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Re: “How a new wave of craft breweries is fueling Nashville's craft beer craze

I would love to see a local craft brewer (heck ANY craft brewer in this country) make an actual honest-to-goodness real czech/german style Budvar, Staropramen, Urquell, etc. I know yellow lagers aren't the cool thing to be into these days, but there are A LOT of musicians in this town who tour europe and come home thirsty for a real lager like they have in the old world. I have this discussion constantly with my pals who play gigs in europe, then come home to find our local breweries perpetuating america's obsession with high-gravs and esoteric ales and trying to one-up each other with the latest hoppiest beer ever.

i understand lots of people love these craft beers...and i'm not slighting anyone's taste. obviously i'm in the minority...the tastes driving the craft beer market are much different than mine. I'm just begging someone local here to take a chance on a good old fashioned AUTHENTIC pilsner. And don't over-hop it like every other craft brewery in america that claims to be making exactly what i'm looking for. The Oskar Blues Little Yella Pils is the closest thing i have found to a european lager, but even it still has a faint american craft flavor. Its getting harder to find stella on tap in the bars around town, and never mind urquell. I think even Brewhouse took it off, and sapporro too i think. So that's my reason for asking.

Luckily, on the other hand, I have been able to find some pretty good american kolsches.

Posted by luke from character on 06/19/2014 at 7:47 PM

Re: “Sea Sick? Tell Me How You Really Feel About Neutral Milk Hotel

didn't get it then, don't get it now, will never get it in the future.

now olivia tremor control on the other hand, THATS the band that changed my life.

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Posted by luke from character on 02/04/2014 at 4:52 PM

Re: “Take It Easy: Tell Me How You Really Feel About the Eagles

Thanks to my dad, the first songs i played on guitar as a 13 year old were Eagles songs. It makes a bit of sense to me now that I liked the Eagles as a suburban middleschooler...those songs are written on an 8th grade level of creativity and intellect.

The only Eagles song that is even remotely palatable to me now as an adult is New Kid in Town, which iirc was a J.D. song. Try and Love Again, a Meisner song on hotel california, is a pretty decent song too, and probably their best recording. Beyond that, 99% of the catalog is vomit-inducing.

To me, Walsh is a buffoon. I think he gets credit for being the cool guy for no either reason than Henley and Frey are the most uptight stick-up-the-ass jerkoffs in the history of shitty music. In reality, J.D. Souther was the coolest guy in the Eagles, by virtue of his decision to never actually join the Eagles.

Posted by luke from character on 10/16/2013 at 9:12 PM

Re: “In Defense of Chains: Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q

i was first introduced to the world of bbq outside of whitt's and famous dave's about 10 years ago. A friend who is the best chef i know enlightened me to martin's and KCBS competitions and gourmet bbq.

Since then, one of the biggest things i've noticed about bbq is that it is a magnet for snobbery. People start talking about bbq around here, you would think its a bunch of indie rock snobs trying to one-up each other with references to obscure bands and arguing over who's local record store is cooler and more authentic.

look no further than a few of the comments above. Even a restaurant like Jim N Nicks, which does just about EVERYTHING the right way, isn't safe from condescending criticism by a self-proclaimed expert. Even the folks who travel around the country to participate in (largely) good natured bbq competitions, the same folks who have helped to educate the hoi polloi about bbq beyond the Whitt's of the world, aren't real enough for some purist. This is probably the same kind of guy who went to see JEFF at Springwater or Glenn Danzig's and loved it, but won't go see them at the Cannery now and condescendingly calls their large crowds a bunch of poseurs.

Let's see the forest for the trees here, folks. Its unfortunate that enjoying bbq is a subject worthy of scholarly criticism by some folks. Now having said that, unlike an above commenter, i'm always interested in reading about a great bbq restaurant and their handmade from scratch sides. I think its always worth writing about, so keep up the good work, chris, and let us know what you find out about Jimmy Carl's re-opening!

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Posted by luke from character on 05/02/2013 at 12:39 PM

Re: “Getting Lathed: Welcome to 1979 Will Start Cutting Vinyl

awesome! so, they're cutting lacquers directly from master tapes? no digital anywhere in the process?

also, woodland studios being mentioned as a 'great studio' makes one wonder...wouldn't it be nice if such a legendary studio was open to the paying public (and not just Robert Plant) for booking and being used daily for what it was built for? opposed to being a private playground for a couple in los angeles and their famous friends? it is a building big enough to cast a large shadow over 5 points, "downtown east nashville", after all...

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Posted by luke from character on 04/19/2013 at 12:58 AM

Re: “Rocketown Employee Alleges He Was Fired for Wearing 'I Support Same-Sex Marriage' T-Shirt

please get real. you are positioning yourself as the voice of common sense here. i'm not going to tell you to shut the fuck up, because the best thing an idiot can do is to keep talking. the more he talks, the more he can only prove that he is an idiot.

It is insulting to my own intellect to have to even type this out for you. I would consider this a waste of time if not for my vain hope that perhaps this little talking to and smack across the face will play a small part in your enlightenment.

Here's the deal:

According to scientific polls conducted by Gallup in October, 49% of Americans support the legalization of gay marriage. (I know you evangelicals don't like anything "scientific", at least when it doesn't align with your belief system, but roll with me here...) Thats over 150 million of your fellow americans. 1 in 2 of the people that surround you in society. Now, you ask, where do we draw the line? Well, as someone else mentioned, we draw the line at the legalization of two consenting adults of either gender to engage in a relationship (financial, domestic, parental, and yes, sexual) before the law.

Now, ask yourself, how many of your fellow americans support the legalization of incest, and marriage of immediate family members? what percentage of tennesseans support the legalization of bestiality? How many people will sign a petition to legalize marriage between an adult and child? The answer is....VERY VERY FEW. The percentage would be negligible. I'm totally guessing, but you might be able to find 25,000 very sick individuals in this country who would support making these relationships legal in the eyes of their respective state. 150 million does not equal 25,000 (or so), brah. It never, ever will. Millions and millions and millions of consenting adults have engaged in homosexual sex since the beginning of human existence. A minute fraction of that number of people have engaged in the perverse acts which you are afraid of. It aint the same thing. That's the difference...If you took a vote on the legalization of gay marriage in this country, you get around 150 million "yesses". On the issue of the legalization of incest, you would maybe get .01% of that number. Period. End of argument.

But really, are you that disconnected with the modern world that what I just spelled out for you really needs to be spelled out for you? I'm interested in your response. (actually, not really). But regardless of how thoroughly your thought process has been disproven, I would like to encourage you to continue with your 'legal homosexual sex will lead to legal bestiality' argument. The more you talk, the more people you will convince that you are, sadly, an ignorant brainwashed idiot. Get it? That is something that you can do far better than I.

Lastly, as an aside, do you realize that 100 years from now, homosexual marriage will be legal in every state in this country. In the eyes of the folks living in 2113, and probably many of your grandchildren, you and your fellow current gay haters will look like George Wallace and the racist assholes who spat at the two black students who attempted to de-segregate and enroll at the University of Alabama. I'm not trying to set off a civil rights movement vs. gay rights movement debate, but I would like to remind you, as you settle in for bed, that your ancestors are going to be humiliated by your bigotry in the same way that the grandkids of those racists are. *gulp* :-/ That's the sad truth. Look, I'm not wrong about this. Good night.

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Posted by luke from character on 01/22/2013 at 9:29 PM
Posted by luke from character on 01/15/2013 at 3:16 PM

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