Rock 'n' Roll Poll 2009 : The local rock scene on the local rock scene 

In our neverending quest to keep our ear to the pulse and our finger to the ground, we polled a select group of Nashville's finest rockers, bloggers, bookers and layabouts about what got them worked up in the local rock scene this year. (Read more responses at our music blog,


Jesse Baker The End; writer, The Deli Nashville; manager, Look What I Did

Joe Baine Colvert Lake Fever Productions; blogger/DJ, We Own This Town

Chris Crofton comedian; Chris Crofton and the Alcohol Stuntband; DJ, The Chris Crofton Show on Nashville Cream; formerly of The Best of Bread on WRVU

Jessi Darlin Those Darlins

Michael Eades blogger, We Own This Town, Yewknee; YK Records

Ben Elkins Heypenny

Jeremy Ferguson Battle Tapes Records

Mike Grimes Grimey's and The Basement; Guilty Pleasures

Loney Hutchins Cleft Music

Col. Jazzola rabble-rousin' Internet roustabout and commenter

Richie Kirkpatrick Ghostfinger, Jessica Lea Mayfield

Drew Mischke Mercy Lounge

Jake Orrall JEFF the Brotherhood

Dave Paulson The Privates, My So-Called Band; writer, The Tennessean/Metromix

Justin Roddick 12th & Porter

Caitlin Rose singer-songwriter

Todd Sherwood The 5 Spot; Church of the Good Hustle

Dean Shortland Movement Nashville

Janet Timmons blogger/DJ, Out the Other on WRVU

Wes Traylor Natural Child; formerly of MEEMAW

Ryan Truso Mean Tambourines

William Tyler Lambchop, Tim Chad and Sherry, Paper Hats; formerly of Silver Jews

What local band ruled Nashville in 2009?

Wes Traylor: JEFF the Brotherhood.

Loney Hutchins: I'm gonna have to say JEFF the Brotherhood, as they seem to have the broadest appeal despite some jaded folks thinking they only belong to the skinny-white-belt circuit.

Jake Orrall: Heavy Cream. I think they played the most shows in Nashville this year out of any band ever.

Joe Baine Colvert: The Features, sheerly for the fact that they finally got themselves out of the city and on tour.

Ben Elkins: Heypenny. Oops, against the rules. JEFF the Brotherhood, The Features and Space Capone.

Dean Shortland: Heypenny.

Ryan Truso: Heypenny ruled Nashville, Those Darlins ruled everywhere else, it seemed.

Jessi Darlin: The Kindergarten Circus.

Jeremy Ferguson: The Boring Hitlers Rumble Tumble.

Chris Crofton: Stone Stanley and the Dusty Rumblers.

Richie Kirkpatrick: The Big Clowns.

William Tyler: Caitlin Rose and Forrest Bride.

Jesse Baker: Caitlin Rose. Consistently amazing live show.

Michael Eades: Nashville Self-Promotion Rules state that I must promote my own personal endeavors...and point out that Uncle Skeleton, Codaphonic, Shaboi and Slowmotions all had exquisite new releases.... There was much ruling done by Non-Commissioned Officers, Dewey Decibel, JEFF...The Privates, Shoot the Mountain and Tallest Trees...all had top-notch releases.

Janet Timmons: The Non-Commissioned Officers, for sure. They returned from the dead (zombie-like, you could say) with the Make-Out With Violence soundtrack, and their live shows have been increasingly spectacular.

Mike Grimes: I think Kyle Andrews really fucking ruled.

Justin Roddick: I'll answer that question with a question. What local band sold out the Sommet Center in 2009? Kings of Leon.

Drew Mischke: The local scene was down this year, but the Protomen stood out with their sold-out show at Mercy.

Col. Jazzola: The Running's dominance among the signposts-and-telephone-polls demographic remains unchallenged.

What was your favorite discovery this year?

Loney Hutchins: Natural Child.

Wes Traylor: Heavy Cream.

