Friday, October 2, 2015

Los Colognes Embrace Vintage Sit-Com Vibes With 'Baby, You Can't Have Both' [Fresh Vid]

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click to enlarge colognes.png
Smooth and creamy local jamsters Los Colognes released their sophomore record Dos just last month. As pointed out by my colleague Stephen "Goose" Trageser when we shared a stream of Dos — you can still still hear the whole record at that link, so click it — the album "is light on its feet and heavy on the boogie, with tinges of some good stuff you might have forgotten, like The Grateful Dead in the ’80s and Dire Straits in the ’90s." So creamy. So smooth.

Just today, Los Colognes debuted their video for Dos' "Baby, You Can't Have Both" via Grantland. Grantland's Danny Chau also noted the Dead similarities (Los Colognes are Dead ringers, if you will) before calling the band a "dad-rock appletini," pointing out that "being a dad is a state of mind." I know that's right.

Anyhow, the video — which you can watch after the jump — is a tongue-in-cheek affair that skewers the cheesy vibes of classic sit-coms in a manner reminiscent of Adult Swim's absurdist Too Many Cooks clip. Watch as Colognes and associates play baseball at Ascend Amphitheater, goof around on Lower Broad and get up to other trite-by-design wackadoo hijinks. We're having fun, dad-style!

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Carve a Great Pumpkin, Win Free Diarrhea Planet/JEFF the Brotherhood Tickets

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click to enlarge 12079142_10153312431622869_8518602915176271827_n.jpg
The leaves are turning, there's a nip in the air, and I can wear all my hoodies without getting heat stroke. Decorative gourd season is in full effect! That also means we're getting close to the big Halloween blowout at War Memorial Auditorium with Diarrhea Planet and JEFF the Brotherhood, and your finest decorative gourd could win you a whole trick-or-treat bag's worth of free tix.

All you gotta do is wear your best costume or bring your best already-carved jack-o'-lantern (don't try to carve it on site!!!) to the Infinity Cat Visitors' Center at 467 Humphries St. during the Art Crawl on Saturday night.

Everyone is encouraged to check out the whole crawl (very cool happenings at the galleries inside Track One, Fort Houston and many more; see Joe Nolan's latest Crawl Space for details), but you've got to be at iCat at 8:30 p.m. to be judged by Ale from Infinity Cat, Kage from radio station Alt 98.3 and the Scene's own managing editor D. Patrick Rodgers. The contestant with the best costume and the best pumpkin will each get five free tickets to the show.

Pro tip: if you can manage to work La Croix Sparkling Water into you costume or carving, you're halfway to winning Patrick's vote already. Check out the Facebook event for updates.

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Weekend Round-up: Goldie Griffith Style

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Why, hello, there, Creamsters, and a happy Friday to ya. Did you know tomorrow is the 55th anniversary of the television debut of The Andy Griffith Show? More importantly, do you know what "Opie" is short for? I sure don't.

Anyhow, let's talk shows! It's a busy one. Tonight, you've got Death Grips at Marathon Music Works; two shows for Promised Land Sound's album release (Grimey's at 6 p.m., and a new space at 919 Gallatin Road, in the same complex where Boheme Collectif used to be — no longer at Fond Object — at 7:30 p.m.); Fistikuffs' album release at The Basement; Futurebirds at Mercy Lounge; Hayes Carll at City Winery; HR_Lexy and many more at Queen Ave. for the Eternal Visions showcase; Dogs of Oz album release at Blackbird Tattoo Gallery; Lees of Memory and more at Exit/In's 44th Anniversary (also a benefit for long-time door guy Kenny Highers); Little Big Town and more at the Grand Ole Opry's 90th anniversary; Ray Wylie Hubbard at 3rd & Lindsley; the Muletown Music Fest kicking off in Columbia; Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto at the Schermerhorn and more.

, you've got Ramsey Lewis at Polk Theatre; Raging Fire's reunion show at Exit/In; Steve Cropper and others at RCA Studio A's 50th Anniversary Open House; Protomen, The Features and more at East Side Social in East Park; Kit Kite and Burlei's The X Sounds project release at Fort Houston; Lucy Stoner's cassette release at Phat Bites; Bob Mould at City Winery; Jessie Baylin and others at Musicians Corner; the Jackalope brew party/Springsteen cover show Brewed in the U.S.A. at The Basement East; Idle Bloom at The Stone Fox; Brandi Carlile at the Ryman and more.

