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Comment Archives: Locations: Food and Drink: Italian

Re: “Bella Napoli

While the food was good, the service was TERRIBLE. Our waitress was very pleasant, but we had two issues. First, my ID was denied because it looked 'fake'. While I was visiting from out of state, I had two forms of identification and it still look half an hour to get my glass of wine. Second, The group I went with was using a Scoutmob. When we received our checks the alcohol was not discounted. We had to send the check back 3 times before we asked for the manager. The manager was the RUDEST manager I have encountered at a restaurant. When we asked about the discount on the alcohol, his response was 'We have never discounted alcohol before and if you have a problem with the Scoutmob you need to call them and complain'. The Scoutmob did not say the deal excluded alcohol, but the manager didn't seem to want to work with us at all. He was not listening, just talking in a very condescending manner. I will not be going back to Bella Napoli EVER. And if you plan on drinking a glass of wine, don't expect a discount if you're using a Scoutmob. This is a very unfortunate situation, food was good, but you can't have a successful restaurant with a terrible manager.

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Posted by Andrea on 10/17/2011 at 8:22 AM

Re: “Porta Via Italian Kitchen

Are you kidding! I did not think we could ever get an Italian restaurant like this in Nashville. Especially on the West Side. I felt like I was walking into a modern restaurant in Milan. The food, service, and ambiance are excellent. I have gone through the menu fairly extensively and there are really no weak spots from the authentic Neapolitan Pizza to the great veal and pasta dishes and out of this world creamy gelato. I could go on and on. I can only put it to you one way GO THERE!!!

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Posted by Louise on 08/20/2011 at 6:11 PM

Re: “Mama Mia's


I have to say that after my experience this weekend I will never be returning to Mama Mia's! We went out there for a 29th birthday dinner for my girlfriends sister at 6 pm on saturday with a party of 6. As we walked through the door we were greeted by a tall, dark haired, and skinny male server who was completely rude to us and acted like it was a complete inconvenience that we were even there. He was very rude and informed us that we would not be able to sit down for at least an hour. As mama Mia's is completely disorganized and had nowhere to wait to be seated , we offered to go back to my girlfriends sisters house, which is around the corner to wait. They said they would call us when a table was ready. (By the way if they took reservations all this disorganization would be alleviated! However they do not unless you have eight in your party and they cannot even accommodate a party of 6 as I found out!)I have worked in the service industry for years and have never encountered anyone as a host who was as rude as this waiter/Host! Furthermore , this individual has waited on me before and he was always sub par, Never kept wine glasses full, lack of silverware when entrees arrived, not around to uncork wine when needed , took forever to greet the table , and on multiple occasions,I might add. To be honest I don't know how he even has a job! The other servers there are not much better either, so do not expect good service if you go here! He went so far on one occasion, to drop the check after we received our entrees because he said he needed to get out early to go downtown! Anyway, we were never called and went back to the restaurant after an hour and a half to be greeted by the owner who told us she had no idea what we were talking about when we told her that we had signed in in the book for a table at 6 . She noticed the mistake then . She did NOTHING to rectify the situation except say that we could wait another half an hour for a table! She even proceeded to sit a group right in front of us! This restaurant owner could have done something to appease our group of Mama Mia's regulars! I have bought gift certificates and referred people to the restaurant in the past because I always thought the food was decent for the price, even though service was sub-par!. The owners of this restaurant could care less about keeping anyone happy and would rather ruin my friends 29th birthday without offering any compensation for their mistake. I have never encountered this in my life! They should get a real manager to straighten that place out. Needless to say after we realized that the owner could have cared less she had screwed up, and after 2 hours of waiting, we went somewhere else (los arcos) and had a great dining experience. Thanks for ruining my friends 29th birthday because you and your staff are too incompetent to run a restaurant! Don't go to Mama Mia's unless you want to be treated very rudely, have very poor service, and possibly cold food as well.I will deter anyone I know from ever going back!!

Posted by nyshred on 01/25/2011 at 10:30 PM

Re: “Savarino's Cucina

I heard about this place from the Food Network.It is awesome especially their sausage sandwich on homemade bread.They also have great cannolis dipped in chocolate.You wont be sorry you went.

