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Re: “B.B. King's Blues Club

WORST service EVER. Tried to have dinner before Americana Awards show. Waitress screwed up drink order (didn't know the difference between Pale Ale and Dos Perros) Food didn't arrive 45 minutess after placing order and ended up going to panera and being late for show.

Posted by local dude on 09/13/2012 at 3:55 PM

Re: “Mad Platter

My husband and I thought we would catch a nice dinner before meeting friends downtown later in the evening. On the Saturday night of 8/26/12 (8pm seating), the restaurant was only 30% full with no one waiting for a table. Now we know why:

The kitchen and/or server lost our dinner order for over an hour; the waitstaff was apologetic but nonplussed (i.e., "this happens all the time") .

My husband requested no onions in one dish which, when finally delivered an hour and a half after ordering, was chock full of onions - with much more onions than any normal recipe might have reasonably been expected to include (Shrimp and grits), which felt like an intentional slight after an hour and a half of waiting for the order.

Duck and gnocchi: Duck breast was properly prepared (juicy and rare) but gnocchi was dry (undercooked) and the dish had no sauce to speak of on the plate.

We are extremely easy to please and aren't true foodies. The restaurant did comp the Shrimp and grits and offered a dessert gratis, which was a good effort to appease. However, we can't return here with clients or friends due to the uncertainty of the food and service, so we will not be back.

I should also point out to the dating community that the atmosphere is dreary and spartan and therefore Mad Platter is not a good choice to impress a dinner date.

Perhaps you'll have better luck.

Posted by CarolineSexton on 08/26/2012 at 12:47 PM

Re: “Pomodoro East

I went with my wife on Saturday night for dinner 2nd time and I will never go back!

We were there when they first opened and had enjoyed it very much. But recent visit is not good. The wait staff was dis-organized. I'd ordered a glass of Chianti (my wife doesn't drink) and Mussels Antipasti to share and for entree - Flat iron Steak and Chicken and mushroom pizza. The Mussels was cooked in the wood oven and it was average (We liked the one at mAmbu more). then we waited at least 20 minutes for our entrees to come to table.. many folks were seated later than us had already gotten their food. Our waitress kept "Yapping" to other tables and had forgotten our food. Finally the food came out. the steak and pizza were cold (clearly has been sitting at the service station for sometime after it prepared)...The waitress apologized and said it just came out the window (what window?) and do not know what happen. The manager came by and again apologized and promised to make us fresh if we want to wait. ok. Since we waited this long. Well. They just re-heated them. The steak now over-cooked than what we ordered "medium rare" and the pizza - well (taste like I just nuked the left-over pizza from microwave). It's ashamed. I really liked their pizza, however I did not go there and eat a greasing "left-over" pizza!

The apologetic waitress offered us free dessert - on the house but we declined. We paid and left.

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Posted by Nash168 on 08/26/2012 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Mama Mia's

My wife and I went in for dinner on a Wednesday night; I hadn't been in years and it was her first visit. I remembered the service being mediocre but the food being very good.

The service hasn't changed -- it was appallingly bad. The restaurant is not well-run from a service perspective; of the 3 servers on-shift one was far more concerned with loudly sorting and rolling clean silverware than running any food, which was left in the window for minutes at a time. The credit card machine was broken, and I overheard from another table that their soda machine was not functioning, either. For a restaurant that serves neither alcohol nor tea, it appeared the beverage choices left were tap water and sprite. Mercifully, we had purchased a bottle of wine from the nearby liquor store, which proved the saving grace of the evening.

The food? Perhaps my palate has improved, my memory was inaccurate, or the food has simply gone downhill. The salads were slathered in bottled, flavorless, pre-made dressing. The pasta was not fresh -- while properly cooked, it was clearly dried pasta. The sauces were average; the bolognese lacked any richness or depth. The garlic bread (which we asked for repeatedly and was delivered near the end of the meal) tasted like it had been popped out of a Pillsbury can -- artificial and oily. I felt the prices were not in line with the quality.

Overall, I couldn't recommend this to anyone -- in the 20 years since this place opened, Nashville now has many Italian options that do a better job than Mama Mia's in all areas -- decor, service, and most importantly, food.