Chris Crofton: That I like Loudon Wainwright III better than Dirty Projectors.

Jessi Darlin: Shannon and the Clams (Oakland, Calif.).

Jeremy Ferguson: Bad Cop, Welcome to 1979 here in Nashville, Echo Mountain in Asheville, Candice's Cincinnati Chili and an old snare I found left in my garage.

Jake Orrall: So Jazzy. They are so hot right now!!!

Todd Sherwood: Derek Hoke and Jordan Caress.

Caitlin Rose: The Caress siblings.

William Tyler: Betty's. It's Springwater without the attitude and the evil.

Joe Baine Colvert: Majestico. Hands down, the best thing I saw at NBN. I see great things in 2010 for this crew.

Michael Eades: Dewey Decibel's The Dusting came out of nowhere and still finds itself in regular rotation.

Richie Kirkpatrick: Large amounts of water on the moon.

Janet Timmons: Tallest Trees! They've been floating around Nashville for a while, but with their new sound and configuration as a two-piece with a live drummer, they're playing some of the most unique and interesting music in Nashville right now.

Dean Shortland: Mikky Ekko and Tallest Trees.

Justin Roddick: Mikky Ekko.

Jesse Baker: Jive! printing...half the cost of FedEx/Kinko's, none of the B.S.

Ben Elkins: Modoc. Pleasant surprise. They actually really rock. Dressing as dead priests helps.

Mike Grimes: Heartbeater.

Col. Jazzola: New Church's location next to the Inglewood Sonic.

Ryan Truso: The Young Republic, although I've yet to see them perform.

Drew Mischke: The Nashville Nights blog.

Dave Paulson:

Best/worst band breakup of the year?

Jake Orrall: Worst: When E.M.P. broke up it was pretty gnarly. People are still talkin' about them.

Todd Sherwood: Worst: Totally Snake.

William Tyler: Worst: The Jesus Lizard re-formed and called it quits again within one astrological cycle.

Chris Crofton: Best: Aerosmith.

Jeremy Ferguson: Worst: Hotpipes' latest incarnation. Best: Aerosmith, if they can stick to that. Please God.

Joe Baine Colvert: Worst: Hotpipes. My heart hurt after Justin told me it was all over.

Janet Timmons: Worst: Hotpipes. Still mourning the loss of one of my favorite bands in Nashville, and crossing my fingers for some kind of official reunion/farewell show.

Dave Paulson: Worst: Hotpipes.

Dean Shortland: Worst: Tommy and the Whale and Hotpipes.

Mike Grimes: Worst: Tommy and the Whale

Caitlin Rose: Worst: The Glib. I mean that.

Ben Elkins: Worst: Harlem Shakes.

Drew Mischke: Worst: Kindercastle

Michael Eades: Worst: Kindercastle. However, they're just done playing live, not really entirely broken up. Guarantee it. Best: The Tits. Huge relief.

Jesse Baker: Worst: The Tits. Everyone started living just a little cleaner and a few angels regained their virginity upon hearing this debilitating loss to rock 'n'roll. Best: This is gonna sound weird, but MEEMAW. Their "hiatus" after six or seven "last shows" brought out surprisingly diverse and awesome bands like Daniel Pujol & Some Beaus, Heavy Cream, Natural Child and the other 100 bands Wes Traylor started.

Wes Traylor: Worst: MEEMAW.

Col. Jazzola: Worst: In an attempt to make his band seem more like Joy Division, How I Became The Bomb singer Jon Burr commits suicide. The surviving members carry on with their wedding/covers act, How I Became the Bride, but it's just not the same.

Ryan Truso: Worst: All We Seabees.

Jessi Darlin: Jay Reatard for both answers. That shit was hilarious.

Best music story of the year?

Jake Orrall: The Wavves guy beating the shit out of the dude from Jay Reatard's band.

Chris Crofton: The Dead Weather sound like Rage Against the Machine.