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Posted by steves on 11/22/2010 at 8:56 PM

Re: “Sole Mio

Love this place! The food is delicious. I always manage to eat more than I should. Its not often that I get authentic Italian food like this. While the atmosphere is a little more reserved, I prefer a little more noise/activity... I have NEVER had a bad experience and I love introducing friends and family there

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Posted by boycrazy on 09/25/2010 at 12:00 AM

Re: “Margot Café and Bar

She’s an elegantly rustic, French-Italian, just seconds away from my condo. The tour began close to home, for if I decided that all this posh posh made me sick, I could waddle home with ease. Margot is a stronghold of the 5 Points intersection in East Nashville. 5 Points is a hip, understated, semi-gay, up and coming out neighborhood in Nashville. And with sister cafe, Marche Artisan Foods just around the way, this pair stakes its claim for fine dining east of the river.

Since the beginning of all this eating insanity, I have dined at Margot twice. My premier dining experience at Margot was... well, read on. Miss Margot, await your second, high-scoring evaluation, you secured redemption, and provided me with ”enough” data to conclude this analysis.

With simplicity, like the rustic Margot Cafe and Bar, I will skip the lavish imagery, avoid whimsical sketches of ambiance and aroma, and maintain a strict, scientific method of review. I will treat the subjects like objects and stick to the numbers, even though all this banter is completely subjective. Margot is a relatively small space with one whole first floor, half of a second floor, and a glassed-in patio with 270 degrees of windows. The primary space is open and lofty with exposed brick, yet warm and cozy... whoops, opulence. But really, Margot is quite romantic, but we'll get into that later. And if you are still wondering about Marche, the restaurateur's casual half, you'll have to wait until that post.

The host of a fancy restaurant generally seats parties of one at the bar; I reluctantly sat at the bar. With the worst seat in the house, I attempted to get comfortable. I told myself to focus on the food, and if Margot wasn't to lose points, the food had better be spectacular. Sitting at the bar inhibited me from collecting important table service data. Oh the woes... uncomfortably seated near the dishwashing side of the kitchen, there was nothing redeeming about MY position. I sat uneasy and unknowing, as all the culinary action transpired on the other side of the kitchen. There was no romance in the air, so I just stared at the ceiling (Atmosphere for romance -1).

I spurred consultation with the bartendress on wine pairings for my entree. She was unknowledgeable, but the wine list looked comprehensive and I believed somebody in the house knew something about wine (Wine pairing -3). I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc and the first two courses.

Margot has a brief offering of safe, yet creative French and Italian inspired dishes. The daily episode features dishes composed of locally acquired vegetables, meats, and cheeses, which are prepared in a rustic and healthful execution. There lies a nice menu theme; Margot has a touch of elegance.

First course - Herbed ricotta pizza with squash blossoms $9
In a perfect culinary world, the delicate flavor of the blossoms deserve to make the headlines and the cheese would hang back on the 4th page. But on the front page that night at Margot, HERBED RICOTTA laced with peppercorn was printed in big bold letters, stealing the cover (Flavor pairing fundamentals -2). To top it off, the bottom of this pie was chewy and underdone, I would have preferred a ‘dough done crisp’ (Doneness precision -2). Crispy dough would have also added a second textural dimension for me. But this pizza of fluffy cheese, mushy squash blossoms, and chewy dough was close to mono-textural (Texture profile -3). The pizza’s appearance was doughy, cheesy white, with hints of orange and yellow blossom; divided in four, it sat on a plate (Presentation -1, Dish sex factor -1). So here we have a few fundamentals that were overlooked. STOP THE PRESSES!, with a new menu issued daily, the editors MUST be up all night!

Revamped first course - Ricotta pizza with squash blossoms, crispy shallots, and eucalyptus honey $10 In my humble opinion, a plain ricotta or other quiet, lightweight cheese may have worked better to complement the subtle aromatics of the squash blossoms. And fine, keep the light, chewy dough, but give me some crisp and some saucy stuff! Fried shallots, a drizzle of eucalyptus honey, and fruity olive oil would have been divine. An ice cold Prosecco would be "pants down" the best boozy beverage to pair with this new and improved 1st course pizza.

