to worry about was recent news, taxes, etc but i have had so many crimes committed againist me in efforts to take MY MONEY. These people (and i know who some of them are) have used my identity to commit crimes ranging from traffic infractions to felonies. The only thing i have EVER received are a few traffic violations. My ex-boyfriend (Brian Vowels) is saying that the Evansville Police Dept is involved in this sting operation and that when i get a ticket (i have been arrested a few times for driving while suspended, traffic, warrant's) they switch the traffic tickets to more serious charges in the computer like murder, drugs, malpractice lawsuits etc. I can assure you i have never murdered anyone, never been arrested for drugs nor have i ever received a malpractice lawsuit. He says they are doing this by using an "eye con" and that once i'm arrested and booked in even though i'm immediately bailed out other people are acting as "trolls" and pretending to be me. He says that i'm just "going to go dead" lol whatever that means and that and that they can get by with this scam cause once i go in jail (say for a warrant or something) i will go immediately to prison even though i did not do those things. I wen't to courthouse to file a complaint about identity theft one day and was arrested FOR NO REASON because the officer was upset i wanted to file report. I know in the past my ex-boyfriend (Brian Vowels) was holding my mail i have been a nurse for 12 years (i haven't worked in years though and don't have active license right now) and i have never received ANYTHING about a malpractice lawsuit. (OR ANYTHING ELSE!) Apparently i'm rich and i'm just now finding out about a will that i didn't know i had. My family (and friends) are laundering money and disguising that i am the true owner. To get money, other people have had babies using my eggs and had my children without my consent. It infuriates me that these doctors (Dr. Reid and my so called friends) didn't ask me. I didn't wan't to donate my eggs and that is my right and my choice. The name of my ex- boyfriend's business is Victor Painting Company (his name is Brian Vowels) but it has been told to me his business is that he has been raping me for years and putting it online to make money off me (along with some other people) and embezzling money from me at my account at Old National Bank. He even married a mail order bride named Eadie from Brazil to pull off this scam and this woman will do anything for a GREEN CARD! (including hiring people to rape me) He says he is single and that i can still move in with him of course i would be scared to death. All this fraudulent activity started when i was a kid (I'm 39 now) and when i was 17 my father left me a huge insurance policy, his home etc and my stepmother at the time and my dad's best friend altered the will a few days before my fathers death when he was dying and on Morphine and other drugs that impaired his ability to think clearly or reason. I'm not sure exactly how they are doing this but they are doing it. Again, all of this just seems so bizarre to me but apparently the reason they are doing these things are in attempts to frame me so they can ultimately get the money they have been maneuvering all the years in my name. Apparently they have spun up a huge web of lies about me and my character and purposely trying to ruin my reputation to make people hate me in attempts to get my money from my will (that I'm just now finding out that i have). I guess they feel like no one that knows will report it if they don't like me. (Or they pay them off) I was told by hundreds of people that i was drugged and raped at parties all of which was put on the internet for the world to see (again this is because they are jealous? and raping me to say that i gave them a disease or something so they can sue me for my inheritance?) I have never been diagnosed with anything but knowing now that i was drugged and raped it really scares me that i have contracted a disease that could cause me medical problems or ultimately kill me. My ex-boyfriend (Brian Vowels) would beg me to have a baby with him (I started dating him when i was 20 and i'm 39 now ) and now i'm finding out that was all part of his plan to frame me. The baby was supposed to take the place of me and i would "Just go dead" He say's they could then go back to when i was 3yrs old or so and just "take all my money" and the cops are in on all this for the money. Since i didn't have a baby with him he had his brother's ex-wife have one (her name is Heather O'Nann Cater Vowels Mills and the baby's name is Hannah Vowels she is 11yrs old now). So Heather and Hannah are deeply involved in my identity theft and all these things are in attempts to get money. This just sounds so crazy to me? Again, I'm not sure exactly how they are doing it but something is definitely going on. I just wan't to be happy and live a normal life?! Iv'e heard that Heather's cousin and others that iv'e dated are involved in this sting and actually getting a disability check because of me? Lol are you kidding me? For what lol?? I have never received anything in the mail about this and have NO CLUE when i hear something so bizarre. Iv'e heard that Heather, my step sister and many others were all involved in malpractice by using my eggs without my consent. I was told that my ex-boyfriend Brian let the world watch me live at his house for 2 years (on internet). When his friends would say "We're ALIVE and NOT in PRISON" i didn't know what they were talking about until so many people have approached me and told me he raped me on video and let the world watch me being raped. (Again so they can report i raped them? to get my money) I take pride in the fact i have only had a few sexual partners so this is very disturbing to me. I know that my ex-friend Scott Davis is involved in this sting and participated in raping me (His now deceased wife Charlotte Newman stole my identity and had phones etc in my name) I can't believe that they have stolen my identity and have phones in my name pretending to be me? I haven't had a phone in years due to all this fraud. I am looking for a job in Missouri and i had to get a P.O Box (actually i got P.O. Box a long time ago due to all this fraud and identity theft) I went to Vanderbelt Hospital in Nashville TN and they held me down and made me stay in hospital (as a nurse i know they cannot do that i am not a danger to myself or others-they legally were not supposed to do that) They then transported me to mental facilty in Tennessee where they held me down and gave me a shot stating "We are in on this sting and are not going to loose all the money" (I'm not mentally ill they were holding me to try and pull off sting) Iv'e had so many people come up and tell me that my family, friends, and ex-boyfriend have made themselves at this point and the rest of the world hate me by spending their life trying to do so and again it always goes back to money. I filed a restraining order against Zachary Grider (few yrs ago) for stalking me. His wife Brittney Grider got upset i filed restraining order and had me drugged and raped in a bar (all of this is to get money by reporting i raped them) I dated Zac's cousin Joey Beck (didn't know he was Zac's cousin until after we stopped dating) and i'm now finding out he gave me a date rape drug few times when we spent night together at motel and let people rape me (Zac, Joey and Brittney are related and conspiring in this together) I turned my computer over to cops and they promised to catch Zac after i filed that restraining order but I'm now finding out the cops along with a few federal employee's in Evansville are using my computer to make things preexisting? and using my email etc in efforts to frame me and pull off this sting. This has caused me a lot of mental/emotional distress and I do plan to press charges againist all the people involved and i will never be okay with being raped. I was even told by my ex-boyfriend that i didn't really even get a DWI that "I got raped"? That he got the DWI dropped from my record because he knows a lot of the cops on the Evansville Police Dept and the DWI was switched to fines that i owed people for when i was raped? (The DWI was staged, my ex-boyfriend and his brother Larry sat me in my car after i had been drinking and cop showed up and woke me) It doesn't matter, the point is that it is all fraudulant (If i just get a traffic ticket etc they are fraudulant with information they put in computer) I know this makes me sound crazy but i can assure you that i'm not and that everything i'm telling you is 100% the truth. I am just so ready to ENJOY my life rich or poor and as far as the money goes I DESERVE IT!

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Posted by Angel13 on 12/10/2012 at 7:29 PM

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