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Re: “If charter schools are the future of Nashville education, they deserve a closer look

And as for your friend at KIPP

"Unfortunately for these children, the penalty for any whiff of rebellion or hints of
“miscreant” behavior are clearly demonstrated to them in various forms of ostracism and
isolation, while the rest of the class is, indeed, driven around, and around, and around
again upon a whirlwind of chanting, tracking, singing, snapping, nodding, waving, and
clapping in an exhibition of programmed unanimity that could be unsettling to a less
enamored chronicler than Jay Mathews."

I bet Bill Haslam and Mayor Dean would send their kids there.

"So even with the well-honed gloss and glow that Jay Mathews brings to his subject, KIPP
must still resemble less a viable education reform for urban schools than it does a New
Age eugenics intervention that would seemingly hope to reclaim our youngest social
defectives by changing the reality inside their heads, rather than intervening in the sad,
poor, and defective worlds that these same children must return to at the end of their tenhour segregated school days. The fact that such an experiment finds such a wide and
eager following offers disturbing evidence that there is much we did not learn or have
tragically forgotten about lessons so painfully rendered during the first half of the last
century." Jim Horn Cambridge College.

People seem to forget that public schools in metro deal with a HUGE population of kids that have never left Nashville, have no enrichment in their lives or ever had any, grew in the womb with health deficiencies, have zero nurturing from parents or neighborhoods, have been exposed to the stress of poverty from the time they were born, come to school hungry, have a very improper diet, entered school with low literacy, parents work two jobs, have been homeless, attended 7 schools, have psychological problems and then put into the gen ed., the list could go on and on and on top of it they have to fit into the one show fits all model created to bore those students and dull their curiosity. The only thing those kids know is entertainment. Public schools can't create the same CULT of KIPP with the strict discipline.

Teach to the test baby teach to a test. Value a measurement, sit down, and shut up. You're at KIPP. Bill Frist is sure donating a lot of money to KIPP. His cronies have a lot at stake with the hidden and deceitful take over of metro. They need KIPP to have a great score on 1 test.

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Posted by Iridonian Zabrak on 02/05/2012 at 3:20 PM

Re: “If charter schools are the future of Nashville education, they deserve a closer look

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Milton Friedman was an awful man and the atrocities carried out in Chile and the rest of the Southern Cone is quite disgusting. The gross human rights violations carried out on the thousands and thousands of innocent people is quite one of the most horrific stories in the Western Hemisphere. Friedman and his policies were behind it all and the only thing that benefited from the whole narrative were corporations. If you call that brilliant and him a good man I think you should take some meds and extra strength at that.

No wonder you have no problem thinking Heiler's views have changed in 30 years. He must have had a kumbaya with the immigrants, gays, and other minorities and now he wants to help them. Or maybe it is because he has connections to ALEC, Goldwater int., and the Heritage Foundation that makes me think other wise.

Transformation of education from a public good to a private commodity is happening all over the world right now. It's happening because of the amount of money that has been poured into the systems. If you do the research the transformation rarely talks about the kids. Nice try though.

Milton Friedman once said "Only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change. When that crisis occurs the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around." Mandates and terms like failing, effectiveness, bench marks, improvement, quality, and efficiency have been all too common since "A Nation at Risk." NCLB is one of the biggest pieces of garbage ever written. Read it sometime. It's right up there with invading a sovereign country and spending billions of our kids money on hanging a man. It's all about the kids..............right?

This…. Read the article along with all of the other information on the web that shows that charter schools do not perform like you claim. Creaming the best students skews the numbers. K-12 inc. is FOR-PROFIT. Telling people that charter schools are not for profit is a lie. Only 53 percent of large EMO's FOR-PROFIT made AYP. District schools managed by EMOs had slightly lower performance ratings with only 47.8% making AYP. K-12 INC. is being investigated for fraud.

"Kids mean money. Agora is expecting income of $72 million this school year, accounting for more than 10 percent of the total anticipated revenues of K12, the biggest player in the online-school business. The second-largest, Connections Education, with revenues estimated at $190 million, was bought this year by the education and publishing giant Pearson for $400 million.." Yeah it's about the kids.

