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Project Runway: Week Seven

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All right, Amanda Valentine fans. This is our week, I can feel it. The last Project Runway challenge was, um, challenging, but everybody loves a comeback, right?

Well, everybody but Kate. KATE! Kate has been on my nerves since week one. Kate is like an evil combination of Nellie from Little House on the Prairie and Election's Tracy Flick. She's lucky I'm not in the workroom with her, with all those sharp objects laying around and everything. KATE thinks that Amanda is the weakest designer and will go home after this challenge. I think Kate might return home to Chicago after she gets eliminated and find a box of doll heads on her front porch.

Over in the boys' room, they thought Amanda would go home over Ben, but they're obvi on Ben's side because boys tend to be vs. girls this season.

Amanda is aware that her teammates/competitors thought she'd be sent home. But ever our optimistic gal, she says that she's focusing on the fact that she's been "saved" from elimination and using that to move forward instead of being so hard on herself. Mature. I'd still rather see her give Kate a creative haircut while she sleeps, but whatever.

When it's time to announce the next challenge, the perfect Ms. Heidi Klum walks down the runway with a duck on a leash. Yes, a duck. His name is Fred, and Heidi says he is a clue for their challenge.

Moustache is excited because he used to have a pet duck. Of course he did.

Tu does not like ducks because one tried to bite him once. Of course it did.

The designers arrive in the workroom to find it filled with a million different rolls of different colors and patterns of DUCK TAPE. Yes, I know it's technically "duct tape," but apparently this particular brand has no respect for the rules of grammar. Rude.

Anyway, dude from Duck Tape tells about some challenge for kids to make prom dresses out of duct tape. Naturally, the designers are tasked with the same challenge: making a prom dress out of duct tape. Tim tells the designers that they'll have the chance to interact with high school kids to get their feedback. Oh man, this is going to be entertaining.

The contestants are divided into teams of two. (Side note: This is the famous clip in which Kate Who I Hate calls Amanda, Layana and Michelle bitches and says the think they're "hot shit." Game on, sista!)

Amanda and Michelle are paired together, yay!

Moustache and Richard start things off rough by stealing all of the gold duct tape. Also rude.

I'm sensing that nobody else likes Kate, either. The other designers notice how she bosses Tu around and is aware that if they're both in the bottom, he's probably going home.

Michelle wants to make a camo prom dress, but Amanda talks her out of it. Amanda wants tie-dye, but Michelle talks her out of it. So what do they do? They are creating a print! Brilliant. They say they are making a prom dress for the punk rock girl.

When Tim comes in to talk to the teams, it's clear that Samantha and Patricia are butting heads. They are panicking. Even Tim is panicking.

What's cool about this particular challenge is that we're really seeing the different style aesthetics of the individual designers shine through. Layana and Stanley's zebra print, hot pink concoction shows a flare for fun, Moustache and Richard's strapless gold gown (made with all the stolen gold tape) displays a classic silhouette, and Amanda and Michelle's punk dress exemplifies their edgier, youthful style.

Kate, of course, hates everything, saying that no one at her high school would have worn zebra and hot pink together and that Amanda/Michelle's dress looks like a Queen of Hearts costume. Kate's high school sounds boring. Well, joke's on her, because Tim calls her dress "flat," which it is. Poor Tu.

The designers are shuttled to a high school gymnasium filled with kids.

"I'm a little worried that what I think is cool, they might not," Amanda admits, laughing. Most of the designers seem more scared of these high schoolers than they are of Nina Garcia.

Tim announces that the kids will vote on their favorite look, and that their votes will count for 20 percent of the judges' final score. I guess we get two runway shoes this episode!

When the gymnasium runway show starts, the looks on these kids' faces are priceless. I forgot what asshats high school kids can be. Kudos to the cameramen for catching these. After the show, the designers talk to the kids, explaining how they made their respective dresses and getting general feedback. Amanda and Michelle are worried that kids aren't talking to them much.

Runway time! Dreamy Zac is back, phew! Fashion designer Chris Benz is the guest judge. He has very pink hair. This is irrelevant, but I like it, so here's a photo of Benz:

Heidi informs the designers that the students voted for Patricia and Samantha. Everyone is shocked.

The judges love Patricia and Samantha's dress too.

Everyone hates Kate and Tu's dress. Heidi pretty much gets Tu to admit that he followed everything Kate said. Well, everyone except for Zac, which makes Nina roll her eyes. I love when Nina gets bitchy.

The judges also love Layana and Stanley's dress, saying it is something Katy Perry would wear. They even made a petticoat! Respect. Heidi says that anyone would want to be friends with the girl who wears this dress because she'd know what's going on.

When the judges get to Amanda and Michelle, Amanda explains that their hypothetical prom girl would be good friends with Layana and Stanley's hypothetical prom girl, but that she'd be the bad influence. Benz loves their look, Zac loves the look, and Nina says it's a Gwen Stefani dress (!!!). Heidi likes it too!

Heidi asks who should win, and while Amanda tries to give the credit to Michelle, Michelle says that it was a 50/50 creation.

Mustache and Richard's dress does not fare so well. Heidi says the dress looks 20 years old, Zac disses the tailoring, and Nina calls it "la mariachi prom."

After telling Layana and Stanley that they're safe, Heidi announces that Michelle and Amanda win!! Michelle is crowned the winner of the team.

After telling Richard and Moustache that the judges didn't like their dress, she tells them they are safe.

This means that Tu is going home, right?

Heidi tells Tu she doesn't know who he is as a designer, and tells Kate that the dress was her design, so she's at fault.

Tu is out.

Heidi tells Kate that she is out too. Kate is out? Hallelujah!

What a crazy episode! Another unconventional challenge AND a double elimination? It's PR, people. Anything can happen.

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