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Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Ok. So Liam, as the "fearless leader" of AFFT, I must ask, "What have YOU done for US lately?
If you had been interested enough to ASK me, I would have gladly been quite clear about the reasons we didn't disclose the details of our bill at the Belcourt meeting. Once the bill was sponsored and jacketed in both the House & the Senate, we held TWO online meetings for everyone in the State so we could open the floor to questions. We broadcast those opportunities as widely as we knew how. Did YOU attend? Did YOU volunteer to study the bill, attend several advocacy training classes, and give your time to advocate/educate at the Legislature as others did? Did YOU contribute to the AFFT- PAC so that we, as an industry, could contribute to candidates that would support our efforts? Do you actually KNOW anything about AFFT and what we HAVE accomplished in 3 short years? The Georgia Production Partnership (an organization like AFFT) worked for 10 years before they helped pass the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act in 2008.

It's not my place to speak for FilmNashville or any other organization offering opportunities to folks in our industry, but I must again ask, "What have YOU done for THEM lately?"

Thank goodness there ARE people in Tennessee who are willing to keep working on behalf of our entertainment industry...even in the face of disappointments and setbacks...even if we are not perfect in every way. I've had the good fortune to meet hundreds of them from every region of the State...all who BELIEVE we can do better...and are willing to step up to implement change.

It is SO EASY to cut and run when the obstacles are many! I'd wager that any of the people you have chosen to publicly demean have, on many occasions, considered riding off into the sunset. Admittedly, you HAVE walked away from several states already and are considering making yet another exit.
Perhaps no one has asked for your help while you've been here....

So I'd like to invite you to stay. I encourage you to join AFFT and any or all of the acronyms in town. Mostly, I'd like you to become part of the solution as opposed to what you will be when you pack your bags and go.

Posted by Jan Austin on 05/13/2011 at 6:03 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Liam, I can't dispute the veracity of your comments, but I do find it a tad amusing that you denounce the auto industry for being an unreliable channel to build sustainable jobs, while at the same time saying you are ready to move on. I will not stoop to that disgusting knee-jerk "so move!" reaction that most yokels use when an outsider criticizes something about all-holy Tennessee. But I will point out the slight hypocrisy of demanding state investment in something as fickle as film production.

Posted by Taterman on 05/12/2011 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Marc HIll, Chief of Education Buyouts at the Metro School Board

There is no Need to DEFEND the Academies.... Nashville and HILLSBORO high has indeed embraced & will support the Academies but simply not the execution and roll-out strategy.

Unfortunately your facts are skewed and are not relevant. The 61% of Hillsboro Students that you claim do not meet this expectation for a 21-Composite on the ACT you have failed to make a clear delineation of those that failed if they are current IB students are not.

By only providing one Statistic your portrayal is irrelevant and misrepresents the facts. If you would like to re-present those numbers and demonstrate a clear delineation of IB vs. non IB students then this may actually yield a more relevant statistic.

Please refrain from making statements that are not clear and relevant. I am disappointed that you have elected to make this an IB Students vs. Academies issue - which it's CLEARLY not. It's the approach. It's a shame that Jay Steele needs you to bail out his apparent lack of leadership.

Perhaps you should explain to Nashvillians why you have elected to provide financial and political support to the MPS board. Would you happen to know how much financial support was provided to current board members....If not don't worry. We'll find out shortly.

By, the way I got a 23 on ACT back in 1992; and I am not an elitist. I went to the UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE.

Posted by whnelson123 on 04/19/2011 at 5:34 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

I was pleased to read Jeff Burk's response to Hargrove's article and I agree 100% with JiminNashville. Information that was presented at trial indicated that Cyntoia "shot Mr. Allen just to see what it would feel like to kill someone." Hmmmm... that doesn't sound like an "impulsive act." Also, Mr. Allen's hands were clasped together at the time he was executed, therefore, the self-defense claim didn't fly and the jury agreed. There were huge lapses in the film, therefore, making it one-sided. Obviously, that was Mr. Birman's intent (for the film to be "all about Cyntoia") The defendant, who had a violent and lengthy juvenile history, would not have been rehabilitated by the age of 19, therefore, there was no choice but for her to be placed into the adult system. The article did appear to dehumanize Mr. Allen as it threw dirt (although subtle) on him. That's messed up. The film/media does not give anyone a chance to give Johnny Allen a voice. That too is messed up.

