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Re: “Number One With a Bullet

I was thinking back to a studio session that I had in Phils studio in Tampa in 1969. I wondered in and played a few of my originals and he asked me to meet with some of the local musicians that he was working with and see if we could do some arrangements. We all set there on the floor in the studio and spent the day playing.
This evening, I thought, "I wonder what ever became of Phil" and found this article... I'm sorry he is gone. As for me, one thing led to another and I moved on. Life is good!
Scott Thompson....Oct. 2012

Posted by Scott Thompson 1 on 10/21/2012 at 11:20 PM

Re: “Fifty years later, an original Nashville Freedom Rider retraces the road to civil rights

Angela Tuck is an outstanding journalist and veteran news leader from The Atlanta Journal--Constitution. I love this story and just finished a related column about my ties to the new Alabama Freedom Riders Park (groundbreaking 10/18/2012). I mention my strong Nashville connection, including my Uncle Cupid Poe, who was student body president of Tennessee State University from 1959-1960, when the Freedom Riders networking in the Nashville Student Student Movement were organizing:…

Posted by Janita Poe on 10/18/2012 at 4:25 PM
Posted by carollovespigs on 10/17/2012 at 4:45 AM

Re: “The terrifying true story of The Thing, the Nashville apparition scarier than the Bell Witch

BRAVO, I am Nashville born & bred went to Warner & Bailey and graduated from East and never heard this story, that I remember. My GrandParents had a huge home @ 517 Russell Street, which the Nazarene Church turned into a parking lot, that I am almost certain, had alot of spirits. I wish it were there today, to confirm some of my childhood memories of the times and spirits. Thanks, that was a wonderful story.........L.D.Self

Posted by lester self on 10/08/2012 at 1:08 PM

Re: “State lawmakers' obsession with Planned Parenthood is about to wreak havoc in Nashville

Concertina if your a low income women WHY are you making babies. Get your act together then get married with a working person and quit making lil bastards

Posted by 2bdefacto on 10/04/2012 at 8:19 AM

Re: “The Bar That Time Forgot

When my Mom moved us to Nashville in 1983, she and I sang at Dusty Roads often when it was on Woodland. I remember every Thanksgiving Norma would provide a "feast" for any homeless, down an out or lonely person who had no family for the holidays. She would put a ply board cover over the pool table and put out a TON of food. When people came in she would tell em to grab a plate and "help yourself". It helped so many on a very personal level not only to have something to eat, but to have a place to go. I miss Norma, I hope she is doing o.k.

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Damond Jiniya on 09/29/2012 at 3:38 PM

Re: “The Bar That Time Forgot

Noma's Dusty Road brings back fond memeries for me too. I first played there in 1981, following my first recording session at Globe Studio on Dickerson Road. Norma was strict but she had a heart of gold and really catered to the working musicians.
Mike Johnson, Roughshod Records

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Mike Johnson on 09/22/2012 at 11:33 AM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

Other, you provided this comment, "I went to the professors and was told no one was given special treatment and that I could switch with someone else and it was my responsibility."-------Yes you were given a 'choice' in the matter, other! Whereas Blizzard was given an 'order' to submit to a male-to-male swap. Blizzard was, therefore, subject to a discriminatory mandate. He didn't get a choice. Other, you were not told you had to switch with someone who shared an identical characteristic with you, were you? No. And you admit that fact. You go further to state you were given tremendous freedom in the clinical switch matter. If you were a lesbian and Aquinas College had stated to you that a lesbian-to-lesbian swap was being made and you had to submit to it, what would you have done. Lesbians would be lined up in protest, and huge law firms would be fighting each other to get your case. Or, if you were black, and Aquinas College stated to you that you were to submit to a black-to-black swap. The NAACP would be up in arms. The logical skills of those people who are obviously females from Aquinas attempting to justify, rationalize, and defend Aquinas College reeks of pure bias and stupidity.

14 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by logician on 09/04/2012 at 12:58 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

Congress enacted Title IX in 1972, with two principled objectives in mind: 1. To avoid the use of federal resources to support discriminatory practices, and 2. To provide individual citizens effective protections against those practices. The statute was modeled after Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is parallel to Title IX except that Title IX expressly prohibits sex discrimination, and applies in all programs receiving federal funds, no only in education programs. The two statutes operate in the same manner, conditioning an offer of federal funding on a promise by the recipient not to discriminate, in what amounts essentially to a contract between the Government and the recipient of funds. That contractual framework distinguishes Title IX from Title VII, which is framed in terms not of a condition but of an outright prohibition. Title VII applies to all employers without regard to federal funding and aims broadly to eradicate discrimination throughout the economy. Thus whereas Title VII, aims centrally, to compensate victims of discrimination, Title IX focuses more on 'protecting' individuals from 'discriminatory practices' carried out by recipients of federal funds. Title IX's contractual nature has implications for remedies. Congress has attached conditions to the award of federal funds under its spending power, as it has in Title IX and Title VI, which hold the recipients liable, in private right of actions, for damages for noncompliance with the contractual condition. All recipients of federal funds receive 'notice' that it will be liable for receiving monetary award.