I sipped my Sauvignon Blanc, awaiting the main course I chose with malicious intention. An extraneous vegan dish that was tacked onto the end of the menu would be the tell-all plate of the night. I put Margot to the test with their healthful yet bland sounding dish.

Couscous with fresh local figs, pine nuts, and a chard and kale salad $16
Small couscous seasoned with salt and olive oil at the bottom, toasted pine nuts strewn about, with under-ripe whole green figs and a lightly dressed raw kale and chard salad to top. It was boring (Flavor pairing originality -2). AND it was mostly bland (Flavor pairing fundamentals -2). All together, it was light and had hints of quality olive oil and sea salt. Its appearance was as I described it, a mere mound of couscous and vegetables. (Presentation -1)(Dish sex factor -3). So I ask, why do it if it’s not done with excellence? Making luscious and sophisticated vegan fare takes some creativity, but it is not difficult by any means. With such a rustic and simplistic menu, I figured this vegan dish would impress in its inherent nature, but its components just lacked the luster, and the dish as a whole lacked a means of tying it all together. Here, a “Sin factor” would have played nicely; every restaurant’s vegan dish needs to sin a little, but for this safe, healthy little angel, four points were deducted (Sin factor -4). I was not impressed, but I’ve said enough on this (Healthful dish execution -3)

Revamped main course - Israeli couscous and pine nut timbale with rosemary-lemon marinated figs, chard salad, and mint "yogurt" $18 - In my humble opinion, I would improve this vegan-blunder with an Israeli couscous & pine nut timbale to add a structural element. Rosemary and lemon marinated figs to add brightness and a great bite. Keep the chard salad and add a mint "yogurt" to tie it all together with a sauce element. A pairing with a dry Rose or a light-bodied Zinfandel may work nicely.

Dessert is my favorite aspect of “no rules” eating. I am literally fatter now, it’s just marvelous. I really like bold desserts that are heavy with nuts, dough, cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, custard, and liqueur sauces. So I picked my poison and waited. I hoped this final course would keep Margot afloat after a near shipwreck.

Pecan brioche bread pudding with caramel whiskey sauce and whipped cream $7 - This dessert was GOOD, I certainly enjoyed the warm flavors of this comfort food, but of course, this being a critical review, I had to pick it apart. I may be a novice when it comes to dessert, and therefore easy to please. With respect to my lean figure, I have avoided honing my dessert-preparing skills. However, I still have taste buds and know what I like. Never having a bread pudding before, I could only assume it to be halfway between bread and pudding. So, since my experience at Margot, I conducted some supplemental research on bread pudding and came to the following understanding. Bread pudding is made by taking stale, highly absorbent bread, soaking it in a basic custard, and baking it lightly in the oven. A caramel sauce and/or whipped cream usually tops it off. IMHO, I’d prefer the bread pudding to be favoring the puddin' side of thangs; bread just doesn’t sound like a good dessert. Margot’s bread pudding was teetering towards the bread side. And yes, while it was brioche, I still felt like I was eating a breakfast pastry or a piece of less sweet cake, I really wanted some PUDDIN’! The pecans in this dish were background noise, and didn’t do much for me. The whiskey sauce was nice and sweet, but tasted more like caramel than whiskey. The freshly whipped cream on top was a refreshing lubricant for this otherwise semi-dry piece of brioche (Dish sin factor -1, Texture profile -1).

Revamped dessert - Brioche bread pudding with whiskey sauce, cinnamon, and orange zest topped with vanilla pecan ice cream $8 - This bread pudding was thirsty for more custard; a super-saturated brioche would have been divine. A boozier whiskey sauce with MORE whiskey and LESS sugar would have added intense warmth. Complement that with the warm aromatics of cinnamon baked into a brioche and brightness of orange zest sprinkled on top. Replace the airy, unsweetened whipped cream with vanilla pecan ice cream, and I would have been in the heavens.

A few last thoughts covering criteria I left out...