"A major concern about free schools in Sweden is what happens to any profits made from running a school. Hans explained: “The profits are not reinvested into schools. Why? The profits of free schools go to tax havens. Whatever surplus there is should be invested back in the school, for example buying musical instruments. You have to ensure that the money is staying within the school.”

The writing on the wall is evident. I took the RED PILL a long time ago.

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Posted by Iridonian Zabrak on 02/05/2012 at 10:00 AM

Re: “If charter schools are the future of Nashville education, they deserve a closer look

@Driving that Train

I have so much in my head that I tend to ramble. Ronald Reagan carried Milton Friedman's manifesto with him when he was running for office. Reagan tried to get the charter schools going but the public support was not there. He needed to create a "crisis", something that Friedman wrote about often and was what was behind the destruction of the Southern Cone in South America. Reagan will write "A Nation at Risk." and tying federal funding to public schools. Over 20 years the federal government kept tying more and more money to public schools but created mandates that actually prevent schools from reforming themselves. Bush will come along and create "NCLB" and the false labeling of schools as "failing" and an unrealistic expectation of every child being able to read at the same level. In fact that is scientifically impossible. The same expectations were given to a student on 1 12th grade reading level to a student who can't speak the language or has a very low IQ. Tony Blair was doing the same in England. A false "crisis" was created and the propaganda machine started to roll. The whole reason is because of the trillion dollar jackpot that was created by the federal government. The lottery is in place, the crisis has been falsely created, and now private companies want their share. Milton Friedman is smiling from a very dark place. A free hand out of tax payer dollars. A PYRAMID SCHEME in the greatest sense.

The enlightenment came when I stumbled onto this article a year ago… I was introduced to Milton Friedman's economic philosophy in the 90's during my History of Latin America lectures. Profit as much as you can as long as it stays in certain parameters. Like in the apocalyptic pollution that is created by corporations in China? Lobbyists like Jay Heiler want to set those parameters. The environment is also at stake in this battle between us and them.

ALEC Education "Academy" Launches on Island Resort
" There will be no students or teachers. Instead, legislators, representatives from right-wing think tanks and for-profit education corporations will meet behind closed doors to channel their inner Milton Friedman and promote the radical transformation of the American education system into a private, for-profit enterprise."

The transformation does not include teachers who invested a career in helping students and not for profit. ALEC has no intention to help the kids of our future. It is written on the wall. The government is making teachers value a measurement. Teachers want to measure a students value. The fact that government and corporations are doing all of this behind closed doors without public debate is at the utmost UNAMERICAN. It is quite scary and the public needs to wake up to the fact this is happening. Metro schools already have the ball rolling and they are lying to parents, the public, and to the teachers. Those people's career have been slandered, parents have been lied to, and it is at the expense of our kids. It is quite DISGUSTING. Welcome to one of the GREATEST PYRAMID SCHEMES OF OUR TIME.

Harry Brooks and his ties to k-12 INC. is disgusting. in 2009 they had over 30,000 kids enrolled. Only 5 out of the 15 schools made AYP. In 2011 the had a 12 percent graduation rate nation wide and no accountability to the government or public. Harry Brooks had no problem using tax dollars to give that corporation a contract. What's scary is Brooks attends ALEC meetings along with other Tennessee legislatures and he is on the SCORE committee. They are not working for us. Vote those people out.

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Posted by Iridonian Zabrak on 02/04/2012 at 12:21 PM

Re: “If charter schools are the future of Nashville education, they deserve a closer look


I totally agree with choice. The Federal government set up the "one size fits all" model. It doesn't work in low socio-economic settings. That's apparent because failure is universal across America............according to one test. Please remember it only takes a few students to make a school considered "FAILING". A lot of kids have zero nurturing and cannot function properly in a one size fits all mold. There is zero psychological support for those students. NCLB is a great idea but historically what percentage of the world went to college? There are a lot of stupid people and basing education on one test is a farce. Charter schools can teach to one test and champion results. Especially if they can implement strict discipline and parents are brainwashed into believing this is their child's only ticket like in "Waiting For Superman".