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Posted by mediumduck on 08/17/2012 at 7:58 AM

Re: “Couva Calypso Cafe

I'm going to do more than simply review a restaurant, I'm going to provide an insight into the type of person the owner is. Today I had to go get my phone repaired so I ducked into iHospital (love it!) and was told I had a forty minute wait. Now, they have a very comfy waiting area but it was lunch time and I thought having a bite at a local place would be an excellent way to spend the time. Calypso Cafe shares a parking lot with iHospital and several other businesses at Elliston Point plaza, but I had no interest in partaking in their boring soggy chicken, under-seasoned beans or any faux-carribean slop they serve there. If I want legit good cuban food I go to Back to Cuba Cafe on the corner of Harding and Trousdale. No, I intended to walk across the street to a landmark Nashville institution and have a spectacular, greasy, delicious burger at Rotiers. Upon exiting the parking lot I am yelled at by a rather unhinged looking older white dude wearing jungle-Jim wear threatening to have my car towed. Now, I can understand that the lot is for paying customers of businesses of Elliston Point plaza. Leeching parking is no bueno. I tell the guy (strained but politely) that I was actually a customer of iHospital and was just going to have some lunch while I waited for my phone to be repaired. He advised me it didn't matter, if I left the lot my car was getting towed. At this point I'm angry. I tell him, that it didn't matter if I sit in Rotiers or if I sit in iHospital, my car was staying exactly where it was, so what was the deal? I get the 'those are the rules' lines, at this point I ask for his name, who he works for and who owns the plaza. He tells me his name is Phil and he works for 'Elliston Partners' , which I assumed was the property management company. I tell him I think it's extraordinarily rude and not customer focused to have such policies.. but I turn right back around and sit in iHospital for the full forty minutes while my phone is getting fixed. I'd be dead or in jail before I moved my car before then. When I get inside I'm informed the guy doesn't work for the property company, he's the owner of Calypso Cafe and that this has been an ongoing problem. I noticed he was only harassing people who were leaving the lot for Rotier's. Several other people left for other destinations off the property and weren't addressed at all. In short, this guy obviously feels his business can't compete with Rotier's and that his valuable time as a business owner is best spent browbeating the other customers at Elliston Point in an attempt to bully them into his restaurant or at least drive business away from his competitors. I will never eat at Calypso Cafe again and I urge anybody who appreciates civility and common sense to do likewise.

Posted by J.C. on 08/14/2012 at 8:27 PM

Re: “Sperry's Restaurant

I will never go back to Sperry's. I ordered lamb chops cooked med rare for my entree. When they arrived at my table, you could tell they were way overcooked just by looking at them. The bones were completely charred and when I cut into one, the meat was tough and completely grey. I sent them back and asked if they would make them rare to be sure they weren't overcooked. They brought brought back a terrible second attempt. They were pretty much just a little less cooked than the first. Also, there were about 10 extremely thin lamb chops completely covered in bread crumbs that seemed like an attempt to hide the terrible meat underneath, rather than 3-4 nice thick cuts that could be cooked perfectly.
I really hoped this was a fluke and that something was just off that night, but then for dessert we ordered a sunday (impossible to mess up a sunday, right?). The ice cream sunday was pre-made and had to have been sitting in the freezer for days. My girlfriend couldn't even shove a fork through the ice cream.
Easily the worst dining experience I have had since I have lived in Nashville, and probably the biggest waste of money i have spent while dining anywhere.

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Posted by Aaron Wolfcale on 07/31/2012 at 4:15 AM

Re: “The Local Taco

This was the worst taco place. I have ever eaten at. Service was horrible. It took forever and they messed my food and my friends order and when we finally got it it was bland and under cooked.

Posted by gigifourcupcakes86 on 07/27/2012 at 5:42 PM

Re: “Sweet-n-Sassy Bakery

This must be the case of the emperor's new cloths. I suppose people that think they are getting hand made cakes and butter cream icing, or a cake better than Kroger or Publix because the sign reads "bakery". These are box cakes just like the grocery store and there is no butter in the shortening icing they use. If a bakery adds things to there cake, (ribbon) than they have something to hide. All this is fine if it is represented honestly, but it is not. Just know what you are buying, and realize this is a result of there not being any real "bakery" to show customers what they are not getting at this cake store.

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Posted by will rhodarmer on 07/24/2012 at 6:08 AM

Re: “Ri'Chard's Louisiana Cafe

I went on a Sunday morning and couldn't have been more disappointed. The place was still showing signs of the night before. I ordered eggs benedict and got a combination of a cold, dry english muffin, cold ham, something that resembled an processed egg product, flat and tasteless, and topped with a congealed sauce. We were told immediately that they were out of jambalaya and shrimp although others around us were ordering shrimp. I think the community night life and cajun food is probably acceptable and maybe even good, but we we won't go back to find out. I got the impression that because of their reputation, our meal- or lack of, just didn't count. We were charged full price though we didn't eat it. Sorry patrons.