The pricing at Margot seemed fitting at $21-$26 for meaty entrees. And although Margot's debut was weaker than expected, my vegan dish was only $16. I had faith in a restaurant of this caliber and knew I had to spend more money to get the good stuff.

I will close up the romance and atmosphere report. I thought the physical space of Margot was very refined yet rustic, open yet warm, relaxing (if sitting at a table), and definitely hot date material. I even think there is a make out room upstairs, but since they definitely wouldn't sit a party of one in the make out room, I hadn't the chance to go up yet. So, with resentment I revoked that one point.

The cleanliness at Margot was certainly looked after. And since I came home without food poisoning or gum on my shoe, no points will be deducted.

Waitstaff ratings could not be included in this report because of my position at the bar. But whilst spinning around on my stool, the staff hustled by, impressing me with their earnest professionalism.

Overall management seemed effective and efficient.

Kitchen speed was 20% slower than I wanted; this is totally arbitrary and biased by my uncomfortable position. But we'll say the duration of time between placing an order and having the first thought that my food should be done was prolonged by 20% (Kitchen speed -1)

1. Menu cohesion -0
2. Pricing -0
3. Beverage pairings -3
4. Atmosphere for romance -1
5. Cleanliness -0
6. Waitstaff competence -0
7. Waitstaff enthusiasm -0
8. Overall management -0
9. Flavor pairing fundamentals -4
10. Flavor pairing originality -4
11. Texture Profile -4
12. Use of "easy-pleasers" -0
13. Use of salt -0
14. Doneness precision -2
15. Dish sin factor -5
16. Dish sex factor -4
17. Presentation -2
18. Dish practicality -0
19. Healthful dish execution -3
20. Kitchen speed -1

100-33 = 77

This review was long and painful, my apologies. But I would like to make a few positive concluding remarks. Although my premier experience at Margot was disappointing, I have some of that 'sick puppy' faith to come back. I am always impressed by the daily menu which I frequently look at online, last night's "Pan-roasted duck breast with polenta croutons, pickled peaches, and preserved lemon" sounded really good. The space is lovely, the staff are seemingly passionate, and the food, I know, has potential to please. I will definitely be coming back.

Let's hope Margot bumps up her 77% with a redeeming second visit.


Posted by DanielBF on 09/20/2010 at 4:16 PM

Re: “Margot Café and Bar

Late on a Tuesday night, I was excited to give Margot another shot. I showed up at 9 and requested a table. No problem, the restaurant had definitely slowed down. Left in the room were a few couples, young and old, schmoozing the night away. I sat at my table for one, ready to be “taken care of”. I really felt the romance this time (Atmosphere for romance +1). The only server left on the first floor was a man in his 40s, a distinguished and professional server. He was attentive but not overbearing, and knowledgeable but not overtly opinionated; he made menu suggestions based on how well-recieved the dishes were by patrons that night. He was however less enthusiastic than I would have hoped; I wanted to make small talk, but I suppose it was too late in the evening for that (Waitstaff enthusiasm -1). To start, lettuce with peaches...

Leaf lettuces, peaches, ricotta salata, and Marcona almonds, with a Banyuls vinaigrette $9 -
This salad was just exquisite. Bold, round sweetness of Banyuls wine with a slight tang of vinegar, nutty oil, and fresh, sweet peach made this salad luscious. The hard, salted ricotta and the toasty almonds cut through the sweetness with aggressive nut; a sort of savoriness. My only scruple was the slickness of the oil to vinegar ratio; near the bottom of the plate I was confronted with lettuce drowning in oil (Texture profile -1). Overall, this sex-laden dish was an incredible and creative match of flavors. I redeem Margot several precious points (Flavor pairing fundamentals +2, Flavor pairing originality +2, Dish sex factor +2).