Wes Traylor: MEEMAW. (See MEEMAW DVD to be released in 2010.)

Joe Baine Colvert, Drew Mischke: Road to Bonnaroo.

Jessi Darlin: King Khan and BBQ get arrested leaving Nashville.

Jeremy Ferguson: Band gets booked to play laser show, gets abducted by gang of mongoloids, falls in love with Peruvian farmer and quits.

Loney Hutchins: Lambchop apparently stealing the show at Merge XX.

William Tyler: The Musician's Hall of Fame is truly something for Nashville to be proud of.

Todd Sherwood: A guy named Jim Belote from MTSU emailed me wanting me to reimburse his bar tab because Pavement never played their songs.

Michael Eades: The debut of Lake Fever Sessions, the official release of the Make-Out With Violence soundtrack, the ongoing free digital releases of How I Became the Bomb, the return of Goldroom and Apollo Up, the bevy of quality releases from Theory 8 and Janet Timmons establishing her rightful place as Nashville Puppetmaster.

Janet Timmons: Tracy Moore's "Born to Run: The Highs—And Oh So Many Lows—of Dating a Musician" was a great read back in April. Ooh, and don't forget the whole Mercy Lounge secret guest debacle of '09—Spring Hill Spider Party are no Kings of Leon. Fucking sandwiches is soooo much better than sex on fire.

Jesse Baker: The Scene staff being booted from the KOL after-party. Arena-packing bands holding grudges against local press is massively rock 'n' roll!!!

Col. Jazzola: Springsteen's sleep apnea/Bono's bailout of Regions Bank (tie).

Dean Shortland: The birth of Col. Jazzola and the death of Brandon Jazz's yeast infection.

Justin Roddick: Taylor Swift covering Luna Halo's "Untouchable" then playing it on SNL. There is no other local band more deserving of such a great break.  Congrats, guys.

Ryan Truso: Landon Pigg and Drew Barrymore reportedly making out on the cover of Us Weekly.

What trend would you like to see left behind in 2009?

William Tyler: Spoon.

Chris Crofton: Grownups wearing kids' clothes.

Wes Traylor: Boring bands full of guys with suits, vests and D-hats who play generic indie rock and don't make anybody feel excited to be alive.

Jake Orrall: Mini-fedoras and sagging tight pants.

Mike Grimes: Fedoras.

Jessi Darlin: Annie Hall Glasses.

Ryan Truso: Nashville's rise as the epicenter of coffee shop/dad rock...and being asked if I know Those Darlins every fucking time I'm in Brooklyn.

Loney Hutchins: I'm a Wes Anderson fan, but what will the Andersons of tomorrow use in their films if no one is making new music today?

Todd Sherwood: Band photographers who are onstage in the artist's face for their entire show.

Joe Baine Colvert: Not getting paid.

Michael Eades: People in bands acting like using the Internet is somehow harder than writing a song. It is beyond the realm of comprehension how someone could grasp the concept of songwriting, recording and/or playing live but not understand the process of uploading a music file to Bandcamp.

Janet Timmons: Articles talking about bands like Kings of Leon and expressing shock that there's a "non-country" side of Nashville.  No shit.  Now write about it, please—we have a lot to offer here.

Caitlin Rose: Dance music.

Drew Mischke: Indie folk.

Jeremy Ferguson: Feelings.

Jesse Baker: Sold-out shows consisting of a dude hitting play on his MacBook and dancing to his own "music," creating nothing organic onstage.

Ben Elkins: Country music not being country music.

Dave Paulson: I think I'm ready for the reverb/delay/loop fog to lift. Snap out of it, kids!

Col. Jazzola: Lightning 100 played "Laid" by James 937 times this year, a 37-percent drop from 2008 levels. Let us not forget what makes Nashville Nashville, Nashville!

Dean Shortland: Ragging on bands who are doing well.

What trend from this decade would you like to see left behind?

Caitlin Rose, Drew Mischke, Chris Crofton, Ben Elkins: See above.

