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Comment Archives: stories: News: Helter Shelter

Re: “Blame the decline of Western civilization on lousy drivers

i disagree. people arent driving poorly because they are mad, they drive poorly just because they cant drive. i've lived in Chicago for ten years and i've seen angry drivers, bad driver, good driver, and all of the above. and i must say, people here just dont know how to drive. its just that simple. i'm sorry to say the you have wasted prectious moments of my life that i wont ever get back with your lame attempt at a news articale.

Posted by bob truman on 11/30/2009 at 8:45 AM

Re: “Save the planet, fine—just don't eat my dog

No one talks about such things in this culture, but in other cultures it isn't out of the question to eat dogs and cats. I haven't done so personally, but I cringe at all the unwanted pets who are euthanized every year. What a waste of perfectly good meat! We are a wasteful society. Now, I'll go home and enjoy the company of my small dog, and I will let him grow to a ripe old age and die when it is his time. I'm not about to eat him.

Posted by Diane Smith on 11/06/2009 at 12:18 PM

Re: “Save the planet, fine—just don't eat my dog

I think you're missing the point. The book compares the carbon footprint of pets to the carbon footprint of automobiles and electronics. The carbon footprint of a lovable pooch is far greater than that of an SVU. in fact it's "greener" for a family to have 2 SVUs than to have a German Shepard. The point of the book is to raise awareness on what legitimately impacts the environments. It's not a doggie recipe book. After initially reading about this book, I became curious what reactions it would cause. Considering the backlash I read from you, I'd say it's made an impact. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it made it's point. It's time to think holistically about what impacts our environment, not just the mpg on your car. For those willing to ride a bike to work instead of drive, the real question is are they willing to have 1 dog instead of 2, or even no pets. crazy to think about, but indeed we must think about it or else all this talk about effecting positive change for the environment loses its validity.

Posted by Scott Johnson on 11/05/2009 at 10:36 AM

Re: “How to bewilder the staff at your local big-box hardware store

I think some folks are taking all of this way too seriously. It was a humor piece which means that it was exaggerated, kind of like a Sat. Night Live skit. However, we can at least give rob some credit for defending his employer. Now if he'd just use some of his hard-earned money for an English composition class.

Posted by HorseSense on 10/28/2009 at 4:29 PM

Re: “How to bewilder the staff at your local big-box hardware store

You guys are the kind of people the workers in these types of stores want to avoid. We can smell you a mile away you are the type of people that don't want real help you're just want to be cute. You try to leave the impression that all big box stores are full of stupid lazy people that sniff aerosol cans lack any type of intelligences. I guess since you got some fish wrapper to publish your little stupid stories that it actually make you some how intelligent. Fact is that a lot of people that work there are working part time that do other professions some work as building inspector, retired plumber, retired electricians, police officers and many other with degrees in various fields. Most are trying to put there children through school, pay off bills and or just to get out of the house. Big blue employees are not loser. It attract allot of well educated people due to the flexibility in hours they provide. Most Big blue employees can not solve every problem that may arise in your project so don't expect them too. if you want to learn how to paint be an electrician or a plumber take a class don't come to big box store expecting to learn these things only god can make stupid people smart not Big blue employees. We are here to help you get the tools and supply to complete the job and give some helpful advice. If you need more we have contractor for that. Beside we got to be doing some thing right the parking lot full every Saturday and Local hardware USA is all but dead. Stop cry because we put Uncle Willies Hillbilly Hardware out of business.

Posted by rob lowes on 10/28/2009 at 9:26 AM

Re: “How to bewilder the staff at your local big-box hardware store

A humorous piece, possibly taken a little too seriously by some. Most of us have had experiences at big box stores (of any kind) that entail difficulty in finding help or someone who actually knows what a 1/4" x 1" carriage bolt is. And, yes, sometimes the products are shabby. However, most of the times that I have been to my local big box store and have asked for help (when I can find an employee not already busy with a customer, or at least looking as if they are busy doing something really important) I have found that most are as helpful as Lou (mentioned in the story) and most of the products live up to my expectations (of course most of the time my expectations are not very high on the scale). I think the main thing that can be taken away from the story is that big box stores are not and never will be the same experience as the local mom-n-pop hardware store of olden times. Too bad. But hopefully the big box store gods will keep trying to improve their customers' satisfaction.

Posted by HorseSense on 10/26/2009 at 11:13 AM

Re: “How to bewilder the staff at your local big-box hardware store

hmmm, Walter? May I offer that my experience with the staff at the big boxes does match yours. That is to say, they don't run away screaming when I enter the store, and they don't appear to be morons. In fact, I find them to be at least moderately knowledgeable, quite pleasant in personality and willing to go to any lengths to help me find what I think I want. Walter, given the poisonous tone of your article, might it have occurred to you that the staff doesn't avoid customers in general... just ah, how can I put this gently? Yes, I know. Is there a mirror in your bathroom?

Posted by Tao Furse on 10/25/2009 at 7:19 PM

Re: “How to bewilder the staff at your local big-box hardware store

I don't know which big box you shop at, but it has been our experience that ALL the folks at both blue and orange boxes have been super-helpful and knowledgeable. They'll spend as long as it takes to help us solve our problems, even if the solution is just a part that costs a dollar, or doesn't even result in a sale. I love your column, but I think you have a case of "what you see is what you get." We see helpful people and you see idiots!

Posted by Pat Luboff on 10/23/2009 at 9:24 AM

Re: “How to bewilder the staff at your local big-box hardware store

It is always nice to see your name in print. Thanks Walter, for making me look good...!!! That spreader was a mess. You must admit I did give you good customer serviced..Please come back and see me and I'll make sure that you will have another great shopping experience... Lou

Posted by Lou Munson on 10/22/2009 at 5:04 PM

Re: “A duct-taped cat deserves better—but not better than a dog

Walter love your humor. Like even more info supplied on home repairs/inspections. Lots of folks can do the humor, few the latter. Let's get more to read on the later. Thanks!

Posted by Govskeptic on 10/02/2009 at 7:35 AM

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