15 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by sexton on 09/03/2012 at 2:53 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

The accusations leveled against Aquinas College presented in this article are so consistent with the clandestine Catholic diktat. Some things never change. It seems it’s always the Catholics against the secular-principles of reason and justice. And the Catholics, despite their self-described piety, deliberately employ tactics to try and evade and deny all accountability, ultimately hurting the victims that much more. For a body of so-called divine people they sure have set a bad example for our children. Just recently, the former archbishop of Milan and papal candidate Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini stated that the Catholic Church was "200 years out of date" in his final interview before his passing." Blizzard is quoted in the above article as stating Aquinas is resistant to changing times. If it walks like a duck****

15 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by dukster on 09/02/2012 at 1:43 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

abcde, as for your comment admitting to the following, "I remember the day the "letter" in his [Blizzard] mailbox appeared. If the truth is known about it he probably wrote the letter himself; that's just the type of person he is." Now, how would you know anything about this hate-mail/letter casting aspersions agaisnt this male nursing student? Maybe you are the author? Uh...Duh! Just so everyone gets a clearer picture of Blizzard, I hear this guy Blizzard is supper hot. Tall, buff [totally ripped and thick], and super smart. I guess you horny little Catholic girls decided if you couldn't have him you were going to destroy his reputation and carreer? So highschool. I wish Blizzard wellness, and success. Enjoy being smart and gorgeous Blizzard, cause baby you were born that way.

11 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by bornthisway on 08/31/2012 at 11:32 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

RN-MSN, you make a great point when you state, " It's not about being tough, either, because I survived the Army with no problem, and survived worse than that. It's about the fact that a dominant group projects their attitudes of destruction when they feel intimidated. They'd rather scorch the earth than let someone who might be more capable succeed." Very nicely put. And so apparently the issue with Aquinas. Aquinas seems to be suffering from a psychological drive for consensus at any cost. Question is, will Aquinas fall on their own sword before admitting they are guilty?

15 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by cinterfuse on 08/31/2012 at 10:41 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

It is not my intention to quell or incite speculation here, but if this section from a comment on this thread here is in fact true, "...when AC [assuming this is Aquinas College] retaliated, in writing, they specifically stated that if Blizzard had a problem with the sanctions imposed by Aquinas, and he chose to leave the nursing program, his official transcripts from Aquinas would show that he had been 'Officially dismissed' from the nursing program at Aquinas." This could be false-imprisonment. Assuming this is true and the college did retaliate at all based on Blizzard's claims of discrimination, and then the college proceeded to hold hostage Blizzard's degree through a threat of him being officially dismissed from the college this could add to the problem of retaliation through further illegal behavior of false imprisonment too. Case law that comes to mind is Coblyn v. kennedy's, Inc.

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Posted by amicuscuriae on 08/24/2012 at 12:10 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

This college is awful! I spent tens of thousands of dollars in their so-called education program and five years of hard work only to be told NINE WEEKS by my academic advisor that she didn't think teaching was "my gift," and they ended up failing me. I now have a 67K student loan to pay back. Luckily, I moved back home and now have a very good paying job. These instructors (especially the habit wearing variety) are indeed corrupt, liars, and only out to get your money. I asked if I could receive another type of degree in lieu of the license, and was told 'NO' we can't do that. They were out to fail me because like other student they have failed in the past, I didn't fit their little Catholic mold and do things to their liking. They can't be trusted. Stay far away from this school! Don't be stupid and waste your time and money for nothing, like I did. By the way, they may be looking at another lawsuit, placed by yours truly!!

8 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by keyedup on 08/23/2012 at 1:55 AM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

gast...think about it. The article states that Blizzard named three females in his formal complaint. One was Suzette Telli (gast)..the st= Suzette Telli. That's most likely who this person is. Especially when you consider what gast says here, "Advocate: You signed up to learn, not to advise. Where did you ever get the idea your input was needed or appreciated in an environment where you are one of many transients. Aquinas has been there many years and you want to come in and tell them how to do things? Make adjustments so you will feel better? If you shut up and listen" My's Telli...and she's one hostile lady.

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by incubi on 08/23/2012 at 1:40 AM

Re: “As Davidson County's family court works to ease out Judge Carol Soloman, the system feels the strain

No such thing in 8th Circuit Court ...

"I know that this is tough, that in family law these are people who are litigating at the lowest points in their life, but they still deserve to be treated with some measure of respect by the court."

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by carolkilledmylife on 08/17/2012 at 3:01 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

One obvious component of this story strikes the nerve of a modern crusade, crucifying Blizzard for standing against what appears to be a corrupt status quo. Therefore, I feel this is appropriate. "Whoever loves and practices a lie shall not inherent the kingdom of Heaven." Rev 22:14-15 (NKJV). If you look at the various translations of the bible, this goes beyond the mere sin of “lying”. This part of verse 15 deals specifically with those who both lie, practice a lie and love to have it that way. As we consider what it means to both lie, live a lie, and love a lie, we should be gripped by the fear of God. How do we live? Are we transparent, or do we need to fool everyone? According to just about every interpretation of the bible, it is people like Blizzard who will receive the Honor of Kings.