Wes Traylor: Rock being dead.

Jessi Darlin:

Jake Orrall: The Internet.

Todd Sherwood: MySpace.

Dave Paulson: MySpace band pages.

Joe Baine Colvert: Pitchfork.

William Tyler: Vice magazine.

Col. Jazzola: I'd like to see Friendster wiped off the cultural map entirely.

Jeremy Ferguson: Having no money.

Loney Hutchins: People singing like they have cotton balls in their mouth.

Justin Roddick: The trend of record labels signing great Nashville bands and then dropping the ball.

Michael Eades: Bands striving for major label aspirations.

Richie Kirkpatrick: That ubiquitous pastel lime green color.

Jesse Baker: The total homogenization of all bands...and the social process of having to check with your friends' T-shirt choices to see if it's OK to listen to a band you like.

Mike Grimes: Irony. Nirvana did it best almost 20 years ago.

Dean Shortland: People talking about their favorite band being Radiohead and not being able to name more than three songs. That bollock-juggling really grates me.

What was the most pleasant surprise of 2009?

Chris Crofton: Being in [Harmony Korine's film] Trash Humpers.

William Tyler: The Kindergarten Circus.

Jeremy Ferguson: I thought I died in 2008.

Loney Hutchins: Leonard Cohen going on tour.

Richie Kirkpatrick: I was served free beer on an airplane no less than four times.

Jake Orrall: I didn't run out of beer. Yet....

Wes Traylor: Some shit I found out a week ago that you guys can't know about yet.

Todd Sherwood: Natural Child and Evan P. Donohue.

Janet Timmons: There are a lot of great Nashville bands that seem to be getting down to business and seriously trying to reach out beyond Nashville. I'm super proud of so many bands in town and it's about time people outside of Davidson County got the chance to fall in love with them too.

Ryan Truso: Discovering that my residence in East Nashville makes my band instantly cool in all of New York City...that is, until they heard us.

Joe Baine Colvert: This year's freshman class of bands...Bad Cop, Majestico, Bows & Arrows, Zut Alors, The Kingston Springs, Cheer Up Charlie Daniels, Heartbeater, Max and the Wild Things, Milktooth and Telephant.

Michael Eades: Mercy Lounge, The Basement and, recently, Exit/In have really been doing an impressive job of bringing in some great touring bands.

Jesse Baker: Local openers [and] the touring acts they were supporting.

Ben Elkins: Road to Bonnaroo.

Mike Grimes: White Denim.

Dean Shortland: Finding out that Adam Gold is part man and part Ewok.

Justin Roddick: Next Big Nashville seemed to have BIG shows at all participating venues this year almost every night, proving that the local music scene is still alive and thriving in a down economy.

Band you’re sick of seeing/hearing about?

Wes Traylor: Bad Cop.

Chris Crofton: Grizzly Bear.

Richie Kirkpatrick: R.E.M.

Jeremy Ferguson: I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings at Christmas time!

Caitlin Rose: The Non-Commissioned Officers.

Loney Hutchins: Black Eyed Peas.

Jake Orrall: JEFF the Brotherhood.

Ben Elkins: Mmm, I shouldn't say.

Jesse Baker: Heypenny.

Michael Eades: Bruce Springsteen. Is Adam Gold from New Jersey? As for bands of the local flavor, while I respect that they are showmen of the ultimate kind, I can't bring myself to see another Heypenny show. They honestly have a load of potential for much wider appeal and great success as a touring act, but I'd rather not see it again.

Col. Jazzola: I wish Orleans would fucking go away.

Dean Shortland: No one really pissed me off too badly this year. It's been a bad year because I haven't got anyone to be annoyed about in town. Damn you, Jared Micah!

Justin Roddick: Moon Taxi for sure. Who hurts themselves on their own merchandise and then blames the venue for negligence? This band does.

Ryan Truso: Those Darlins could be mentioned less I suppose, but I wouldn't say I'm tired yet.

