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Comment Archives: Locations: Spaces & Places: Music Venues: 1 Star

Re: “Ri'Chard's Louisiana Cafe

terrible excuse for a band, and horrible excuse for a steak. will not bother to return.

Posted by ElvisAaron Presley on 02/07/2015 at 2:40 AM

Re: “The Station Inn

We went in to see some great country music but instead former SNL performer and now local fat disgusting rightwing nutjob Victoria Jackson was hoisted on us.

She sang an unbelievably offensive 'song' about the President being a communist, along with every other usual slur including the birther nonsense. I don't know what was more offensive, her lunacy, the band bringing her up there, or the audience laughing at it.

When I said something to the sound guy, he said "If you don't like it, there's the door."

DO NOT support this ridiculous venue with your money. There are many great music in venues in Nashville that will not hoist this disgusting nonsense on you.

Posted by Michael on 12/16/2014 at 7:00 AM

Re: “Belle Meade Plantation

Poor, ungrammatical writing ruins the whole thing!

Posted by anonymous on 10/18/2014 at 6:33 PM

Re: “Ms. Kellis Karaoke Bar

This is a poorly ran bar. The employees are nice but "Ms. Kelli" herself is a very rude person. Drinks are priced well but its the poor service of the owners that make the experience bad. Will never go to Ms. Kelli's again.

1 like, 6 dislikes
Posted by Amber Way on 02/17/2014 at 10:30 AM

Re: “The Arts Company

I find Charles Keiger's work pedestrian and derivative. It is based in subjective and laughable surrealism, all stolen from the greats and reduced here for consumption for those he thinks do not know his influences. A sad example of modern "surrealistic" art - (f)art for the simpleminded who "love pretty horsies." Honestly, get some Grant Wood and do yourself a favor.

Posted by Jasper Johns on 12/12/2013 at 6:25 PM

Re: “3rd & Lindsley

We had three tickets for the Mavericks show, which had been postponed twice. It was scheduled to start at 8 pm, but we showed up at 6 pm, because we knew from experience that good seats would be gone early.
We stood in a long line, and when we got in, there were NO seats left. The lower area, in front of the stage was completely empty of tables. People looking for seats were forced to stand, elbow to elbow, in any space they could find.
Because we simply could not stand for 4-5 hours to get through the show, we simply left. We are out the $60+ for the tickets, and 3rd and Lindsley is out not only the $100 or so we would have spent, but also any future income from us.
I will NEVER go back!

Posted by Tom Armstrong on 01/19/2013 at 9:57 AM

Re: “Tower Records, West End

Tower closed at least 3 years ago.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by joe on 01/17/2013 at 12:55 PM

Re: “Ri'Chard's Louisiana Cafe

This was bay far the worst dining experience I have ever had! My wife and I went to Ri'Chards on a Saturday night and the place was nicely filled with locals who seemed to be enjoying the music, but not the high priced lack luster food. I could smell the old frying grease so strongly you think we would have known not to order food either. We got the worse sevice, which included bot getting napkins or silverware. My wife order gumbo (IT WAS SERVED COLD and looked very dark and gritty). The jambalaya was some overcooked boxed rice thaw was cold and mushy with tough overcooked and probably old chicken and sausage. To top it off we got the racist stare the entire time we endured this meal.


4 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Mr. Mall on 01/08/2013 at 3:51 PM

Re: “Ms. Kellis Karaoke Bar

I will never go back to this place again. They have a huge sign that says "Karaoke" and they claim to have thousands of songs, but after 10 pm you can only choose from about 1/4 of them. That's right, they don't tell you this up front but they will not let you sing any song that they consider a "slow" song after 10 pm. The Guy running the Karaoke has a god complex, and so does the Lady at the bar. When I asked her about the Karaoke policy and why I couldn't sing the 3 doors down song "here without you" (which is NOT a slow song) she told me that if I didn't like it I could go somewhere else, and I could not have a refund on the beer even though I didn't ask for a refund. Nowhere is it posted that you can't sing whatever you want after 10 pm. I am a local guy and I have never encountered such unfriendly people anywhere else in Nashville. I would also like to add that I do not drink much, so this was not an issue of me being some drunk guy that they had to treat this way. I am actually a very friendly and social person with a lot of friends and I can tell you that I was extremely surprised by the bartenders attitude as I was very nice to her. Honestly, the karaoke was no big deal. I can live with or without it, but the way that they talked to me and told me that I could leave if I didn't like it was unacceptable.

6 likes, 8 dislikes
Posted by Austin Gregory on 10/06/2012 at 4:24 PM

Re: “B.B. King's Blues Club

WORST service EVER. Tried to have dinner before Americana Awards show. Waitress screwed up drink order (didn't know the difference between Pale Ale and Dos Perros) Food didn't arrive 45 minutess after placing order and ended up going to panera and being late for show.

Posted by local dude on 09/13/2012 at 3:55 PM

Re: “Mad Platter

My husband and I thought we would catch a nice dinner before meeting friends downtown later in the evening. On the Saturday night of 8/26/12 (8pm seating), the restaurant was only 30% full with no one waiting for a table. Now we know why:

The kitchen and/or server lost our dinner order for over an hour; the waitstaff was apologetic but nonplussed (i.e., "this happens all the time") .

My husband requested no onions in one dish which, when finally delivered an hour and a half after ordering, was chock full of onions - with much more onions than any normal recipe might have reasonably been expected to include (Shrimp and grits), which felt like an intentional slight after an hour and a half of waiting for the order.