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Posted by honorofkings on 08/04/2012 at 12:02 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

These are statistics pulled from a reliable data base comparing Belmont 'University' in Nashville, TN, nursing school (4 year program) with Aquinas 'College,' (2 year nursing school), in Nashville, TN.
Aquinas Belmont
State » TN TN
Size » 626 3,129
F:M » 82.0:12.0 60.0:40.0 (staggering difference between female/male ratio)
ACT » NA 28.3
SAT » NA 1445.7
Room » $ $5,852
Instate » $12,950 $14,450
Out-state $NA $14,450

Sources (actual Aquinas nursing students) informed this media interest that Blizzard's nursing class started with approximately 10 males, out of a total class size of approximately 85 nursing students. The rest of the nursing students were predominantly 'white' female nursing students. Out of the 10 males who enrolled only three (3) male nursing students actually graduated (3/10 = 3% and/or 3/85 =.0035%) with a nursing degree. Males in this group, whom we have talked to, whom did not graduate, have claimed that it was typically during the 2nd and 3rd semester of their nursing school experience at Aquinas that they were suddenly being accused of various violations of Aquinas' school policy, by many of the same key players involved in Blizzard's expulsion, and were then dismissed from the Aquinas College nursing program. However, out of the entire female pool of nursing students at Aquinas almost every student who was a 'white-female' actually graduated with a degree, our sources say. Our sources bring accusations against Aquinas regarding shady back-room deals, grade manipulation, collusion between the all-female staff and faculty and the mostly all-female nursing students, and more. Aquinas has been referred to as an 'oppressive' regime marked by a 'pack-mentality' that will do whatever it takes to profit, while avoiding accountability through 'Ad Hominen' (attacking an opponent's motives or character rather than the policy or position they maintain) type tactics, while continuing its cause to keep males out of the profession of nursing. Our sources further reveal that almost 100% of all black female nursing students who were admitted into the Aquinas nursing program did not graduate. We don't know why just yet. Out of all non-white (Black, Turkish, Hispanic etc) males, only 1 graduated with a nursing degree in Blizzard's graduating class (a black male). This demonstrates a potentially highly skewed attrition rate that could indicate a tremendous amount of contemptuous bias toward minorities among the white-female dominated Aquinas. We believe, thus far, as a result of our ongoing inquiry, that Aquinas may need a very thorough investigation by all relevant agencies governing federally funded colleges, and universities. Why, we wonder, has this not yet happened? We have also considered whether this type conduct is perhaps criminal in nature? We would like to know. It appears that through the relative ease at which potential students can attend Aquinas College, due to the fact that Aquinas College does not require an ACT, or SAT, every student, especially minorities, could be a mere sucker falling for an age-old bait and switch routine. The question then is: Is Aquinas meeting their enrollment quota to receive federal funding, and then kicking their male/minority students out in accordance with a predetermined amount of federal dollars received from each student? Our investigation continues.

22 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by mediamonsters on 07/25/2012 at 2:49 PM

Re: “There'll be no absolution for the man suing the Sisters at Aquinas College for reverse discrimination

What Aquinas did to Blizzard should be an insult to every ‘enlightened’ male. This ‘Lysistrata’ type behavior (You Whiney Gay, Faggot Ass) is deplorable and should attract the attention and resistance by more men and women in our community. Feminists continue their agenda to subjugate and emasculate our great males, and defeminize our wonderful and unadulterated females. Aquinas, in perfect feminist tradition, clearly sought power over love and projected their general hatred for males (male-to-male swap) onto Blizzard because he is physically powerful, intelligent and clearly not intimidated in the least. Let me just say this, there is no greater threat to a feminist than an intelligent man who could easily kick the crap out of her too, if he needed to . In the twisted lexicon of the feminist all men are just boys and should therefore cower into submission (fall in line boy, big, bad momma’s home from work). Thankfully we still have ‘real’ men like Mr. Blizzard out there willing to take on these creepy power hungry feminists whose pathetic lusting for a momentary sense of ‘role reversal’ forces everyone else to suffer when they succeed. Let me make an important point here, it is the unique and complimentary roles males and females were intended to play in our family and community that is now a perverse notion thanks, in large part, to feminists. In the New Testament human ‘love’ is the definitive manifestation of God’s love. Today, however, we are lost as feminism and the church are too often two sides of the same coin.

25 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by masculist on 07/24/2012 at 9:01 AM

Re: “The Albies

You forgot Harold L. Shiers Jewelery located at the corner of 7th Avenue and Church Street next to the best Krystal ever! That Krystal was host to such celebrities as the KINKS in 1970 when they were too poor to eat at Ciraco's Pizza (on 4th Avenue across from Shoney's, next door to Brass Rail and the NOEL Hotel), where Jerry Lee Lewis played piano with a large brandy snifter for requests/ tips and where Elvis and Priscilla once sneaked in unnoticed except by a few.

Posted by homesick on 07/22/2012 at 1:56 PM

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