Besides Death Grips, there's plenty of great hip-hop this weekend, including Saul Williams doing spoken word on Sunday and Run the Jewels on Monday. Also, take a peek inside the Nashville Symphony's Composer Lab on Tuesday. Have a look at the rest after the jump, let us know what we missed in the comments, and have yourselves a swell weekend.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photo of the Week Redux: Mick Jagger Is a Bowling Stone

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  • Photo via Mick Jagger on Facebook

If you missed yesterday's rock icon report, it looks like Mick Jagger is enjoying some R&R in Nashville, chilling at Radnor Lake. Sir Mick was also spotted hanging out with Jack White during last night's Death From Above 1979 show at Third Man Records, and today Jagger posted the above photo of himself bowling somewhere in Nashville. "Don't ask my score," admonishes the caption. 

Let's look at some facts. Jack White has a bowling alley in his home. The bowling alley in the photo isn't any of the ones we recognize, but it does have a distinctive duo-chrome color scheme and three-stripe motif. Keith Richards has worked with White before, and in 2009 gave a decidedly non-committal answer when asked whether White might produce the next Stones album. And it seems like the Stones might be ready to hit the studio again soon — maybe even as early as next April. "It’s been too long," said Richards in a recent interview with the New York Times' Jon Pareles. "They need to record. I can feel something in my bones saying we have to record. And maybe [Crosseyed Heart, my new solo album] will be a little kick up the arse.” 

So, two rock icons hanging out at a show isn't definitive proof of anything. But if you're going to be in the studio for at least a week with someone, wouldn't you want to know at least a little about their bowling game? Even if Jagger and White are getting to be bros, it may ultimately result in a stripped-down version of She's the Boss recorded in the Voice-O-Graph booth. Only time will tell.

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Jason and the Scorchers Give Father Time the Finger at Tommy Womack Benefit

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 4:15 PM

click to enlarge Jason and the Scorchers - PHOTO: ANTHONY SCARLATI
  • Photo: Anthony Scarlati
  • Jason and the Scorchers

Everyone was a little bit older. Those on stage at The Factory at Franklin and those in the crowd.

It was a fun parlor game to imagine some of these men, with polo shirts tucked into their pleated khakis adorned with cellphone holsters, three decades earlier. Was their hair, now thinned, ever swept up into a mohawk? Behind the dozens of Dockers in their closets are there hidden pairs of tight turn-ups?

Whether or not that was the case, their eyes glinted behind bifocals when Jason and the Scorchers guitarist Warner Hodges kicked off the final set at Thursday's special edition of Music City Roots by spinning his Telecaster and ripping those countrified punk licks sounding, as ever, like what would have happened had The Clash's Mick Jones was born in Waverly, Tenn. instead of Wandsworth, London, England.

The show — which featured the Scorchers along with a host of Reagan-era local-rock legends — was curated by inestimable Nashville music journalist and singer-songwriter Peter Cooper, who never stopped smiling. It was a benefit for idiosyncratic Nashville treasure Tommy Womack, mobile again after suffering a devastating car wreck in June.

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Watch Bully Take it Easy in 'Too Tough' [Fresh Vid]

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 10:40 AM

click to enlarge screen_shot_2015-09-30_at_10.51.32_am.png
Bully's debut full-length, Feels Like, is a thoughtful rock record, full of no-punches-pulled takes on the tricky and sometimes grueling business of defining your identity. But both the process of growing up and the album are supposed to be fun, too. Sometimes, it's tough to know what you can and can't control, which can make things feel way too heavy for you to handle, and it's up to you to diffuse the tension. 

That's what's going on in "Too Tough," the band's latest music video. Frontwoman Alicia Bognanno tells NPR that the clip is "a friendly reminder that, yes, obviously we care, but we don't need to be taken so seriously 100% of the time." (You may remember this other reminder not to take them too seriously.) The band is all set up to play for the cameras, but when they find that they're just not feeling it, they head out to play fetch with band dog Mezzi instead. When they go on location at a construction site and a junkyard, they hang out and goof off rather than straining to make a grand statement about consumer culture, relationships or Nashville's changing urban landscape. 

Check it out after the jump.

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Raging Fire, Death Grips, Ramsey Lewis and More: Inside This Week's Music Section

Posted By on Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 7:30 AM

click to enlarge Raging Fire
  • Raging Fire
Reignited: Thirty years later, Raging Fire leaves the so-called Nashville Curse in ashes (Playing Saturday, Oct. 3, at Exit/In,
Everything Is Roses 1985-1989 out Oct. 6)

Make Nashville Weird: Death Grips, the most relentlessly unprofessional band in contemporary music, takes Music City (Playing Friday, Oct. 2, at Marathon Music Works)

By Popular Demand: Fifty years after 'The In Crowd,' Ramsey Lewis is still out to prove he's no stylistic lightweight (Playing Saturday, Oct. 3, at TPAC's Polk Theater)

Music of the Future: Pulitzer-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis helps the Nashville Symphony inaugurate its new Composer Lab (Composer Lab and Workshop Tuesday, Oct. 6, at the Schermerhorn)