I went to a public Brentwood schools..............and my teachers had zero disruption. Our teachers asked where we were going to college during our senior year. We all, for the most part went to some schooling after high school. We were not a magnet school. Public schooling works if the right people are able to reform it. Privatization is just a term that is being thrown around globally. In fact the Republican candidates say it on a regular basis. There is zero evidence that it works in schools. There is too much money pumped into education......Pyramid scheme..............and the wrong people calling the shots. I thought it was called "Public Education"? Congress has a 9% approval rating and those idiots are making rules that affect teachers and schools from making real reform. A remote control from D.C. has lost it's signal a long time ago.

And now bozos in Tennessee's government think they know what's best? Harry Brooks implemented K-12 INC. in his district and that company is a complete sham and has awful graduation rates and test scores. Tax money down the drain. In fact the stats for most charter schools are not very good. But those companies took tax money and did what ever they wanted to with it. Please don't confuse Harpeth Hall with kipp academy. Those are two completely different entities. In Harpeth Hall you learn Philosophy and at Kipp academy you learn to take a test.

Teachers would love to see choice. Magnet schools in every cluster.............Co-op schools for students who do not fit the "every size fits all" mold, tied to the Federal teet. But why ask the most educated work force in the state what they think? 9 percent approval rating in D.C.. The article says Tennessee's government is 46th when it comes to spending money on students. My research says 47th. Most states with the highest education index spend twice as much money. Tennessee's government actually lacks in everything when it comes to measuring America. Education, health, and economics.

I would love to give you choice. For-profit private entities are not the answer. especially ones run by a BIGOT.

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Posted by Iridonian Zabrak on 02/03/2012 at 11:10 PM

Re: “Will a proposed Nashville charter school attract private-school parents or affect public schools?

Please remember that teachers want reform just as much as anyone. The federal government created the one size fits all mentality and schools are still under the "Industrial Revolution" assembly line mentality. Give power to the schools and the teachers. Why can't the school become responsible for spending student expenditures? Why do mandates restrict public schools from reforming? Why does a private company have to do it? It makes no sense to me. Teachers in metro would love to be self-directed. In return they could cure the dullness the federal government created. Curiosity and creativity has been destroyed all in the name to privatize the schools. Parents have been misinformed, teachers have been blamed, and the students have been repressed because of a government made "crisis" that a had one intention and that was to bow to lobbyists and that is what this Arizona company was here for. Privatization. This country needs to wake up. The wrong people are writing an American narrative.

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Posted by Iridonian Zabrak on 01/29/2012 at 7:25 PM

Re: “Will a proposed Nashville charter school attract private-school parents or affect public schools?

Please understand what "We the People" really means. Privatization of schools in Chile helped destroy their society and aided in creating one of the worst distributions of wealth in the world. Sweden is witnessing how privatization is also creating inequality. I'm sorry but school, healthcare, and the prison systems should not be privatized. The medical field profits off of sick people. One reason major agriculture corporations strangle organic farmers and keep their prices too high. Wealthy people shop organic. Prisons need people to go to jail. Hence why non violent drug laws are so strict. Now corporations want to grub on the billions of tax payer dollars that are available.

"A Nation at Risk" created the crisis that there is a problem with public schools. Federal mandates tied to money restrict schools, teachers, and parents to make the reforms that could easily be made. NCLB just added to the mirage and it's expectations includes ZERO variables that actually influence a persons daily life.

Milton Friedman was an evil man. " That is why, in my book Capitalism and Freedom, I have called it a "fundamentally subversive doctrine" in a free society, and have said that in such a society, "there is one and only one social responsibility of business–to use it resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game." And who regulates those rules? Lobbyists? Wake up people.

Read this article on Jay Heiler…. I'm not a liberal and I would have to say he is a hate monger.

Clint Bolick has ties to ALEC. A think tank that writes legislation for states to pass. A lot of your congressmen are no longer working for the people but for corporations. Rep. Harry Brooks is one of them. That's why K-12 INC. has a virtual school in his district. K-12 inc. has direct ties to ALEC.

The public seriously needs to debate this issue. Privatization is happening in metro and it is happening under a disguise. It is very deceitful which only means that it is not very good for the people other wise known as the public.

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Posted by Iridonian Zabrak on 01/29/2012 at 6:32 PM

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