4 likes, 9 dislikes
Posted by bna-lawyer on 03/21/2011 at 12:37 AM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Mr. Hargrove,

I've given my views on your story before, and I'll try not to repeat myself.

I first need to point out that on one occasion, I criticized you for not mentioning something that in fact you did mention very clearly in your article. I should have apologized for that before, and I do now.

You made some valid points above in your own defense.
However, in view of your claims of objectivity, I return to the issue of tone and intent. When the title on your story refers to a teenager's "impulsive" act, you are, in effect, stating a *hypothesis* of impulsivity as fact. To try to back away from that now is disingenuous.

And it's wrong. There is *no* credible evidence that Ms. Brown acted impulsively.
What kind of terrorized, horrified teenager plots to recruit accomplices to return to the scene of the crime to loot the victim's possessions while the dead body is still there? The jury didn't buy it for one second.

2. Your article pointed us to a PBS TV Show. The television show offered some insightful moments about Cyntoia's life history and her relatives'. However, I and a co-viewer noticed huge lapses in the show. For one thing, almost all information was presented via Cyntoia, the sympathetic videographer, or a relentless parade of defense expert witnesses or relatives. Strikingly absent from the video was any footage of Cyntoia attacking staff or inmates, or any detailed account of this. Cyntoia's articulate and obviously very intelligent adoptive mother was never cornered to provide an explanation for her apparently complete lack of control over her daughter. There were several cute pictures of Cyntoia growing up, but no details of her mom's frustration or Cyntoia's earlier history as a violent juvenile offender. Obviously, her mom felt constrained to avoid saying things that might damage Cyntoia's case, but an effective and unbiased interviewer could easily have gotten to the bottom of what kind of out-of-control child Cyntoia really was in the years just prior to her execution of Mr. Allen. So, once again, the truth got muffled.

In other words, the show was a setup, designed to emphasize Cyntoia's bad genetics, tragic life history, and potential for growth. It de-emphasized her history of violence, and failed to allow *anyone* to even try to give Johnny Allen a voice.

3. I feel I must, once again, comment on the *huge* intellectual inconsistency that characterized your treatment of Mr. Allen versus that of Ms. Brown. You slyly note that the prosecutor failed to bring up the "Good Samaritan" theory, and that he was, after all, naked in bed after picking up a minor.

Try a little thought experiment. Suppose Mr. Allen had caught Cyntoia sneaking up on him with a pistol and gunned her down in self-defense, and was prosecuted for it. If Cyntoia were the "victim," I suspect you and a hundred other liberal advocates would be angrily playing the "don't blame the victim" card on any defense lawyer who brought up the "victim's" violent past and criminal history. On the other hand, when the perpetrator is a cute young female, you're willing to swallow and present as fact, a rather absurd story about an "impulsive" act of self-defense.

The massive anti-male biases evident throughout our society are clearly on display here. It is precisely because Allen was a male and Brown a female that information on the case is being processed through such a distorted lens. This is why, crime for crime, women are detected less, arrested less, charged less, convicted less, and serve shorter sentences.

Fortunately, Jeff Burks saw things clearly in this case.

4 likes, 14 dislikes
Posted by JimInNashville on 03/18/2011 at 11:55 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

It comes as no surprise to me -- and I had hoped it wouldn't to him, either -- that Assistant District Attorney Jeff Burks and I are in agreement about many things in his letter to the editor, written in response to a recent cover story I wrote, "Life Begins at Sixteen." Usually, as he mentions, the juvenile perpetrators of crime are victims themselves. And what is a juvenile judge to do with a troubled teen when that judge's jurisdiction doesn't extend beyond the 19th birthday? What is Judge Betty Adams Green or ADA Burks to do when public safety requires adult punishment? Burks is absolutely right about this. At the moment, there are no other options.

In Cyntoia Brown's case, the system worked as it is currently designed to. An exceptionally violent crime -- in this case the murder of Johnny Allen -- resulted in a transfer to the criminal court. A jury found her guilty of premeditated murder and sentenced her to life in prison. She was competently represented by her attorneys, Wendy Tucker and Rich McGee. Cyntoia's isn't the story of a stunning miscarriage of justice, where bumbling attorneys provide incompetent representation, or where a prosecutor chooses to win at any cost, even if it means withholding evidence. It doesn't appear that any of that occurred during Cyntoia's trial. In that respect, it was fairly unremarkable.

