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Re: “Would You Use a Form of Birth Control That Had an 80 Percent Failure Rate Among Its Most Ardent Users?

Betty, of coarse you had to make another post whilst I was writing up mine. You did a great job explaining the stats better in that so please disregard the ctriticism. :)

Posted by legolas613 on 09/30/2011 at 10:09 AM

Re: “Would You Use a Form of Birth Control That Had an 80 Percent Failure Rate Among Its Most Ardent Users?

I think Betsy is a little confused on what those numbers really mean assuming the math is good.

Betty, you are just as naive if you believe there is an 80% or an 88% pregnancy rate among those having sex as the person who believes arming youth with abstinence only training as the sole form of STI/birth control is an effective message to teach.

I'll interperate for you since you are missing the point! It is simply stating that the failure is in the idea that youth given only the abstinence training as opposed to all safer sex options available for them to use, they are failing to live up to pre-marital abstinence 80% of the time. Abstinence only has merit only as being taught as a portfolio of options available to youth. Youth are being set up for failure if this is their sole training and expectation and the adults proliferating and legislating such beliefs are the ones with the blood on thier hands in these cases.

Posted by legolas613 on 09/30/2011 at 10:00 AM

Re: “Boos for Gay Soldier at Republican Debate

Gast: The story was a probable/hypothetical, I find it interesting though you didn't deny that half of your unit may have been doing that.

I don't think the military approves any sexual conduct (straight or gay) in barracks / showers as you keep clinging to Gast. Nobody's talking about this occurring. Where do you get this stuff man?

Posted by legolas613 on 09/24/2011 at 11:46 AM

Re: “Boos for Gay Soldier at Republican Debate

Gast: first of all I was talking about comments coming from the soldiers over the course of the summer, not the past couple days after the policy has been implemented. One can always do a TV interview with ones voice/face being disguised.

Secondly, when you said "there were two guys in my company that would go downtown on payday night hunting homosexuals. These two guys would get their blowjobs and then beat the crap out of the object of their ejaculation." you surely are leaving out the other part of the story of probably half or more of your unit, in fact I'll fill in the other half of the story and it will be strikingly similar.

About half of the guys in my company would go downtown on payday night hunting female prostitutes. Half the guys in my company would get their blowjobs and then beat the crap out of the object of their ejaculation.

Who cares Gast, if those two guys did it out of your sight, what should it really matter to you? You are free as anyone to harbor any feelings of hate, fear or homophobia you want. But intolerance to the way that somebody lives their life in the privacy of their own bedroom DOES NOT & SHOULD NOT AFFECT YOU. Live your own life without worrying about/judging what other people are doing that doesn't meet your own personal standards, especially if it's what they do in their own private places with others of legal age.

Posted by legolas613 on 09/24/2011 at 1:35 AM

Re: “Boos for Gay Soldier at Republican Debate

Gast: I find it interesting I'm hearing in the media from soldiers that this change does not bother them. I find it ironic those who are speaking out against the matter openly are not in the service currently but feel they speak for those who are and are portraying the opinions of the current service members. Hmmmm....something doesn't pass the logic test here.

Posted by legolas613 on 09/23/2011 at 8:44 PM

Re: “Nashville Social Services Brace for Debt Deal Drought

Gast: wow, I actually agree. Anyone who feels good about this deal is misguided and uninformed. Where is fiscal restraint in Washington? What has happened to true bi-partisanship negotiations, everything should at least be willing to be discussed as options? The democrats can stand to be more flexible on certain spending cuts and the republicans could have been more flexible on closing corporate tax loopholes and increasing tax rates for the filthy rich. Neither side is a winner here and Americans are the biggest losers of all in this and this only sets us up for a harder fall economically when eventually it comes to the impending, future financial meltdown. We need a balanced budget admendment, tax code revisions and to put America first.

Posted by legolas613 on 08/03/2011 at 2:35 AM

Re: “Nashville Social Services Brace for Debt Deal Drought

How about the gov't remove the tax loopholes and exceptions the large, profitable and self sustaining corporations in this country, especially the oil industry? How about raiding the funding in the amount of money we spend outside of this country in terms of foreign aid and fighting wars and policing other countries because we bombed their infrastructure to pieces? How about making a flat income tax so those who make more money pay back their fair share in taxes. Everyone paying the same % of thier income, sounds very boring if your a tax accountant but what can be more fair? God did not issue a any footnotes when he described the payment of tithes in the bible as being 10%, there were no exemptions if you make more than $x than you should only pay x%, etc. Everyone was told to give 10%. We need to be spending our money in our own country supporting programs and projects to better all our lives as opposed to cutting services and programs internally while still spending money abroad as if we have endless stacks of cash to give to the rest of the world, close tax loopholes, develop a fair across the board tax policy for both business and citizens/non-citizens alike as well as make a balanced budget amendment. We need to put ourselves first, making our citizens the top priority when making money decisions. I'm not advocating cutting all foreign spending all together but we need to be more selective and constrained in that spending while still maintaining a sense of empathy for the rest of the world and their problems. But America first!

Posted by legolas613 on 08/02/2011 at 7:12 PM

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