Jessi Darlin: Kings of Leon.

Mike Grimes: Kings of Leon.

How do you expect the local rock scene to be effected by the recent success of non-country acts like Paramore and Kings of Leon?

Joe Baine Colvert: That's all for Kent Marcus to decide now, isn't it?

Wes Traylor: Not at all. It will affect the local music scene about as much as Cage the Elephant getting signed to a major will affect the Bowling Green music scene. It doesn't matter.

Ben Elkins: Really, really well.... People from around the world are noticing. Stop complaining.

Chris Crofton: Not at all, unless everyone figures out how to be 19 again.

Loney Hutchins: Considering both bands came up outside of Nashville's local rock scene, I don't really expect it to change much at all. However, I have to give the KOL credit for championing the Features' Some Kind of Salvation. Let's hope that leads to similar endeavors.

Drew Mischke: I don't anticipate much of a change unless those bands do more stuff along the lines of what KOL did for The Features, which is something I really hope they do.

Jake Orrall: Maybe Paramore and Kings of Leon want to take us on tour? Sweeeeeeet....

Richie Kirkpatrick: I expect more bands to emerge that sound like those two bands. I bet there are some new wolves in town. Wolves with checkbooks.

Jesse Baker: No matter your opinion of either band, anyone being tied to Nashville only serves to have people pay attention to the town as more than a tourist trap for honky-tonking 50-somethings which, in my opinion, helps everyone out. I'm not entirely convinced people care where a band is from anymore, but if they do, then more power to Nashville and all that it spawns.

Mike Grimes: It will give Nashville more cred on an international level, just no more wannabes, please.

Janet Timmons: I don't think it changes much around here. People will continue to snark on popular bands and talk shit about the Followills, but it doesn't hurt that the Nashville non-country scene is getting a little more attention.  I hope the success of these bands will lead to interest in things like Next Big Nashville.

Dave Paulson: I'm hoping it might lead to a magazine article that mentions how Nashville isn't just a country-music town. A guy can dream.

Dean Shortland: I don't think anything will change just because of these guys. Things will change when EVERYBODY runs their mouth about the local rock scene from here to Los Angeles to Melbourne to London and so on. Then enough people will have heard to possibly pay attention to the turbo awesome talent that exists in our fair city.

Justin Roddick: These bands give the local rock scene less reason to move to NYC or LA to make it famous. Nashville has more than enough entertainment infrastructure to break multi-genre international artists.

Ryan Truso: Our workforce will be even more saturated with service-industry workers who spend every Wednesday night at 3 Crow Bar talking about their fucking bands.

Todd Sherwood: We may get more people moving to Nashville with a crappy musical upbringing. They will be annoying for one year then turn into bandless STD-spreading barflies.

Col. Jazzola: Get this: In the future, Nashville will overflow with musicians from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and the state of Ohio, all hoping to "make it" by sounding/looking exactly like something that is already on the radio or in the background of an automobile commercial. THEN WE'RE GONNA BUILD A SKYSCRAPER THAT LOOKS LIKE BATMAN.

William Tyler: More condo sales in The Gulch.

Who deserves more coverage than they got in 2009?

Dave Paulson: Natural Child.

Wes Traylor: Natural Child.

Todd Sherwood: Church of the Good Hustle.

Jessi Darlin: The Kindergarten Circus.

Jeremy Ferguson: Millionaire Magicians. They're like your uncle that's way cooler than your friends are.

Jake Orrall: Dave Cloud. He's the master.

Loney Hutchins: JEFF the Brotherhood and Caitlin Rose. Wink and a nudge.

Col. Jazzola: Caitlin Rose/Tristen (tie).

William Tyler: Lylas.

Joe Baine Colvert: Bad Cop.

Ryan Truso: Mikky Ekko, Mother Father, The Young Republic, Bad Cop.

Ben Elkins: Natalie Prass, Mikky Ekko.