Now, unfortunately, I must begin disagreeing with Mr. Burks. He says I wrote the article "in a light most favorable to Ms. Brown." Further on, he cites the 16-year-old's recorded conversation with her mother, where she says she "executed" Allen. He notes that she took items from his home -- two guns and his truck -- and later attempted to convince an acquaintance to return to the scene of the crime because there was a lot of money to be had (there wasn't). He reminds us of her laughter at the homicide unit shortly after her arrest, when she phoned a friend and told her she was charged with murder. The list goes on: Assaults on nurses, plotted escapes, etc. All of this, of course, is in the story I wrote. If my goal was to omit the bad in favor of the good, I failed miserably.

Burks goes on to assert that I presented Cyntoia's "statements and viewpoints" as fact. On the advice of her attorneys, Cyntoia declined to discuss the details of the crime because of an ongoing appeal. Any statement or viewpoint related to the crime came from transcripts, and even then I was sure to attribute them to her so it was clear who they were coming from. Much like a jury, readers must decide for themselves whether they believe her version of the events. Burks maintains he believes Johnny Allen was asleep when she shot him. I would posit that scenario is as unverifiable and speculative as Cyntoia's, which makes premeditation, in my mind, much more difficult to justify. From the beginning, I didn't want to put Johnny Allen on trial. He isn't here to defend himself, so Mr. Burks is correct: I didn't spend much time on him. Yet I also think I'd be remiss if I failed to note the fact that Mr. Allen was found naked in his bed after picking the minor up on the side of Murfreesboro Road. Did he deserve to die for it? Of course not. But it's also worth noting that Mr. Burks never pursued the good Samaritan theory at trial.

Lastly, Mr. Burks goes after former Assistant Attorney General Preston Shipp for his "change of heart" after befriending Cyntoia through the Lipscomb LIFE Program he teaches at the Tennessee Prison for Women. Shipp, as it turned out, argued against her case at the Court of Criminal Appeals. Mr. Burks claims Shipp points to a problem in the juvenile justice system, but fails to offer a solution. On the contrary, as noted in the article, Shipp is in favor of blended sentencing -- a rehabilitation-focused program that gives juvenile judges' extended jurisdiction and provides for a separate facility where damaged youths are, in effect, remade. If they show genuine, measurable progress, they might get a second shot.

My intent in writing this article was to present a life in context. It was not to pillory prosecutors and juvenile judges, who I believe are doing the best they can within the system we have. I didn't want to spoon-feed readers only the sympathetic, hard-luck story. Nor did I want to focus only on Cyntoia's criminal acts, pretending as though a million factors -- both genetic and traumatic -- hadn't informed her current predicament.

9 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Hargrove on 03/17/2011 at 2:11 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

I was very gratified to see Assistant District Attorney Jeff Burks' response to Brantley Hargrove's well-written, but very biased and one-sided discussion of Cyntoia Brown's execution of Johnny Allen.

As someone who, many years ago, worked with drug-addicted and violent offenders, I knew others like Ms. Brown. They had the same veneer of superficial charm masking a propensity for violence they could barely control.

Hargrove's badly strained attempt to characterize Cyntoia's act as "impulsive" fell flat. It simply made no sense. When rolling out this "self-defense" theory for the television cameras, Cyntoia had trouble keeping a straight face. There was no reliving of terror and fear, simply a calm retelling, as if she were recalling cribbed notes she'd made to herself.

The best explanation for her act is the simplest one. Out plying one of her trades, she found herself in bed next to a sleeping Mr. Allen, and recognized a situation with a lot of potential for profit. Killing Allen wasn't impulsive at all. To a juvenile psychopath, it provided a neat solution to the problem of incapacitating Mr. Allen so his house could be looted. Plus, it would give her additional street cred. She probably figured (wrongly) that if ever caught, she'd have to do a brief stint in juvy.

Cyntoia's subsequent actions were not those of a highly intelligent, frantic person terrified after an "impulsive" act of self-defense. Rather, they were the standard chillingly stupid and completely amoral actions of the teen psychopath. Recruit some help, go in, loot the dead dude's stuff. One of the reasons psychopaths get caught is that they don't have the standard fear mechanism.

