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Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

DrAsaIsAFraud- You just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside with those comments. I've waited so long for the day...

Posted by Belle on 10/05/2010 at 9:14 PM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

*shaking head* You have actually paid for things you have not received? That makes me sick. I hope you can get your money back.

Posted by Belle on 09/28/2010 at 4:53 PM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

Everyone is free to their own opinions. We all have freedom of speech. And Techsavvy, I think it's wonderful that you have your opinions and want to defend Dr. Asa Andrew. You have that right. But do not attack employees motives behind this. I feel like a broken record when I repeat that I had NO contact with anyone from the clinic when contacted by the Nashville Scene. I gave my story. And magically, 20 other people said the same thing.

And I agree with HomeinTN. I did see many patients get well in the clinic. As I have previously stated, I had close bonds with a few of the patients. I could not take these peoples money. I think many of the employees all feel the same way about what they saw and heard. Disgusted

Posted by Belle on 09/28/2010 at 2:45 AM
Posted by Belle on 09/27/2010 at 5:15 PM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

You seem to go through great measures to defend someone that you claim to know nothing about. Fact: I am willing to bet that you are in fact, one of Dr. Asa's consultants. My first thought is Chris, but that just seems too easy.

The fact that it was said Rebekah left long before Vanessa did not state they never worked together. I can see your point where it may mislead, but it never was aimed that way. Rebekah did leave long before Vanessa, for reasons we never knew.

Let me tell you FROM THE BEGINNING my experience at The Center for Natural Medicine: I was called in for an interview by Rebekah. I went in and immediately was overwhelmed by the beauty of the clinic. There were many patients waiting. Then a lady came strolling out. I soon would know her to be Jules, the patient coordinator. My first impression was that she was trying a little too hard to make people happy. But to have never heard of this office before, I assumed that just possibly, this place did treat patients amazing. Soon after I interviewed with Rebekah. The way that she talked about the clinic and what Dr. Asa did just amazed me. I was blown away that there was a "doctor" out there that cared so much. After that I met with another man who was then the Director of Operations. He was the nicest man I had ever met. At this point in time, I had never heard of Chris.

I was hired on and excited to begin. My first day was chaos. Those who have worked in the medical field know that sometimes are just "those days." I summed it up to be just that. And also a note, when I originally signed paperwork, there was a part signed in there agreeing to not talk down upon Dr. Asa's name. There was not, however, a 75,000 dollar amount tagged on it. When you go to school for and work in health care, you know that every practice is different. Every doctor is different. You know to mold with that, even if your job is the same in every situation. So as far as knowing what I was in for right away, that was not the case. The people that I worked with didn't seem to know at all what they were doing. I soon found out that this was due to the high turnover rate the clinic had.

I still by this time had never met Dr. Asa. Dr. Joe and Dr. Scott were by far amazing though. When it came to those two men, I thought I had never met such amazing doctors before. During my time there, I did make some pretty strong bonds with some of the patients. My first red flag was when it came to insurance. The impression that I got was that of we took most insurances. That was not the case. The policy between insurance and "cash" patients was always changing. Prices kept changing. Insurance arguments kept happening. We were instructed on who was to handle what types of questions. They would never get called back. Things seemed to be spiraling out of control. The minute Dr. Asa came back, things got worse. It was then I started to think that maybe this place was not what it appeared to be. At one point and time, we were instructed that the primary thing, was to get patients to commit and worry about the other stuff later.

Well the nice Director of Operations that I interviewed with, just out of the blue, told us he was leaving. We never really had a clear understanding why, though my first thought was there was underlying reasons. Then Chris became The Director of Operations. A coworker then told me that Chris was like Dr. Asa's lawyer. I kept asking myself why. All kinds of new employee handbooks started coming out. If we did not sign, we were terminated. There was a room off to the side in part of the health store, and many times, I would see mixing of supplements. The way it was done screamed fishy. The way the workers of the supplement store talked about it, made it more fishy. Though when you are working for a company, you ASSUME that everything going on is perfectly legal somehow, and that things just seem what they are not. Am I right? By this time, I worked with almost ALL NEW STAFF. In a short time, the whole staff seemed to quit, and new staff came in. In the complimentary free visit, somehow, the patients insurance STILL GOT BILLED. I remember this vividly b/c it stirred up a great deal of angry patients. These patients could NOT get their questions answered by any of the management staff. I would be livid had this happened to me. The 75,000 dollar contract stirred. My notification was given. I was not going to be a part of whatever was going on at this place.

Can I shine another light Techsavvy? Dr. Asa often told people on the radio to call into his clinic and TALK TO HIM. I remember one day a lady being on the phone WHO SOUNDED LIKE SHE WAS ON HER DEATHBED, begging to speak to Dr. Asa Andrew. We were instructed that Dr. Asa never took a phone call. Did he take this call? Of course he DIDN'T. That voice often pops into my head. Also, all of these patients write "Dr. Asa" emails about their situation. Dr. Asa in fact, does not check these. His patient coordinator does. It was said "Dr. Asa answers them if he has the time." Dr. Asa could never arrive on time, was "in his final semester of medical school," (this is funny to me because he has been claiming the same thing for at least 3 years now,) and he was so busy with his radio show, and preparing for a t.v. show. All while having a wife at home. Yes, I am sure he cared enough to make the time to write these patients back. Please. You would have better luck winning the lottery. We were told once that Dr. Asa had too much going on and he was no longer going to work at the clinic. If patients asked, we were to assure them they would be taken care of by Dr. Asa at some point, when really, there was no intention of that.

And if Dr. Asa is truly in "his last semester of medical school," then WHY is this this same story heard over and over and over again? Then WHY will Dr. Asa not just SAY WHERE HE IS IN MEDICAL SCHOOL AT? Then WHY are employees tongues forcefully tied when asked this question? Then WHY, does anyone, including patients and employees, not truly know what Dr. Asa is up to? If I am going to see, or working for a "DOCTOR," I want his credentials. And the man can't even say where he is in medical school yet. Stand up Dr. Asa. Tell us. Prove us wrong.

Posted by Belle on 09/27/2010 at 5:11 PM
Posted by Belle on 09/26/2010 at 11:08 PM

Re: “Dr. Asa Andrew sells health and hope at a steep price. Behind the scenes, however, the man’s practice may not match what he preaches.

Attacking Vanessa is not giving justice to Dr. Asa Andrew. Regardless of your beliefs on her real buisness, this is about Dr. Asa and his wrong doings. There are many people making the exact same accusations against him, not only Ms. Gregory. May justice be served to ALL who take advantage of people health.

Posted by Belle on 09/26/2010 at 6:31 PM

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