Michael Eades: I feel like Lake Fever Sessions are such a great addition to the Nashville Rock Scene™ that they should be entirely overbooked with sessions from every national act playing in town and making loads of cash for providing such a service.

Jesse Baker: Look What I Did, Born Empty, MARJ, The Little Hamilton Collective.

Mike Grimes: Madi Diaz.

Dean Shortland: Space Capone and Harrison Hudson.

Drew Mischke: The parties that Happy Valley is consistently pulling off.

Justin Roddick: Happy Valley, MAI, 12th & Porter, Warren G., Coach vs. Kase and the city of Nashville on Halloween night. HUGE PARTY. Thanks again, Nashville!

Chris Crofton: Loudon Wainwright III.

Richie Kirkpatrick: P. Diddy.

Best show of 2009?

Todd Sherwood : The Save Cowboy Keith Benefit [The 5 Spot].

Loney Hutchins: One of the best performances of 2009 and my life was Leonard Cohen [TPAC].

Wes Traylor: Infinity Cat Showcase at NBN [The End].

Jake Orrall: Infinity Cat night at NBN. Obviously.

Jesse Baker: I'd have to say the Infinity Cat NBN showcase had a camaraderie level and energy that I personally haven't seen paralleled this year.

Joe Baine Colvert: The Features, June 19 [Mercy Lounge]. Twenty-plus songs, a packed house and a broken A.C. in the middle of the summer...'nuff said.

Chris Crofton: I liked that Mountain Goats show [Mercy Lounge].

Jessi Darlin: The Black Lips [Mercy Lounge].

Michael Eades: Dead tie between the Road to Bonnaroo 8 off 8th series [Mercy Lounge] for inspiring healthy competition among the locals with a worthwhile prize, and The Cream '90s Cover Night [Mercy Lounge] for having a Hum cover band and one of the most enjoyable Weezer sing-alongs.

Dean Shortland: The whole Road to Bonnaroo series pretty much kicked ass.

Drew Mischke: How I Became the Bomb and Kindercastle doing ELO's Out of the Blue [Mercy Lounge]. Jon, Ross, Cody: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do it one more time!

Janet Timmons: I'm going to go with something completely self-centered sounding—my birthday party in September...And the Relatives, Eureka Gold and the mind-blowing '90s greatness that is My So-Called Band, who made their flannel-clad debut that night [The 5 Spot].

Caitlin Rose: Deer Tick and Jonny Corndawg [The Basement].

Mike Grimes: White Denim [The Basement].

Col. Jazzola: Lightning 100 presents Buffalo Tom with Marcy Playground. Free show. A defining moment for my generation. [?]

Justin Roddick: It hasn't happened yet. The best show of 2009 will be American Bang w/ Luna Halo, Minor Kings and Leslie on New Year's Eve [12th & Porter].

Jeremy Ferguson: I watched a pack of wolves completely devour a leprechaun. It was a bit of a letdown, but what do you expect for $5? [The Woods?]

Who consistently puts on the best live show?

Jeremy Ferguson : Well, I would say those wolves, but...Cortney Tidwell always dazzles me.

Wes Traylor: JEFF the Brotherhood.

Jesse Baker: Caitlin Rose, Born Empty and JEFF.

Caitlin Rose: Korean Is Asian.

Jake Orrall: Natural Child.

Michael Eades: I have yet to attend a Tristen show that didn't capture my attention entirely.

Chris Crofton: Motorhead.

William Tyler: The Cherry Blossoms.

Justin Roddick: November seem to continually outdo themselves with their live show.

Jessi Darlin: The Kindergarten Circus.

Todd Sherwood: Tim Carroll.

Joe Baine Colvert: Heypenny. Ben Elkins & Co. are here to entertain you and they have it down to a science.

Dean Shortland: Heypenny.

Mike Grimes: The Features.

Ryan Truso: You mean besides The Protomen?

Chris Crofton: Jack White.

Col. Jazzola: Jack White.

Jessi Darlin: John Couture.