Attempts to present Cyntoia as "intelligent" and "attractive" seem equally strained, just as Hargrove's very selective rendering of Mr. Allen's background was designed to dehumanize him.

I congratulate Mr. Burks for putting Cyntoia Brown where she belongs --- safely behind bars for a long, long time. And I'm grateful that he came forward to confront Mr. Hargrove's sympathy piece with some important facts.

5 likes, 16 dislikes
Posted by JimInNashville on 03/17/2011 at 12:25 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

I fail to see how the fact that she is "nothing more than a semen repository for half the men in her town." and that "She is poor white trash." has ANYTHING to do with Walter Smothers' killing of Dennis Brooks, Jr. However, that's probably part of the problem here - that dullards and generally unintelligent people believe that because of those things, she deserves to be jailed for life. It doesn't matter that the defense's case blaming Harris is the most ridiculous story concocted in the last 50 years - clearly, she must suffer and be punished for being poor white trash, and throwing her in jail for life for casting a spell on Smothers and causing him to commit the murder is good enough. Pinning it on her solves the problem that a woman like her must pay for her indiscretions somehow. Basically, anyone who believes that Deion Harris cast a spell on Smothers and is therefore responsible for the killing instead of Smothers himself is one of the dumbest, most ignorant morons I've ever seen in my life. I know that southern people have generally lower IQ's and due to that and their lack of education past eighth grade causes them to have very poor judgement, but even this is ridiculous. Not even the southern stereotype, when true, is enough to account for the amazing lack of insight into this case by the jurors and people like "Makeme Sick" who posted above. Well man, you do indeed make me sick. It's the biggest crock of shit to somehow be able to equate her actions with her being fully culpable for this murder. Hell, even partially. Smothers demonstrated RIGHT IN FRONT of her that he was ruthless and completely capable of vicious murder, and you expect her to go against his orders when he's armed with the weapon he just used to kill? That's insanity. Anyone with the nerve to say "no, I'm not going to help get rid of the body and I'm not going along with this" wouldn't be a hero, they would be dead right now first of all, and a lunatic for angering Smothers even further. Once she was away from Smothers, she had no problem relaying all the details of the incident to authorities. Thats all anyone could reasonably expect of her in that situation.

Anyone and everyone who truly believes that Harris is actually responsible for this murder, and that she deserves any more time in jail than she has already done, is an ignorant, sexist, bigoted idiot. Blaming her for this murder demonstrates amazing pent up hatred for women at the bottom of this country's socio-econmic class. There's no explanation beyond that, because believing the story that she cast a spell to force Smothers to commit the murder is ridiculous and beyond comprehension. You have to be an insane, ignorant as hell redneck to believe that pile of shit.

Harris is certainly not the first minority in this country to be blamed for a crime that they had no major part in. Nor will she be the last. And that travesty of justice, committed by scumbag prosecutors and backed up by scumbag jurors, is the real crime in this whole story at this point. Discrimination is alive and well in this country, particularly in the rural backwoods portions of it, and continues to be a tool of our "injustice" department. Wake up, people, this could happen to anyone at any time. You, too, could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have a madman force you to cooperate in a murder coverup at gunpoint - and if you're in the south, and not a rich white man, you could rot in jail forever, too. Disgusting.

I hope and expect everyone who takes part in injustices like this rots in hell. There's a special place saved for you, I'm sure of it.

3 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by FightTheInjusticeSystem on 03/12/2011 at 11:17 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Tim McDonald, your wife was nothing more than a semen repository for half the men in her town. She is poor white trash. She is a lying, drug abusing, murdering, filthy whore. Tim McDonald, Dennis Brooks Jr. was "the boys" name. Dennis Brooks Jr. will never have a family or be able to complete college, and to live and die his own life on his own terms. Your wife took that away from the young man on that unfortunate July night when she and her drug addled defendants tortured him and took his life from him and the rest of his family and society. You should go to your ex wife and your biological children on hands and knees begging them to forgive you for your failings as a husband, father, and caregiver. You were cut from the same cloth as your new wife, it only took a lot longer for your mental illness to come to fruition. You are a sick piece of shit.

3 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Makeme Sick on 03/08/2011 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Thanks for a wonderful letter, Ms. Shayne!

Posted by Pete Wilson on 03/03/2011 at 3:30 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

My apologies to Vince Layne for apparently punching his sacred cow with my offhand comment about the 1980's alternative rock scene in my memorial to Charlie Louvin, but the irony that I was working on a story proposal about one element of the current local music scene right before I read his letter does not escape me.