In The Spin: Pilgrimage Music and Culture Festival

Plus Critics' Picks on Electric Six, Fistikufs, Futurebirds, Hayes Carll, Dogs of Oz, Grand Ole Opry, Diamond Rio, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Lucy Stoner Tape Release, East Side Social at East Park, Bob Mould, Beach House, Run the Jewels, Foo Fighters at Bridgestone, Jose Gonzalez, Alan Jackson, Alison Brown and more

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Photo of the Week: Mick Jagger, Hangin' Somewhere in the Volunteer State

Posted By on Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 5:28 PM

  • Photo via Mick Jagger on Facebook

By now, you're probably well aware of Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger's limber-limbed duet with conquering pop heroine Taylor Swift at Bridgestone Arena last Saturday. But it would appear that the Rolling Stone didn't just drop in to sing with Tay Tay and fly back out: If you follow Jagger on social media, you'll notice the above photo with the caption "In the Tennessee woods," posted to Facebook early this afternoon. (Is that Radnor Lake? Percy Priest?)

That leaves us to wonder: what's the Rolling Stone up to? Before the Stones gave Father Time a piledriver at Nissan Stadium (still LP Field then) earlier this summer, Jagger took some time out in Centennial Park. Maybe he's taken a shine to Music City and is just enjoying a little vacation time. Or maybe not; when The Who came through in May, Pete Townshend stopped at Welcome to 1979 to record a side for a charity auction.

So, Creamsters, have you heard any juicy rumors, or perhaps spotted a lanky gent having a soda — his favorite flavor, cherry red? Spill the dirt in the comments!

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Jason and the Scorchers and Others Rock for Tommy Womack Tonight at Music City Roots

Posted By on Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 3:41 PM

click to enlarge Jason and the Scorchers
  • Jason and the Scorchers
(rubbing our eyes) Did we wake up face-down on Elliston, clutching takeout from Obie’s Flying Tomato and a ticket stub for Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam as pages of The Metro tumble down the gutter? Then it worked! The time machine worked! And we can see a dream bill of world-beating Rock Block acts of the 1980s in one lineup!

We can see the Scorchers — the live Nashville act of the CENTURY — filling “Broken Whiskey Glass” again! Webb Wilder doing “Poolside”! Will Kimbrough from Will and the Bushmen, joined by Bill Lloyd, Marshall Chapman and members of Daddy! Dan Baird from the Georgia Satellites, the American Keith Richards! Just the possibility of such a bill is what time travel was invented for!

And if somehow the machine didn’t work, and this is all some modern-day phenomenon … well. Let’s just be thankful for those of us who are still here — miss you, Sam Baylor and Perry Baggs — and revel in some of the fieriest, most life-affirming music Nashville ever produced. Speaking of being thankful, the night's proceeds go to one of the only guys capable of drawing such a blue-moon bill: Mid-South hero Tommy Womack, still recovering from the severe car accident that set him back from touring and making a living playing music. See you back at the Exit/In on Oct. 3 for the Raging Fire reunion. Tonight's show starts at 7 p.m. and general admission tickets (available here) are $20. 

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Pilgrimage Fest Brings Big Crowds, Good Tunes and Great Vibes to Franklin

Posted By on Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 11:18 AM

click to enlarge PHOTO: JAMIE HERNANDEZ
  • Photo: Jamie Hernandez

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect sunset than the one glowing through the clouds above Franklin's Harlinsdale Farm Sunday evening. And The Spin couldn't have asked for anything more than taking it in while watching Willie Nelson sing a gorgeously quivering "Always on My Mind" during the closing set of the inaugural Pilgrimage Music and Culture Festival. As always, even at age 82, Willie delivered, wearing a rhinestone-encrusted cowboy hat and serenading a generous crowd with staples of his own and an unbeatable repertoire of classic country favorites from the likes of Hank Williams, Tom T. Hall and Billy Joe Shaver, talking with his hands on those trademark slip-sliding walking guitar solos and saying as much as any lyric in any barroom weeper ever has. But that was given.

What we weren't sure of going into this weekend was how this first-time festival would fare. We're happy to report that, save for some inevitable kinks and day-one downpour, Pilgrimage was great. Really great, actually, delivery a perennially pleasant, family friendly two days of cool shows and cool vibes. It was the kind of thing you'd expect from Franklin. The crowd was a bit uh, how should we say, waspy for a music festival. And when we say there were a lot of kids there, we mean, like, actual parentally supervised children, not ecstasy-addled college undergrads rave-jamming to Skrillex. In fact, there were no DJs or hip-hop acts at this festival. We don't even recall seeing an act that didn't play stringed instruments. But we still partied. Read about the highlights after the jump. 

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