I thought long about the selection of my main dish, and what would be the most complementing boozy beverage to pair. I knew I wanted fish, so I chose the ‘seared tuna, Romano bean and lentil salad, with bacon vinaigrette’. I presumed a Pinot noir would pair best with this bold preparation of tuna, my server agreed with my selection by stating, “Yes, a Pinot noir, it goes with everything...” Then and there, this statement and his demeanor provoked several thoughts of my own, “Was he just saying that to appease me? Does he actually think a Pinot noir goes with everything? Or does he think I ordered a Pinot noir in respect to its boom of popularity since the movie Sideways?”. Regardless of what he thought, I was more confident in my selection than he alluded. I know that Pinot noir would probably stand up to this tuna dish, but I was hoping he had something EVEN BETTER up his sleeve (Wine pairings -1).

Seared tuna, romano bean & lentil salad with bacon vinaigrette $24 - A generously portioned mound of room temperature lentils, romano broad beans, mirepoix, and crispy bacon sat beneath a fresh, rare-seared tuna steak (Doneness precision +1). A big bad bacon vinaigrette tied it all together. This super-porky fish dish was delicious, for lack of a better word (Flavor pairing fundamentals +1). The fresh, healthy attributes of tuna and lentils were completely undermined by bacon grease (Dish sin factor +1). And although the wine was nearly clobbered by the abundance of ‘bacony’ flavor, I still enjoyed the meal. After all, I did choose the wine myself. Overall, this second course confirmed my earlier impression of how rustic Margot is. The size of this dish was generous, with the tuna steak nearing 1/3 of a pound and the mound of legumes amounting to “more than I wanted to eat”. I was pleased with my entree, I retract no points, and have no nit picking to do.

Peach bread pudding (with ice cream... maybe? I forget) $8 -
Finally, I ordered dessert, why wouldn’t I? I even gave Margot another shot at bread pudding! This time, a peach version done in a medium-sized ramekin. This was more interesting than the one I had previously, yet was even more dry (Texture profile -1). I think there was ice cream included with this, so I was slightly pacified (Dish sin factor +1). But this final course lacked a ‘kicker ingredient’ (you will hear this term frequently). The ‘kicker’ adds a third or fourth dimension to an otherwise flat combination of flavors, here I would have liked cinnamon OR ginger. In this peach bread pudding, all I tasted was bread, a little bit of pudding, and under-ripe peach (Flavor pairing originality -1).

This night at Margot was more wholesome; I felt I could really understand where she was coming from. There lies an air of serious modesty in a casual atmosphere. Do not expect extravagant presentations and ‘5th dimension’ flavor profiles that take your buds to Venus. But do enjoy the crude sophistication of creative, yet safe meals composed of fresh, local ingredients. The creativity that goes into the daily menu should be fully appreciated; eat at Margot frequently, enjoy the menu’s coherent elegance.

1. Menu cohesion 0
2. Pricing 0
3. Beverage pairings -1
4. Atmosphere for romance +1
5. Cleanliness 0
6. Waitstaff competence 0
7. Waitstaff enthusiasm -1
8. Overall management 0
9. Flavor pairing fundamentals +3
10. Flavor pairing originality +1
11. Texture Profile -2
12. Use of "easy-pleasers" 0
13. Use of salt 0
14. Doneness precision +1
15. Dish sin factor +2
16. Dish sex factor +2
17. Presentation 0
18. Dish practicality 0
19. Healthful dish execution 0
20. Kitchen speed 0

1st visit (100-33 = 77)
2nd visit (77+6 = 83)

Posted by DanielBF on 09/20/2010 at 4:15 PM

Re: “Savarino's Cucina

the best place for an eggplant parmigiana sandwich...away from the tri-state area! bakery reminds me of NY as well. for true Italian food, give Savarino's a try!!

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Menachem on 09/06/2010 at 3:49 PM

Re: “Buca Di Beppo

It was absolutly delicious! Their fried mozerella is wonderful and so is their Ceasar salad! It's quite pricey, but well worth it for an occasional family dinner on the town.