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Posted by Bea Kissner on 05/24/2012 at 5:49 PM

Re: “Mary's Old Fashioned Pit Barbecue

Got a groupon for this place.... got bbq plate w/ beans and slaw... my beans had a hair them....right from the start. Slaw wasn't all that good either. It was hot in the dining room, and the tables felt greasy to the touch, and it smelled dirty in there too. Not mention this place is in the GHETTO !!

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Posted by on 05/18/2012 at 12:59 PM

Re: “Raz'z Jazz Bar and Grill

I have been eating here since he opened his first site on Murfreesboro road and have continued to support him with his Smyrna site. However, after last night I will not visit either site again. I had the worst experience I have had up to date, from this restaurant (Murf. Road) or any restaurant for that matter.

I took my mom out for a Mother's day dinner, where I have taken her many, many years before since the food and service was always outstanding here. We arrived at 6:05, got seated. No one took our drink order, addressed us, acknowledged us until 6:14 - I was ready to leave, but my mom wanted to stay - I couldn't get anyone's attention to ask for our server. Our server was somehow medicated, not sure by what, but her speech and eyes were not normal. She took our order, we got our drinks, salad and bread. She then "verified" what we had ordered (she had written down, but couldn't read her writing).

The table behind was trying to tackle their server also, but their service was great compared to ours.

At 6:45 I went to the bar and asked to speak with a manager (1st time I requested a manager), the bartender assured me our food was coming.

At 6:50, here comes our food. My mom's order was correct, however, mine was no where near what I ordered - even after writing it down and verifying again. We were told mine was on it's way.

So, my mom ate and at 7:15 here came my food - my mom was done - they never told me it had to be cooked, never checked on me from 6:50 to 7:15. I asked four waitresses, including the bartender, for a manger 7 times. I was told Razz's wife was in the back and that was the only manager there. I never saw anyone except the bartender. No manager even attempted to come by our table.

She brought out my food - which I had requested to be cancelled 25 mins prior. She offered to take my portion off the bill. I told her I did not expect to pay for anything since I did not get to have dinner with my mother, on mother's day. I did not end up paying, but I think that is because I was getting louder with my frustration and they wanted me out of there.

This did not seem to be an "off" night to me. I know that Razz's brother was in the kitchen, I saw him. It is very sad that we were treated like this, from a place that I have visited since it opened. The last few times I ate at the Smyrna location, the service and food was also off - not to this degree, but enough to be noticed. I would say I eat here about once or twice every three months.

If you hit it on a good night, I'm sure it's good. I just wont be going back to either location to find that good night. It is a Mother's day that will not be forgotten - that's for sure.

Posted by SW on 05/15/2012 at 8:23 AM

Re: “tayst [closed]

Just ok. I had much higher expectations for Tayst, especially as an award-winning restaurant. The food was mediocre and the server had no knowledge of the menu.

Posted by Nicole on 03/08/2012 at 9:22 PM

Re: “Chinatown Restaurant

This place sucks... last time I ordered Beef and Broccoli and got this soupy mess that was watered down. The rice tasted pretty bad as well. I would definitely head down to brentwood and go to No. 1 Chinese instead.

Posted by ilikefood on 02/06/2012 at 9:49 PM

Re: “Miel

Very poor experience, when we arrived at 7 for our reservation we were ignored by the receptonist who kept her back to us while on the phone, finally an different empolyee asked to show us to a table right next to the only other people there. When we asked to be seated at a different table she kept repeating, "what does that mean?". After requesting four times in the most polite fashion, we never were able to communicate our request, somehow we never got the right answer to "what does that mean?".
However, she did note one of our party had a styrofoam cup with a tablespoon of Constant Comment tea left in it and took great offense even after it was thrown away.
We found an alternative restaurant in short order where we were well received.
Meil Resturant..suprising poor quality and worse communication skills, their rude behavior kept us from ever tasting their food. It may well expalin why the resturant was mainly empty at 7 on a Saturday night

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Posted by Surpised patron on 02/05/2012 at 7:56 AM

Re: “Wild Wasabi

Obviously if you eat hereyou have never eaten at Ru-Sans. DON'T waste your money, sushi was all rice with little fish, the rolls are the smallest I have ever seen and the choices were minimal!!!
Ru-Sans lunch buffet is soooo much BETTER!!!