Caitlin Rose: Steve Cross.

Loney Hutchins: Steve the camera guy. When have I NOT seen him at a show?

Joe Baine Colvert: My favorite immigrant, Dean Shortland.

Dean Shortland: Ashley Spurgeon.

Jesse Baker: Gabe Simon from Kopecky Family Band.

Mike Grimes: Janet Timmons.

Justin Roddick: Sarah Silva.

Wes Traylor: David Stein.

Ryan Truso: Perhaps Brian Waters.

Todd Sherwood: That guy with the beard and the hat with the deep V-neck.

Hardest-working local musician?

Justin Roddick: This year I would say Carey Barlowe. Hit pop, country and Christian songwriter, plus local rock star.

Jeremy Ferguson: Ryan Norris, Rollum Haas and that guy made out of wood who sings those songs about lipstick.

Loney Hutchins: Drummer extraordinaire, Ben Martin: manual laborer, session musician and member of 1,001 bands. He even manages to find time to go fishing.

Caitlin Rose: Tristen.

Jake Orrall: Daniel Pujol. Hands down.

Wes Traylor: Jake Orrall.

Chris Crofton: Stone Stanley.

Ryan Truso: All the guys in Mother/Father have sacrificed beyond what is healthy.

Todd Sherwood: Reno Bo.

William Tyler: Chris Scruggs.

Jessi Darlin: Those Darlins. Ha ha.

Joe Baine Colvert: Brandon Jazz.

Jesse Baker: Miles Cramer.

Ben Elkins: Neil Anderson.

Mike Grimes: Ben Elkins.

Col. Jazzola: Bob Welch has been pretty slammed at Church's every time I go in. Guy never gets an order wrong. Hi Bob!

Dean Shortland: Kyle Andrews.

Michael Eades: Sadly, the hardest working musicians are the ones that I usually find the most aggravating.... It's a vicious cycle—don't work hard to promote yourself and suffer in obscurity or unfurl your own personal flag of greatness to find the masses annoyed with your overt presence. You can't win.

Favorite local blog and/or radio show/podcast?

Jeremy Ferguson: Blog: No. I look at a specific number every day, which are bookmarked. It'd be like choosing which glass you drink out of the most. I don't give a shit about the glass as long as it's not full of piss and shit. Podcast: I always love the annual Battle Tapes podcast. Zing!

Caitlin Rose: Ashley Spurgeon's Twitter and The Chris Crofton Show.

Ben Elkins: Best of Bread!*

Mike Grimes: Best Of Bread R.I.P.

Col. Jazzola: Best of Bread in its WRVU incarnation (Sincere R.I.P.)

Jessi Darlin: Nashville's Dead, The Chris Crofton Show and Curse of the Drinking Class. (It's a tie.)

Chris Crofton: The Chris Crofton Show, of course.

Jake Orrall: is awesome. They cover everything that I care to hear about and nothing else.

Todd Sherwood: Nashville Cream.

Loney Hutchins: Nashville Cream and D-Funk on WRVU.

Richie Kirkpatrick: Nashville Cream is good...not. Ha ha ha.

Ryan Truso: The Cream for its comments and general vibe, We Own This Town for exposing all things great.

Janet Timmons: We Own This Town is killing it this year, with frequently updated podcasts, a super comprehensive and always up-to-date concert calendar and tons of band updates and news.

Joe Baine Colvert: We Own This Town, of course!

Dean Shortland: We Own This Town.

William Tyler: I'm a Ken Berryhill man, but still waiting for the return of WAMB's Beautiful Music in the Night.

Wes Traylor:

The Deli Magazine Nashville. Jesse Baker

Drew Mischke: Nashville Nights.

Justin Roddick: Music Business Radio, 100.1 WRLT.

*The Best of Bread was removed from WRVU in September. (See "After four years, Chris and Greg Crofton's WRVU show The Best of Bread is toast," Sept. 19.) It can now be heard as The Chris Crofton Show on

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