Posted by Wickedactress09 on 08/31/2010 at 5:13 PM

Re: “Finezza

love that place

Posted by john lang on 08/29/2010 at 9:46 PM

Re: “Mama Mia's

Disregard Joe Savage's review above as it reeks of ignorance. Mama Mia's was opened over 20 years ago by a Cuban family and was bought in 1994 by the Martinez family (also of Latin American heritage) and considering their staying power, they're obviously doing something right. Every time I've been to Mama's Mia's we've had exceptional Italian food (regardless if it's prepared by a Spanish-speaking/non-Sicilian staff) and friendly service. The Bring Your Own Wine bottle policy is a nice compliment to a romantic atmosphere. I recommend it to everyone I know in Nashville asking for a great Italian meal.

2 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Nashstu on 08/22/2010 at 12:38 PM

Re: “Giovanni Ristorante

I have enjoyed Giovanni's at least a dozen times since its opening and I have never had a bad meal or a less than excellent experience. The owner is always present and strives to make each customer feel as if he is a guest in his home (not far from true, since Giovanni lives on the top floor of the building housing his restaurant.)

From the smile and greeting from the receptionist (a beautiful brunette named Amy,) to the efficient and personable servers, to Chef Marco who comes to the table to explain the off-menu specials.. it is a wonderful, welcoming and gracious crew who surrounds Giovannni. The northern Italian fare is excellent, well prepared and beautifully presented. The seafood special is always a wonderful selection for me.

Pricey? Yes, a bit, but for the service and food quality and the ambiance of the place, it is a price gladly paid. As a life- long Nashvillian and frequent patron of local eateries, Giovanni's has now replaced the venerable Valentino's as my favorite place for Italian.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by volboy on 08/09/2010 at 7:26 PM

Re: “Valentino's

Experiences at Valentino's have been phenomenal. Why? Chef Paolo, A native of Naples, Italy, Valentino’s Ristorante Executive Chef, Paolo Tramontano, learned his love of cooking from his mother, that's from their site. I've been in an Italian family by marriage for 10 years. I know great authentic experiences when I see them, taste them, and "feel them".

I like to emphasize experiences. Food comes and goes but experiences are memories to be cherished.

Chef Paolo's treatment of food is not much different than my Italian mother in law. I last went in for lunch, yes lunch at Valentino's on West End, and as I entered Paolo saw me and asked, "You want something to eat?". I said, Sure, bring me anything you wish. See that's the key, I went in and knew I'd get a great dish because I know what's authentic.

What I received was a wonderful pasta dish based on a wonderful fresh rigatoni with a mild red sauce that absolutely mimicked my Italian mother in law's. Its freshness was real. Many of you know home made sauce when you taste it. With Valentino's its assured.

I like Valentino's for lunch. Its a wonderful environment for business. Parking is a breeze with valet always available during dining hours. We took our lunch upstairs in the lounge and had a power lunch covering all topics.

Price wise, the cost was no different than Brick Tops and far lower than the Palm. Service was phenomenal and the "experience" was great. I recommend sharing a special request with Chef Paolo. You'll get what you're after and your clients or prospects will be extremely impressed.

Posted by TheShermanator on 06/23/2010 at 4:21 PM

Re: “Mafiaoza's

I love good pizza and Mafiazo's definitely delivers.. Great tasting pies for sure. BUT - Its very expensive for pizza.. I like going here. Would go here more often but once you get a couple of drinks, a salad to share, and a pizza, you have already dropped at least $60.00. There are a lot more restaurants I would go to before Mafiazo's if I am planning on dropping that kind of coin... Its in a great neighborhood, great atmosphere at the restaurant, very nice patio, but in the end its just pizza. Delicious pizza. :)

Posted by brandon on 05/13/2010 at 4:56 PM

Re: “Nucci

Nucci's is easily one of the best things about Cool Springs. Owned by Connie and Steve Hovis, the entire family is friendly, capable and eager to please. When it comes to their sandwiches, Italian Ice or gelato, they don't have to try very hard. Everything is always fresh, tasty and consistently what you expect when you order it. The decor is open, inviting and bright. The staff at Nucci's goes out of its way to make everyone feel welcome. If you want something different than run-of-the-mill fast food, try NUcci's. You'll be delighted you did.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by LenMS on 04/28/2010 at 7:46 PM