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Posted by trutigliano on 02/02/2012 at 12:14 PM

Re: “Bombasha Brazilian Steakhouse


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Posted by FOOD JUDGE on 01/13/2012 at 7:31 AM

Re: “Star Bagel

I was so shocked how filthy Star Bagel was. I took some friends from St. Thomas there for lunch and there was paint peeling, dust hanging from the ceiling vents, water stains everywhere, the floor was disgraceful. And the women's bathroom....well the sink was full of hair and the toilet was nasty....I left quickly. The bread on my sandwich was burnt with a "little" dab of chicken salad and they sent me the wrong soup.

I'll never go back until they clean up the place!

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Posted by cnewman on 12/29/2011 at 6:24 PM

Re: “Bricks Café

First off--let me say that I WAS a loyal customer to Bricks. We eat at the Brentwood location probably 3-5 times/ month and we also eat at or get take-out from the Nolensville Road location 3-5 times/month for the past year+.

This past Sunday, while I was dining at the Brentwood/Franklin Road location with family, we had the worst experience and because of it, will NOT be dining at Bricks ever again.

I found a nasty hair in my steamed vegetables. It was so intertwined into a piece of broccoli that when I picked up the hair, the broccoli came with it. Now, I will admit that I have medium length hair and it was not pulled back that afternoon. However, if my hair fell onto the plate, one would think that I would be able to pick the hair up off the top of the food and remove it. This piece of hair, as I stated before, was intertwined in the head of the broccoli. I doubt it fell off of my head and got that tangled around a piece of food.

I called the manager (who might also be the owner? tall, big belly, bad attitude) over to the table to show him the hair in my food. The only word (besides jerk) that comes to mind is completely APATHETIC! He could care less. I wasn't rude, I wasn't ugly, I wasn't really even that upset. I just wanted him to know that somehow hair was getting into their food. Because, let's get real--mistakes happen. His reaction----"there is no way that could have happened. Our vegetables come to us fresh in a sealed bag." Okay--so a human with hair doesn't package them? A human with hair doesn't get them out of the package when they are cooked? A human with hair doesn't plate them? He NEVER apologized. He acted as if he could care less. He didn't offer to refund the meal....nothing! In fact, I saw him over behind the hostess stand talking to our server & the hostess with a look of total smirk on his face. After that point, our server never spoke to us as she came back to the table. No offer for refills, nothing. They, of course, did not refund the meal. As we were leaving, the hostess just looked at us and did not speak. They acted as if we did something wrong. The manager/owner saw us getting up from our table and turned and walked to the back of the restaurant so he wouldn't have to talk to us as we were leaving.

Last I checked, the restaurant business is pretty competitive. Obviously, this guy doesn't care. The worst customer service I have seen in a long time. Because of his bad attitude (not the hair), they have lost our business.

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Posted by megant on 12/20/2011 at 3:51 PM

Re: “Mama Mia's

I agree with Joe Savage & Nyshired about Moma Mia's- It just plane sucks. When you walk in the sign on the table says $5.00 corking fee & $2.50 per six pack of beer- Why ?
They had many tables available but wanted to seat us at the table by the door, it's December & cold-we had to ask for another table.
The servers & Manager just don't care if you are happy or not.
We ordered two entrees, one Lasagna & one Penne bolognese with sasage. We received the extravaganza & the Penne pesto.
Both dishes were cold. I think we got someone elses order ?
When we finally found our server she said she would talk to the manager ? Why ? (Just bring us the right orders) She returned and said the manager would adjust the price- now we are paying more for the meals we didn't order and it was also cold?
I gave up trying to comunnicate with insanity, paid the bill and left- never to return :~( Barry Harkin, Nashville, TN

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Posted by Barry Harkin on 12/04/2011 at 10:24 AM

Re: “Bella Napoli

While the food was good, the service was TERRIBLE. Our waitress was very pleasant, but we had two issues. First, my ID was denied because it looked 'fake'. While I was visiting from out of state, I had two forms of identification and it still look half an hour to get my glass of wine. Second, The group I went with was using a Scoutmob. When we received our checks the alcohol was not discounted. We had to send the check back 3 times before we asked for the manager. The manager was the RUDEST manager I have encountered at a restaurant. When we asked about the discount on the alcohol, his response was 'We have never discounted alcohol before and if you have a problem with the Scoutmob you need to call them and complain'. The Scoutmob did not say the deal excluded alcohol, but the manager didn't seem to want to work with us at all. He was not listening, just talking in a very condescending manner. I will not be going back to Bella Napoli EVER. And if you plan on drinking a glass of wine, don't expect a discount if you're using a Scoutmob. This is a very unfortunate situation, food was good, but you can't have a successful restaurant with a terrible manager.

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Posted by Andrea on 10/17/2011 at 8:22 AM

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