Duck and gnocchi: Duck breast was properly prepared (juicy and rare) but gnocchi was dry (undercooked) and the dish had no sauce to speak of on the plate.

We are extremely easy to please and aren't true foodies. The restaurant did comp the Shrimp and grits and offered a dessert gratis, which was a good effort to appease. However, we can't return here with clients or friends due to the uncertainty of the food and service, so we will not be back.

I should also point out to the dating community that the atmosphere is dreary and spartan and therefore Mad Platter is not a good choice to impress a dinner date.

Perhaps you'll have better luck.

Posted by CarolineSexton on 08/26/2012 at 12:47 PM

Re: “Ri'Chard's Louisiana Cafe

I went on a Sunday morning and couldn't have been more disappointed. The place was still showing signs of the night before. I ordered eggs benedict and got a combination of a cold, dry english muffin, cold ham, something that resembled an processed egg product, flat and tasteless, and topped with a congealed sauce. We were told immediately that they were out of jambalaya and shrimp although others around us were ordering shrimp. I think the community night life and cajun food is probably acceptable and maybe even good, but we we won't go back to find out. I got the impression that because of their reputation, our meal- or lack of, just didn't count. We were charged full price though we didn't eat it. Sorry patrons.

2 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Bea Kissner on 05/24/2012 at 5:49 PM

Re: “Nashville Nightlife Theater

Well I really don't know what to say but honestly bad experiecnce and not worth the price at all. There is a reason they bus people in, not something I would recommend in fact just the opposite.

Posted by Mike on 09/26/2011 at 9:11 AM

Re: “B.B. King's Blues Club

Average food, bad service, crummy plastic decor...not really what you'd expect at these prices. The music was just...OK.
I'm sure they just rent BB Kings name and that he doesn't have anything to do woth the running of the place. better take a loom Riley! Its your name on the marquee!

Posted by CITYBOY on 09/21/2011 at 4:26 PM

Re: “Beyond the Edge

i witnessed a bartender break into tears and begin berating customers. the reason being that his boss apparently berates the employees when they do something wrong. it's creepy.

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by EastNashvilleGuy on 06/17/2011 at 7:16 PM

Re: “Gilligan's

Worst bar in the Nashville area as far as I'm concerned. Outrageous cover and the staff is completely inconsiderate. I don't know where they got the security guard that walks around like he's an actual police officer. Watched him put a tazer to a guy's head who wasn't doing anything wrong at all. Can't smoke indoors and the outdoor smoking area looked like hell. The decor was horrible and the crowd sucked.

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by jonnywalker0123 on 05/30/2011 at 4:51 PM

Re: “Darfons

The price is way to high for quality of their food selection. Which isn't that great anyway!

Posted by Billy & Anna on 02/20/2011 at 9:54 PM

Re: “Greenland's Pub

New owner that took over after Tommy Greenfield passed away is not very good at keeping people happy. Management is terrible, drugs are rampant and entertainment that used to be the highlight has been replaced with the worst forms. It's difficult to imaging this place will survive it's current mismanagement. Maybe the next owners will turn it back around and salvage this quaint little pub.

Posted by lauramem on 02/13/2011 at 2:50 AM

Re: “Nashville Dinner Theatre

What HORRIBLE experience & what TERRIBLE customer service. First of all, my wife & I live outside of town but I heard their Christmas show - A Scattered Smothered & Covered Christmas starring Joyce DeWitt - advertised on the radio & thought that it might make a perfect surprise Christmas present for my wife in that we could to drive into Nashville, eat at & watch the show over at the dinner theatre on Printers Alley in downtown Nashville, then spend the night in town after the show as we would be getting back very late otherwise. I found a good deal through Groupon and thus purchased my tickets in good faith that they would be honored. None of the tickets that Groupon were selling were for a specific show & they stated that reservations must be made through the theatre. No big deal there so I made reservations for the first available show - which also happened to be be the only show - we we could make. I made the reservation almost 3 weeks in advance and then made accommodations in to stay in Nashville a few days later. Anyway, I received an email just 2 days before the show to ask for "volunteers" to give up their tickets b/c they had somehow "magically" overbooked the show. Since I had reservations to stay overnight in town & this was the only show we could make, I responded letting them know this & that we could not be give up our reservation. However, the very day of the show - just hours before the start of the show really - the people I emailed previously disregarded everything I said & went ahead & canceled my reservations anyway. This was all done without without warning me or even without a telephone call to let me know in person that I was getting bumped. To top it off, all I received notifying me was a generic email stating that they had canceled our reservation & there was nothing I could do. No apology, no no warning, zip! After several unanswered calls to the box office & several more to another contact listed in my surprise email, I was finally able to get a hold of the world's least customer friendly representative who answered the phone & just didn't care. He even told me bold faced lies by trying to push blame on to Groupon for the overbooking even though Groupon sold a dateless ticket & the required reservations were made through their theatre. I could understand if Groupon were at fault & oversold the show but how could they even do that with a dateless general ticket? If it's one thing I can't stand it's being treated like crap & then having someone try to cover it up by lying about it & trying to blame someone else. What a HORRIBLE experience & what a terrible business. I hope they do nothing but fail from here on out & with this kind of service I have no doubt that they will. If you are wise you will avoid this place at all costs so you don't have to go through the same ordeal. BOOOOO!!!!

Posted by nsanefire on 01/15/2011 at 4:40 PM

Re: “Muse

shitty shitty shitty. If you have to go to the bathroom, go to the porn store behind the muse, for it has a cleaner bathroom. Good shows but just a bad environment. Someone should clean every once in a while . . .

Posted by CarterHays on 07/12/2010 at 8:28 AM

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