Actually, Vince, you kind of proved my point by mentioning Nirvana, Sonic Youth, etc. The "scene" of eighties morphed into an entirely different beast as the nineties began, with some bands hitting the bigtime, other bands that we all thought would be big disappearing (The Replacements and Jason and the Scorchers anyone?) and a different scene with new bands and faces taking over at the grassroots level. And of course the "scene" of the nineties is now gone and has been replaced with the next wave (or two or three successive waves). But even though the music rolls on, that doesn't mean that one can't experience some disappointment when a particular "scene" you've invested yourself into subsides.

As for local shows, I'll freely admit I don't hit as many as I used to, middle age does catch up to you. But come to think of it I've never seen Vince Layne at any local shows! However I suspect that this has more to do with me not knowing what you look like, than you're actual absence.

And as for myself, I make no claim to "hipness." I'm actually a pretty nerdy, geeky guy, but as for the music of the Louvin Brothers or all other great music - old or new - that is where soul of true hipness does reside.

Posted by hepcatfox on 03/03/2011 at 9:59 AM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

My apologies to Vince Layne for apparently punching his sacred cow with my offhand comment about the 1980's alternative rock scene in my memorial to Charlie Louvin, but the irony that I was working on a story proposal about one element of the current local music scene right before I read his letter does not escape me.

Actually, Vince, you kind of proved my point by mentioning Nirvana, Sonic Youth, etc. The "scene" of eighties morphed into an entirely different beast as the nineties began, with some bands hitting the bigtime, other bands that we all thought would be big disappearing (The Replacements and Jason and the Scorchers anyone?) and a different scene with new bands and faces taking over at the grassroots level. And of course the "scene" of the nineties is now gone and has been replaced with the next wave (or two or three successive waves). But even though the music rolls on, that doesn't mean that one can't experience some disappointment when a particular "scene" you've invested yourself into subsides.

As for local shows, I'll freely admit I don't hit as many as I used to, middle age does catch up to you. But come to think of it I've never seen Vince Layne at any local shows! However I suspect that this has more to do with me not knowing what you look like, than you're actual absence.

And as for myself, I make no claim to "hipness." I'm actually a pretty nerdy, geeky guy, but as for the music of the Louvin Brothers or all other great music - old or new - that is where soul of true hipness does reside.

Randy Fox

Posted by hepcatfox on 03/03/2011 at 9:50 AM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

The saddest part of the situation is those with the sheepskin get the jobs, those with REAL experience, learned hands-on, with no degree, don't. I do not have a college degree, but at least I can read and write and pass a test that isn't multiple-guess. I can also put together sentences that make sense. I cringe at the current generation of "news reporters." Today's students are not ready to enter the real world and take real responsibility for their "I want it, I want it all, and I want it now" attitude.

Posted by MocMewn on 01/12/2011 at 7:28 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

I'd just like to clarify an assumption on your editors part- I'm not christian, I'm a Daoist. I just don't have much tolerance for intolerance; from ANY community. Religious institutions should have the right to exclude those who don't adhere to their beliefs.

Posted by R.L.Taylor on 12/18/2010 at 5:14 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

I have been reading the "Scene" since moving to Nashville (The Country Hall of Fame City) from Cleveland, OH (The Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame City) in 1994. I am a very open-minded gal who was ALWAYS raised to "never judge a book by its cover", "It's whats in the inside that counts", etc. Basically, my Folks are extremely wonderful people who are always giving and live life the way they tought us...everyone is different, but whether you are rich, poor, thin, fat, gay, straight, handicapped or not, black, white or red we are all the same---HUMAN BEINGS!! I have been becoming a bit disappointed in your paper. I used to have journalistic faith in your writters, but more and more I see such hatred that it is "as thick as pea-soup"!! This is not what you stand for, is it??? Like my parents taught, everyone has a right to an opinion...yes, even those on the right. In the "Boner Awards" article this past week the leanings of yours were not even the closest bit hidden. I certainly don't agree with what you quoted those people as saying...but it sure seemed as though you only were giving your opinions about them. So, were they quoted fairly? Were they taken out of context? Did you even give one bad boner award to someone on the "Left"?? No!! As a liberal I am embarrassed by the one-sidedness of this and many other articles. Can you go back a little to the way you were say in the 1990's?? Fairness makes you look soooo very much better than so full of open hate. I mean, heck, I even watched Sarah Palin's Alaska show on T.V. (keep your enemies close and all that) I can't stand to say it, but she seemed pretty damn cool!! She sure has it heads and tails over many men in the outdoors that I know!! And she sure is NOT anti-Gay...many of her close family members were gays and lesbians and seemed to be very close to her. So, in the words of John Lennon, "Give Peace a Chance" and it will go a long way for you!! Thanks for REALLY LISTENING TO A FAN AND LONG TIME READER!!! Ms. Julie Ford

