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Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew, health care guru, TV and radio personality, runs afoul of the Tennessee Department of Health

Patience, patience. Lots of discovery going on right now.

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Posted by realbusiness on 09/30/2010 at 10:44 AM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

Truth, I did get involved. I tried to call Dr. Asa to see him and I found it easier to see my senator than to get an appointment with him - even for a screening. So no I haven't been able to be a patient and I've never worked there - which I think gives me more credibility in this discussion as the behavior was bad enough that even me - a third party observer could see what was going on. When I couldn't get to the man, I didn't seek out other employees, but came across many disgruntled employees in my day to day business activities. At this point I mentioned to them about starting a new clinic, taking all the good going on at this clinic, throwing out the ego and bad, and really doing something great for the community. Unfortunately that didn't materialize for reasons that I've already stated earlier.

I guess I would ask Truth that you really be about the truth. Contact me and we'll go over the facts together. Let's not shoot the messenger - the Scene (which I have no affiliation with). In fact let's call all the other major media outlets to account to ask why aren't they covering this? Is it their bias against the Scene? I can't speak for past behavior of the Scene, but I for one am glad they revealed this situation - we need more of this type of journalism that holds unaccountable people accountable - something the churches and Christians failed to do (I being a Christian as well).

For you Truth, please stay on topic and let's keep the conversation rational. Ranting is not going to solve real problems or raise the intellectual level of the discussion here.

Posted by realbusiness on 09/30/2010 at 9:32 AM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

VMC McDonald's, I'm so with you. The top killer, before heart disease and cancer is the medical model and pharma supported and financed by the FDA.

I also personally know of doctors that are drug addicts prescribing pain pills illegally (not to me), and being just as immoral in their activity as Dr. Asa has appeared to be.

I definitely don't see this article as a reason to walk away from Chiropractic and a new wellness model not supported by the chemical medical model. This article is about calling one very influential doctor to account who is doing a lot of damage to our cause to move away from the medical model. We need integrity and accountability in this alternative model if it ever is going to go mainstream and overcome the antiquated medical model.

I think you hit the nail on the head with diet, exercise, stress management and sleep - it really is 90% of what we need - what God already provided. Fortunately Dr. Asa has helped us all become more aware of that. Unfortunately he took advantage. So let's restore him and see if we can't get back on message.

Posted by realbusiness on 09/29/2010 at 8:49 PM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

Truth, you have some valid concerns about some of the women fired in that they have integrity issues of their own as well. However, I know several patients and many former employees, and having followed this for over a year can tell you that the Scene has a valid case here that Dr. Asa needs to own up to. Yes he gave a free clinic, but that doesn't cover over other really bad things he allowed or did. Feel free to contact me and I can point you in the direction to find the facts out on all the rest if you really want to investigate further. is where I can be reached. I'm not saying Asa is Lucifer - but here is a good analogy - Lucifer parades as an angel of light - he is effective because he is so close to the truth but so bad because he is just a bit off. That is the problem with spiritual leaders when they go bad - they parade as truth tellers but then they get off - that is the case here with Asa in some very verifiable specific ways. I'd like to see him face his accusers, outline the facts, and see what is bad and what is preference - then go from there. I get the impression his pride and his lawyer friend isn't going to go for that - and thus the problem with all of fallen nature. A bigger issue to me is what is going on at Christ Church that they would allow him in with all of these known red flags - do they not screen people that they give access to their flock? Christ church - can you comment? Christ Church, what are you doing to bring Asa to account and are you interested in being a part of a restorative process for him and his clinic so that he can give more FREE clinics for all the right reasons and in consistency with the rest of his practice, motives and actions? Dave Ramsey – still haven’t heard from you. News stations (radio and TV) and Tennessean – why aren’t you picking this up yet? Fox News – do you know he still has it on his website that he is on your network show?

Posted by realbusiness on 09/29/2010 at 4:42 PM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

Guys, no doubt some good has gone on at this clinic – but that is no excuse for all the overwhelming bad behavior exhibited there for years. See that is the problem with deception and capitalism - especially in the name of Christianity - is it appears so right but when the details come out - the motives are found out to be wrong more than right and the cost doesn't outweigh the benefits. If it were not for Dr. Asa being so egotistical and stupid he likely would have gotten away with all this. I’m not against capitalism but let’s get some morality into it. Amoral capitalism allowed for this bad behavior – let’s talk about the heart and what drove a man to do all this over money. Money is not bad – immoral motives and the decaying of morality is. My question is for Dave Ramsey and all Christians - when do we start calling the kettle black in the public square? When do we quit endorsing Dr. Asa and John Jubilee and call them to account. I'm not saying judge (condemn) them. I'm saying require them to come to account for bad behavior and to correct that bad behavior before we continue to provide our endorsement. When they can demonstrate accountability and sound business practice then we get behind them again. Dave, can you answer why you continue to passively endorse what is obviously bad behavior? When is bad, bad enough to call it out and reveal the truth for what it is? Are Christians so weak that we don't correct our own anymore? Where is church discipline? Where is the accounting of all the money that Asa supposedly has given to charity? Why are churches letting him in the door without doing some background checks and verifying that he has a business of integrity - you wouldn't have to dig far. I have see Dr. Asa speak at 2 prominent churches in the past 6 months and knowing what I know it made me sick. It especially made me sick to know that those that invited him to speak knew about the bad behavior and still asked him to speak. I think this is a wake up call to all Christians and para-church and church organizations to be consistent in their approach to bad behavior. Atlanta situation is just another example - come on guys? Dave Ramsey, do you still endorse this place? Do you still go there for your care? Will you respond on this blog to these questions?

Posted by realbusiness on 09/28/2010 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

I'm not trying to give Asa any break on justice and I’m not attacking Vanessa, anymore than this article has “attacked” anyone. What Vanessa has said about him is very likely true. His ego has blinded him and he needs to pay the piper. I'm just saying that you all should get a better spokesperson who doesn't have questionable integrity in business as well. It would be attacking if she didn’t have some very documentable issues herself that buyers need to be aware of. It is not all about these egomaniacs – Vanessa, Dr. Asa, etc. – this article is about protecting the consumer – thus lets be truthful and hopefully the practitioners mentioned here will get a clue and start acting like good business people as well. Belle, I've got the impression your name may start with a R - is that right?

Posted by realbusiness on 09/26/2010 at 10:57 PM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

vacations.resort is obviously VAnessa or her manager or one of their girlfriends. Guys I have nothing to lose or gain by sharing the truth here. Vanessa wrote me several times after I posted with some insane comments. So she is probably most of these posts here. I am open to sharing with anyone the truth of what I know. If you don't want bad to come out then don't do bad things. You can contact me at if you want to verify anything I've said - happy to share.

Posted by realbusiness on 09/26/2010 at 5:39 PM

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