Re: “Giovanni Ristorante

The WORST + most over priced restaurant in Nashville. $90 for 2 waters, 2 cold pasta dinners and a pizza dinner ??? Go to Valentino's instead. Don't set foot in Giovanni Ristorante. Ever. 1. They brought dinners 1 minute after setting pizza appetizer on table. Two $25 pasta dinners sat cold as we ate the pizza. Pizza was good. 2. Pasta is lackluster and mediocre at best. HORRIBLE value. I realize you get what you pay for and better food is priced accordingly but this menu is so overpriced its offensive. I regularly eat at the best restaurants in town and this is definitely not one of them. 4. Want bread or rolls? Well you better ask because $25 pasta doesn't come with bread. At least ours didn't. 3. If you want to spend stupid money on dinner to impress a date or client, you're better off going to elsewhere. You'll look like a fool for taking them here. "A fool and his money are always parted" was meant for Giovanni Ristorante. NEVER EVER EAT AT GIOVANNI RISTORANTE IN NASHVILLE!

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by CoolSprings on 04/28/2010 at 2:42 PM

Re: “Giovanni Ristorante

We noticed this place after dining at the South. Crab Shack next door. The menu looks great but such terrible reviews!? We plan on trying it. If the service seems bad we will leave. We'll let you know if they figured out opening a place today is not like it was 20 years ago. The internet is amazing.

Posted by mbcmom on 04/10/2010 at 4:57 PM

Re: “Mama Mia's

There is nothing at all unique or special about this restaurant, except to say that one could find better food in a jar of Spaghetti-O's. The pasta was ordered al dente but came out slimy & soggy. The sauce was very sweet and tasted like it was prepared by a rank amateur. The amount of pasta served barely covered the bottom of the plate and the price for it all was ridiculous. When I stated I did not like the pasta and wished to just pay for the salad, I was charged $6.00. Needless to say I will not return to this place anytime soon. Full blame for this is poor management and certainly not Sicilian. The cooks in the rear all spoke Spanish. Not a pretty sight.
Rating Detail:
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 2
Value: 1
Overall: 1

Posted by JOE SAVAGE on 01/28/2010 at 9:59 PM

Re: “Giovanni Ristorante

Yes, this restaurant is very pricey, but you get what you pay for. The service was excellent, the food fantastic, and the atmosphere is beautiful. My date impressed me by treating me tonight. It was a wonderful experience. There are several areas that would be great for a small private group or even a large private party. I hope this place stays in the Nashville restaurant scene for many years to come.
Rating Detail:
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Value: 4
Overall: 5

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Ellen Branden on 07/25/2009 at 9:23 PM

Re: “Nucci

Nucci’s Italian Ice and Gelato is located in Cool Springs shopping Center in 2000 Meridian Blvd., Suite 100 Franklin Tennessee. Nucci’s staff is rude, provides poor customer service and negative attitude towards other ethinicgroups non white. Steve and Connie Hovis are the owners, their sons, Ben and Jay, work full time and their daughters, Erin and Morgan, Upon entering the restaurant on Friday July 17, 2009 at 8:45pm parking was limited and owner Connie Hovis did not provide adequate customer service tonight by acknowledging three customers order and never asking may I help you. I politely interrupted the Connie Hovis while the son (ignored my presence as a customer as well and asked 2 other customers for help) and stated I was next she tried to ignore my comment and then asked can I help you. Normally I would have thought this was an error or oversight but Steve Hovis (owner) also displayed this same negative and discriminatory behavior in May 2009. I have lived in Cool Springs over 13 years and rarely see restaurants who provide negative customer service survive!! My family was a standard customer at Nucci’s – we even looked forward to the daily Gelato specials. After tonight the racists attitude by the owners and family needed to be provided in reviews for future patrons. The menu is limited and the prices are high considering Baskin Robbins, Maggie Moos, Coldstone and Dipping Dots with in a mile radius of Cool Springs. Portions are tight and staff will try to use old products or take shortcuts in preparation. Maybe this small family owned business can grow from this negative experience and become more diverse to other elasticities trying to support their business within Cool Springs.
Rating Detail:
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1
Value: 1
Overall: 1

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Char Dee on 07/17/2009 at 8:24 PM

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