Posted by julesmarley on 12/16/2010 at 9:55 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

I really appreciated the Nashville Scene's articles on the Dr. Asa Andrew story back in September. But, has there been any follow-up by the Nashville Scene in regards to this story? Supposedly he was being brought up on charges by the TN Chiropractic Board on November 4, but the story just seems to have petered out. What's the deal?

An interested observer

Posted by An interested observer on 11/15/2010 at 8:59 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Lesson Learned!

I guess hindsight is 20/20. Maybe not a clear, crisp 20/20, but lesson learned! More and more of us, Americans, are learning that corruption runs deep within this country, the leaders of Congress, their family member's tapped into key positions of FDA, CDC, military, those in control of oil fields and private interests, The Federal Reserve, the corporation called American or United States of America. And just because the lady smiling at you, or gentleman smiling at you, pitching an elective procedure that practically guarantees you a perfect gift of sight, 20/20 vision, aka LASIK elective surgery, means absolutely nothing in today's corrupt and egregious society!!

Especially with physicians, you have to really interview them instead of take their suggestions and experiences as "truth or gold." It's not...usually it's just barely better than the worst "used car salesman pitch." That's how lacking our physicians in this country have become (women, men, black, white, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Jewish, whatever...corruption runs deep in every form that lusts power and love for money).

And this doctor that ruined your vision, is no different. Trying to sue you and shut you up to protect his love and greed for his blood money, derrived from LASIK, lying and teaching his staff how to lie to patients, filing not one mandatory FDA Medwatch for each eye being permanently injured, while he continues to tell himself every Sunday in church "that he is a good man, a good ethical doctor, providing an honest service to his patients..." While the truth be told, he is NO different in nature than the drug lords beheading innocent victims, nor is he or his staff different than the South African diamond mind lords and the blood money that they have earned whether they are killing people to earn a hefty living to better themselves off of the misery of the people that suffer a death, or a slow death from having their ruined vision and quality of life stolen from them, by someone who looked like a "good person, a doctor, someone who swore to protect the patient and not the blood bath LASIK industry..."

Again, we had to have our "quality of vision robbed of us," so we could clearly see how corrupt, demonic and egregious LASIK doctors have become. They will lie daily and tell you that you suffer "temporary side effects," to avoid being sued, their career ended, and to avoid facing a criminal courtroom for having daily violated "the Medical Hippocratic Oath" they swore so long ago...

From now on, it's criminal intent! It's criminal what is happening, and these doctors should know that "one patient at a time, with our video recording Iphone 4g's and HTC phones, we will record the lies, present the crime to a criminal court and let the judge decide if these lies are worthy of fines, suspensions and possibly jail time/criminal prosecutions..."

The time is coming...LASIK Doctors, you will be in jail for your actions!

Posted by LifeAfterLasik on 10/14/2010 at 1:09 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail


What is wrong with the nervous system or what is triggering the nervous system to react in an aberrant fashion?
It would be amazing to find out so many people with migraines simply have a disorder.
I guess people with gut issues simply have a gut disorder...?
Everyone with arthritis simply have a musculo-skeletal disorder?
Doubt it... :))

Posted by forreal on 10/12/2010 at 8:02 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

Migraines are a disorder of the nervous system. Foot baths, lotions and potions are not going to correct the cause. You need to find out what is wrong with the nervous system before you can find and effective treatment of migraines.

Posted by themigrainedoctor on 10/08/2010 at 6:35 PM

Re: “Love/Hate Mail

RE: Preventive medicine vs. Big Pharma

Martin Holsinger, you're right about niacin. There's a great deal of corroborating evidence at about niacin therapy.

Posted by mitchgood on 10/03/2010 at 8:51 PM

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